Artist Dolls & Reproductions of Antique Dolls

Memorabilia from the United Federation of Doll Collectors


Charity Doll, UFDC, Philadelphia, PA

Charity, an 8-inch, Queen Ann, wooden doll

UFDC Companion Doll, 46th Annual UFDC Convention

Held in Philadelphia, PA.

Includes a brochure with the story of the adoption of a young orphan, Elizabeth Douglas Thomas

Doll Maker, Fred Thomas Laughon Jr., Richmond, VA

No. 458 of 1510

Produced by the United States Historical Society, Richmond, VA

Baby Stuart by Pat Robinson

Baby Stuart by Pat Robinson

U.S. Historical Society; No. 636 of 1,510 dolls

Bisque shoulder-head doll: Length, @ 12 inches

Produced by the U.S. Historical Society of Richmond, VA, for the 47th Annual Conventions of the UFDC, held in Dallas, TX, 1996

Reproduction of the Baby Stuart mold, original to German doll maker Gebruder Heubach that appeared with different head molds

Little Rock Girl from Little Rock Region 7, 1986

Little Rock Girl from Little Rock Region 7

Mark: UFDC ©K McMichael 86; #6 in series

Jointed, 5-piece, porcelain body

Painted features; indigo eyes

Molded and painted hair, stockings and shoes

Black matte glaze on stockings and gloss glaze on shoes


Mary,  Baby Doll, UFDC Convention Souvenir Doll 1987

Mary, 1987 Convention Baby Doll

Souvenir doll from the 1987 UFDC National Convention

By Linda Steele, ODACA

A 9-inch doll with dome head, soft body

Bisque head, arms and legs; hand painted; tinted bisque

Detailed painting (gilded ring on baby's finger)

Linda Steele of Linda K. Steele Originals, Leetonia, Ohio

Linda was assisted in the mold making by her husband, Gary, who poured each of the doll parts, and Carol Roessler, who cleaned the porcelain parts.

The dresses were designed by Linda and stitched by her sister, Joyce Sheely.

Mary's companion doll, Lewis was also available in 1987

UFDC 1984 ribbon winning Alt, Beck and Gottschalck 639

UFDC Ribbon: 1984 Second Place Region Bebes Louisiane

Alt, Beck & Gottschalck, No. 639

For more photos and appraisal:

Jan Foulke appraisal, Aug. 19, 2008

Ye Boston Maid by Diana Crosby, NIADA Doll Artist

Ye Boston Maid by Diana Crosby, NIADA Doll Artist

Shoulder head

Sculpted for the 1967 UFDC National Convention in Boston

Mark: Ye Boston Maid by Diana Crosby UFDC 1967

Captain Jacques Chavet

Captain Jacques Chavet

Artist Doll from 1984 UFDC Convention: Captain Jacques in Uniform

A 17" tall: anatomical; 5-piece, jointed porcelain body

Barbara Comley; Limited Edition: No. 30 of 300

Copyright 1985

Head molded separately and strung with body

Barbara Comely Keepsake Originals 1984

Keepsake Originals ©84

Artist doll, 1984 UFDC Convention

Mark: #10/300 Barbara Comley

14 1/2" tall; 5-piece jointed body

Head molded separately and strung with body

Hand-painted features

Doll complete and in costume with Captain Jacques Chavet

Joy, porcelain doll

Joy, Artist Doll, 20" tall

1982 UFDC Convention

Thought to have been made or dressed and exhibited by a UFDC member or  made in conjunction with a symposium on dolls at the convention FULL VIEW

Waukee The Clown Doll Kit, Milwaukee UFDC, 1975, Region 10

Waukee The Clown doll kit

Milwaukee UFDC, Region X, 1975

Designed by Mary Ann Oldenburg

Denver Dan, an Artist Doll by Anne Luree

Denver Dan, artist doll, Anne Luree

The Denver Dan kit includes porcelain hands and boots

1978 UFDC Doll Kit

Bunny Rabbit Doll

UFDC Region 4 souvenir bunny rabbit from 1980

Porcelain bisque face with molded expression; squinting eyes; closed open mouth Jointed arms and legs

Baby in bunny bunting by doll artist Nell Mangus of Phoenix, AZ

Isabel bear, UFDC

Isabel, UFDC

Miss Bear, a polar bear souvenir from the San Francisco UFDC

Miss Bear, San Francisco UFDC

Dressed in her little black dress and wearing pearl earrings

Thu Tam Doll, UFDC

Thu Tam Doll, UFDC

1992 UFDC souvenir bear, Sue-Ling, number 264 of 310

1992 UFDC Souvenir Bear, Sue-ling: No. 264 of 310 Made Especially for the U.F.D.C. National Convention, held in San Francisco, Calif., 1992 By International Bear Artist Jenny Krantz, Owosso, Michigan, and Owassa Bear Inc. Sue-ling is 8-inches tall

