Antique Trinkets, Treasures & Baubles

Blast off to online sales! In the not too distant past and in a galaxy not far away, AKA online sales, we sold thousands of vintage and antique items. At times, it was an out-of-body experience because we had to, seemingly, time travel to learn about antiques.

We rocketed through our library of antique guide books, camped out at Barnes & Noble, bought more books, engaged professional appraisers, and Googled the Web. And we filled our hard-drive with digital photographs.

Compiling a Photo index

Back on earth, we cataloged our photographs for a reference guide on antiques. We hope our journey benefits yours.

Whether you collect and frequent flea markets and antique shops or have an attic filled with curiosities, we hope our illustrated reference guide furthers your efforts to identify and appraise trinkets and treasures from yesteryears.

Further, if you have stories and information from antique hunting, send us an e-mail. We would love to hear from you!

Click on the Sold links underneath photos to reveal the online selling price of the item.

Hooray for collectors, those caretakers of shiny objects, without whom the old and the unfamiliar might lay dormant in an attic, dusty and uncelebrated!
vintage pin cushion doll

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The Land of Away

I have a friend mystified by his wife's Land of Away, the place where things go and may never be seen again.

When asked about the whereabouts of something missing, she simply says, “Oh, I put that away.” Thus, he dubbed that mythical place, The Land of Away.

Fortunately, as collectors know, a prized possession placed in the Land of Away for safe keeping may eventually re-surface and become a vintage collectible or, in time, an endearing antique.