2010 Annual UFDC Convention

Chicago, Illinois

Postcard from Chicago

Our travels took a fun twist in 2010 when we veered off the Interstate onto Lake Shore Drive in Chicago on our way to a family reunion in Wisconsin. Chicago was a perfect lunch stop on our journey.

We were tuned into WGN and heard a promo that Chicago was hosting the annual convention of the United Federation of Doll Collecters on Michigan Ave. and had extended an invitation to the general public to visit the sales floor.

It was our lucky day. We met doll book authors, doll artists, and doll collectors and saw dolls we had only previously seen in books.

We were in awe, and Darrell snapped a few photos of some of the charming exhibits. Hope you enjoy this glimpse into a UFDC doll show... wish you were here!

A. Marque French doll

The highest selling doll at the 2010 convention, a pristine "A. Marque," selling in the $200,000 neighborhood. The doll designer, Albert Marque, was a French sculptor. The doll has a bisque head, jointed composition body and bisque lower arms (stiff wrists): wistful character face, mohair wig, paper-weight eyes, closed mouth. Paris designer Margaines-Lacroix designed clothes for the A. Marque. See an A. Marque doll on pg. 298 of Jan Foulke's 9th Blue Book Dolls & Values, 1989.

Greiner Shoulder Head

Greiner Shoulder Head

Richard Saxman's booth with Googly dolls

Richard Saxman's booth - bisque and composition

Googly toddlers

Doll Master's Hat Shop for dolls

Doll Master's Hat Shop for dolls

JDK 240 Kestner

Rare JDK 240 Kestner at Richard Saxman's booth

Bisque and composition doll
Pinocchio, Howdy Doody, a soldier and Fanny Brice

Composition and wood dolls from the 1940s by Ideal: Pinocchio, Howdy Doody, a  soldier and center in the limelight, Fanny Brice (Baby Snooks)

Sheebee doll by E.I. Horsman

Valentine's Antiques and Collectibles: front and center, a Heebee doll by E.I. Horsman and Company

Philadelphia doll, holding a Punch doll

Philadelphia baby with Punch doll at Richard Saxman's booth

Fanny Brice, Mortimer Snerd, all bisque dolls, and Mc Guffy's Anna by Madame Alexander

Valentine's Antiques and Collectibles: (back) Fanny Brice (Baby Snooks) and Mortimer Snerd; front left, two all-bisque, jointed dolls, including the iconic Rose O'Neil Kewpie; far right, Mc Gufftey Ana by Madame Alexander.

Richard Saxman's booth

Richard Saxman's booth

Richard Saxman's booth

Richard Saxman's booth

9 H Halopeau, French wood and composition, circa 1881

A 19-inch, 9 H Halopeau, paperweight eyes, c/m, French wood and compo body, circa 1881-1889, with a price tag of $65,000

26-inch Bru Jeune 10, circa 1880

Twenty-six inch Bru Jeune 10, with wooden lower legs, circa 1880, with an estimated value of $42,000

Autograph time for Jan Foulke

Autograph time for Jan Foulke

Jan and Howard Foulke

Doll book author and appraiser, Jan Foulke, and husband, Howard Foulke, doll photographer

Joyce and Vincent Lanza of Grandma's Attic

Joyce and Vincent Lanza of Grandma's Attic had one of the more popular booths at the show

Christmas card from Fabric Images by Joyce, Texas

Joyce Patterson of Fabric Images by Joyce [Texas] showcased her one-of-a-kind cloth character dolls. Joyce is a member of ODACA, TAODA, PDMAG, UFDC. We stopped by to meet her and signed up for her mailing list. Now each year we receive a Christmas postcard. Her 2014 card featured "Teddy Bear Santa."

Catherine Mather doll

Close-up of a beautiful Catherine Mather doll: doll artist from Australia

bisque and composition baby doll

Bisque and compostion baby doll with glass eyes

Japanese Dolls books with Alan Pate and Ningyo

Book authors: Japanese Dolls by Alan Pate and Ningyo: The Art of Japanese Doll by Alan Pate and Lynton Gardiner—beautiful books and gorgeous dolls!

Japanese warrior doll

Japanese Warrior

Japanese doll

Japanese Doll

Japanese doll

Japanese Doll

Little girl's tea party with dolls

I brought this stereo view home with me because it reminds me of the fun little girls share at a tea party with their dolls! I've don't remember having a tea party, so I thought I would have one vicariously through this post card!

stereo view collector, Margaret Benike, from Busy "B's" Dolls

Stereo View Collector, Margaret Benike (left) from Busy "B's" Dolls