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Details about our Trinket Giveaway

Fill the mushroom with crisp napkins to decorate your table or counter. A friendly mouse sits in the shade of the mushroom as if to say, "Good day to you!" .

Enter to win our drawing for this retro kitchen keepsake, a little bit of kitche from days gone by..

Trinket GiveAway, a vintage mouse and mushroom napkin holder for your table.

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celluloid Betty Boop doll, our vintage giveaway for September

Sept. Trinket Giveaway

Winner, Dulce from Germany

Accidental Antique Collectors

The Story of Antique Trinkets & Treasures

Our collection of trinkets and treasures was launched when we inherited a family estate of antique dolls. Fast forward and blast off to online sales!

After selling the antique dolls, we naively thought we knew bunches about antiques and bought and sold baubles and collectibles from three more estates.

Online sales is a galaxy all its own. At times, it has been an out-of-body experience because we had to time travel to learn about antiques.

We rocketed through our reference library on antiques, camped out at Barnes & Noble, thumbed through antique encyclopedias, bought price guides, engaged professional appraisers, and Googled the Web.

Meanwhile, we filled our hard-drive with digital photographs to showcase the many trinkets and baubles.

A Photographic Guide to Trinkets, Baubles, and Treasures

Back on earth, we cataloged our photographs for a reference guide on antiques.

We hope our journey benefits yours.

Whether you frequent flea markets and antique shops or have an attic filled with curiosities, use our photos and reference guide to help identify and appraise trinkets and treasures from yesteryears.

Further, if you have stories and information from antique hunting, we would love to hear from you!

Send us an e-mail.
Hooray for collectors, those caretakers of shiny objects, without whom the old and the unfamiliar might lay dormant in an attic, dusty and uncelebrated!

When you browse our collection of antiques and vintage treasures, Click on the Sold links underneath photos to reveal its online selling price.