1990 UFDC Convention Doll/Bear, "Delicious," by Linda Spiegel of Bearly There Inc.

1990 UFDC Convention Doll "Delicious" by Linda Spiegel of Bearly There Inc., Westminster, CA 92683 Special production for the UFDC Convention—Washington, DC Signed, Linda Spiegel Love 1990: #39 of 39 Bear, @ 7" long: sewn from an apple red print fabric Jointed at shoulders and hips

UFDC Convention Memorabilia

Brooch with painting of Baby Mary Stuart

Baby Mary Stuart Brooch

For the UFDC National Convention, held in Dallas, TX, 1996

UFDC postcard from the Wonder of Childhood series

Wonder of Childhood Series

Post Card Memorabilia; Annual UFDC Convention1986

UFDC 36th Annual Convention 1985, Atlanta, GA

UFDC 36th Annual Convention 1985, Atlanta, GA

Miniature mirror, brush, and comb set

Mark: 1985 (on brush)

Made by Eugene Kupjack (1912-1991)

the premier miniaturist who made the famous Thorne Rooms at the Chicago Art Institute

Dolls Designed by Artists and Dolls Reproduced from Classic Molds

C Kidman artist doll, 1977

Mark: C Kidman 1977

Blue Glass eyes; height: 9“ tall


"Minnie Madge" Oil Cloth Doll by Lillian Wiskur

Minnie Madge

Oil Cloth Doll, made and dressed by UFDC member Lillian Wiskur

Lillian named the doll for her mother, Madge Osborne

Family Heirloom

porcelain shoulder head by Nel, 1987

Parthenia, a Parian artist doll, 1987

Artist's mark: Nel W.M.D. 87

Pierced ears, pearl earrings, gilding

Dimensions: 5” tall and 4” wide at shoulder

This Parian is in the style of the classic “Parthenia" that has three molded bands painted the same color as the masses of curls.

Parian bisque is white, white porcelain with a smooth texture. The only decoration on a Parian doll is the painting of the features, such as the hair, eyes, brows, cheeks, and lips. The fancier Parian dolls will often have ear openings for earrings. The highly collectible ones will have elaborate applied decorations, including ribbons, jewelry, ruffles, collars, and lace, and gilding.

KR117 Kammer Reingardt Reproduction

Mein Liebling Rosalind

Mark: K R and the Kammer Reingardt trademark 117

Artist signature Betsy on the shoulder plate

Bisque socket head and shoulder plate

Latched to a fabric body, light-blue, velvet

Bisque lower arms and legs

Closed mouth; painted features; blue eyes


Tiffany by Linda Mason 1969

Tiffany by Linda Mason, 1969

Pierced ears; 21" tall

An all-bisque, jointed doll kit

Kit includes the jointed body and head

Mark: Tiffany, A Reproduction Original By Linda Mason 1969

Bye-Lo Baby Doll Reproduction with a Frog, Cloth Body

Grace Story Putnam's Bye-Lo Baby

Frog-style, cloth body

Bisque head, hands and legs

Finely stitched trousseau

Repro by Geraldine Winter, 1979


Reproduction Googly Doll

Reproduction from a Kestner mold

12-inch Googly-Eye

Bisque head, wig, composition body, glass eyes

Jointed body, arms, and legs; straight wrists and ankles

Reproduction Googly Doll

Reproduction from a Kestner mold

12-inch Googly-Eye, Boy

Bisque head, wig, composition body, glass eyes

Jointed body, arms, and legs; straight wrists and ankles

Vintage, Artist Dolls from 1983 for Pin Cushions or OrnamentsVintage, artist dolls from 1983 for pin cushions orornaments

Porcelain half-dolls or shoulder head dolls

Graduated sizes from 1 1/2' to 3"

Artist mark: Dial 83


KR Halbig 117 Reproduction

Reproduction, Kammer & Reinhardt and Simon Halbig

No. 117 Character Child doll, 15" tall

Fine, bisque head on a new cloth body

Were this an original antique doll from old molds, 1909-1930, it would list @ $4,000 in today's market


Heubach "Whistler" repro doll


A 10 1/2-inch, Repro of a classic Heubach doll

Mark: 5 with the Heubach trademark

Signed by doll artist MG

Bride Doll by Thelma Resch

A lovely bride

Doll Artist, Thelma Resch

Gerald LaMotte Artist Doll

Porcelain Doll by Gerald La Motte: 8 1/4-inches tall

Porcelain head, fore-arms, and lower legs/molded boots; cloth body

Molded and painted features and details: signed G. La Motte 59

Notable doll artist Gerald LaMotte created dolls and limited Teddy Bears in the 1950s. Each doll was a work of art. He did not duplicate his designs, but rather chose to make one-of-a-kind dolls. And he would buy original antique dolls, make a mold, produce a limited amount of the dolls from the mold, then break the molds. LaMotte was a member of National Institute of American Doll Artists.

