Trinkets & Treasures

Click through our catalog of keepsakes, those inexplicable objects created by artists and craftsman of yesteryears and curated today by the astute collector!

Ebay and Etsy have been our stomping grounds for the last six years while we were selling four different estates of antiques and collectibles. During that time, we experienced quite the learning curve.

Before we listed an item for sale, we devoted extensive time to photography and research so that we could picture, identify, and price items that were often unfamiliar to us. We bought books, engaged professional appraisers, and searched the Internet in our path to discovery.

This website is our attempt to pass along our research to others who may have a trinket or treasure they want to identify. Click on the Sold link underneath photos to reveal the online selling price of the item.

Hooray for collectors, those caretakers of shiny objects and thingamabobs, without whom the old and the unfamiliar might lay dormant in an attic, dusty and uncelebrated!

When you click Sold underneath an item's description, it will reveal selling information for the item.

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