This doll by La Motte is after an antique bonnet head that had pink, green and blonde for the bonnet and hair color and a gold knot for trim on the hat bow.


UFDC Green Spring 83 Shoulder Head Doll

A shoulder-head doll, incised Green Spring 83

22" tall; porcelain arms and legs

This doll was costumed by Eureka Springs UFDC doll club member Lillian Wiskur and was among a group of dolls dressed in period gowns of those worn by Arkansas Governors’ wives that toured libraries in Arkansas, 1983. This doll is costumed in Victorian style, patterned after a doll in Avon’s doll line, 1982, President’s Club Members, The Albee Award; as notated on the box.

19-inch Louisa Anne doll by Maggie Head Kane

Louisa Anne, 19-inches tall by Maggie Head Kane, co-founder of NIADA

Artist doll,1983: close-up detail on face

Pierced ears
Porcelain shoulder head on a cloth body with porcelain forearms, and legs; molded and painted shoes



Mini, all-porcelain doll, artist, Cathy Henson

Mini, all-porcelain doll

Artist, Cathy Hensen

Mini, all-porcelain half doll with jointed arms

Mini, all-porcelain torso dolll

Artist, Cathy Hensen

Jointed arms; painted features; mohair wig

Baby Betty, Porcelain Doll

Repro, Pouty-Face, artist doll-18" tall

Long, dangling blond curls

Socket head - Shoulder head

Jointed body; cloth and bisque arms and legs


The Quilter, an Artist Doll

The Quilter, an artist doll

Porcelain shoulder-head on a jointed cloth body

Porcelain hands and feet

Wardrobe, finely stitched

Crocheted rug on wooden base; quilt rack and chair

Artist Doll by Helga

Artist doll by Helga Matejka, registered 1996

Mark: Helga Matejka, ® 1996, ges. gesch.

Body is cloth with bisque head, arms, and legs; wearing a Christmas tree romper; the bisque is tinted and molded with great details, mimicking baby-like features, such as curled-up toes; wig is natural hair

Baby Betty, Porcelain Doll

Little Dreamer doll kit

Baby Betty, Porcelain Doll

Baby Betty, porcelain doll

Mark: AM Baby 3/0 Betty DRGM, Made in Germany

A reproduction from an antique mold

The Quilter, an Artist Doll

Just Me doll

Porcelain reproduction

Simon Halbig 117 Reproduction

Reproduction of a Simon Halbig 117 58 by BC, 1987

All-porcelain, jointed at head, arms and legs

Human-hair wig; hand-painted features on face, body, and shoes

Intaglio eyes with synthetic eyelashes

Human hair wig

Mark: Simon Halbig, 117, BC's 1987, 58

Finely stitched costuming, layered with beads, and feather trim

1971 Barbara Peterson doll kit

1971 Barbara Peterson doll kit, a reproduction

Porcelain ceramic shoulder-head doll with porcelain arms and legs

Edward doll kit

Gypsy doll or fortune teller

Porcelain shoulder head

Fortune Teller - Gypsy, artist Ddoll

All-Bisque doll

Porcelain Reproduction

Googly doll

Porcelain Googly-Eye Doll

1994 reproduction, an all-porcelain doll

1994 porcelain Artist doll: 8-1/2" tall

Mark: #3 of 100, hand-painted by Cheryl O. Reedir (sp?)

Five-piece, jointed body; blue, glass eyes; painted features: FULL VIEW

All-Bisque Kewpie

All-bisque Kewpie

Dressed by Frieda Pattinson, UFDC member

Ceramic shoulder head doll

Ceramic, shoulder-head doll, 12 1/2"

Probably made from a kit within the past 20 years; possibly for a doll club meeting or other doll event

Peg Doll by Carol Sprier

Penny, a Peg Doll

Dutch, peg style wood doll
Hand painted, blonde hair
Signed by Carol Spreier
Length, 10”



OOAK artist doll, a sleeping newborn

Mini OOAK artist doll, 2 1/2" long

Sleeping, newborn baby doll


Snapshots from the 2010 National United Federation of Doll Covention in Chicago

Porcelain character doll with a tiny teardropEndearing, porcelain Doll with a tiny teardrop
Beautiful, glass eyes
All she needs is someone to stitch her a body and design her some clothes
Artist doll with googly eyesGoogly Artist Doll with Googly Eyes

Dolldoll love heart