Vintage Toys for Dolls & Children

celluloid cowboy doll with guns and holster

Cowboy, a Retro Toy

Celluloid/plastic doll

Wearing original vinyl and felt cowboy costume from the days of the Wild West


Topsy-Turvy Black-White Composition Doll

Topsy-Turvy Doll

Composition head; hinged arms; molded and painted features

Icre Cream Table and Chairs

Toy Ice Cream Table & Chairs

Metal and bent wire

Wicker Doll Sleigh

Wicker sleigh for Dolly

Constructed with a metal frame and runners; wood handles

Sleigh: 8" wide x 20" long x 14 1/2" tall

Green Tin Auto

Green, Tin Auto

Lithograph details

celluloid flapper, googly

Celluloid Flapper Googly carnival doll in feathers

celluloid flapper, googly

Carnival Flapper Googly in Top Hat

Jointed celluloid doll

Wishing you a Happy New Years!

Carnival Celluloid Flapper Doll with Feather Party Hat

Celluloid Flapper Googly Betty Boop Doll in party hat, bedecked with beads, feathers and a hula skirt

Celluloid Baby in Blue Crocheted gown

Baby Boy Doll

Celluloid, with jointed body

Blue crocheted gown

Riding Horse on Wheels

Child's Riding Horse on Wheels - Giddy up, horsey!

Hazel Atlas Child's Tea Set, Vintage

Moderntone Child's Dishes by Atlas Hazel Co.

Color scheme: gold, gray, rust and turquoise

Displayed in a toy dish strainer


Rosko Bar Tender Mechanical Toy

Rosko, the Mechanical Bartender


He shakes the cocktail mixer – listen to the cubes of ice hitting the sides.
He, then, deftly fills his glass without spilling a drop as he reels from side to side. He drinks martini.
The stiff martini turns his face fire red as he tries to swallow! With every swallow the smoke billows from each ear.

Madame Alexander Doll Ice Skater

Madam Alexander Doll, 8" tall

Wearing roller skates and a Little Red Riding Hood coat and hat by Vogue and a green satin dress, trimmed with rick-rack trim by Madame Alexander

Hard plastic body with jointed knees; sleep eyes.

See pages 32-35 in 200 Years of Dolls, 3rd Edition, by Dawn Herlocher

Acrobat Clown on High Bar

Clown on High Bar

Twirls mid-air with a slight push, thanks to his weighted feet

7 1/4" x 4 1/4" x 5 1/4"


Mechanical Bear & Donkey

Wind the key, and the burrow gallops forward on his tiny, brass wheels

Malibou Barbie Styling Head

Malibu Barbie Styling Head


Plastic American Indian Doll, with two papoose strapped to her back

American Indian doll with Sleep Eyes

Papoose carrier with two babies latched to her back: one baby has eyes painted closed (asleep) and the other doll has eyes painted open (awake)

Metal Doll Stroller

Metal Stroller with decal art

Painted in retro aqua, salmon, and yellow

The doll rides comfy on rubber tires


Peter Cottontail Tin Toy by Mattel

Peter Cottontail Wind-Up Music toy

By Mattel Inc., Hawthorne, Calif., U.S.A.

Music Arranged by Ted Duncan and Décor by Louis Song

Patent in 1951 and 1953 in the US and Canada

Copyright Hill and Range Songs Inc., New York

Boston Bull Dog ceramic bank

Boston Bull Dog Bank

Ceramic with a collar, fastened with a lock

Mitzi doll in original clothing

Mitzi Doll in Original Clothing

Celluloid Eskimo Doll

Souvenir Doll from Canada

Eskimo or Inuit child doll, 5 3/4" tall

Side glancing eyes that open and close

Jointed at shoulders; molded plastic boots

Wearing a leather coat and hat with faux fur trim or rabbit hair


Kewpie Celluloid, six inches tall

Celluloid Kewpie

By Irwin, Made in U.S.A.

6 1/2" tall

Celluloid Kewpie by Erwin

Bashful Boy: Side-Glancing Black Eyes

Jointed at shoulders; 7", circa 1950s.

Circle trademark: MADE IN/ IRWIN/ USA

Starfish hands; palms down

Page 196, Price Guide to Dolls, ©1975, Robert W. Miller

American Kewpie

American Kewpie by Irwin & Co.

Jointed at shoulders; 7"; circa 1950s

Circle trademark: MADE IN/ IRWIN/ USA

Wearing a vintage gathered, lacy dress; starfish hands

Page 196, Price Guide to Dolls, ©1975, Robert W. Miller

Emmet Kelley Doll

Emmett Kelly Doll, Dressed as Willie the Clown

Circa 1950; 24" long

Vinyl head; inset eyes

Stuffed cloth body; original clothing

Roma souvenir doll from Italy

Roma Souvenir Doll

Clothing on this Swiss Vatican doll is said to be designed by Michaelangelo

Five-piece doll; eyes that open and close!

child's steamer trunk with labels

Child's Steamer Trunk

From a well-traveled child

Cowgirl Madame Alexander

Madame Alexander Bent-Knee Walker

1956-1964; height, 7 1/2"

Cowboy Madame Alexander 1502

Boy 1502 by Madame Alexander

Bent-Knee walker, 7 1/2"

Hard vinyl, 1956-1964

Squalling Baby Doll

Squalling Baby Doll by Horsman

Mark: ©Horsman Dolls Inc. 1980

Vinyl head; cloth body; 14" tall

Iron Doll Bed

Iron Bed for Dolly

Wrought iron frame, painted brass; original springs

Baby Crawl Away

Baby Crawl Away by Playmates, 1980s

Playmates trademark, 9075 Made in Hong Kong

Battery operated, 8" by 6"

Steiff deer

Vintage Steiff Fawn, Made in Germany

Mohair, hand-stitched with painted accents, 9 1/2"

Baby deer thought to be produced for Walt Disney's original film production of Bambi

baby bottle, rattle and pacifier

Baby Doll's Nursing Set

Time for baby to go nigh-nigh

Set includes a bottle, pacifier and rattle

Santa Plush doll

Santa plush toy

Tag reads: Columbia Toy Products, Kansas City, Mo.

Height, 16 1/2"

Santa Coca-Cola plush doll

Coca-Cola Santa, 15"

Bottle of Coke goes in right hand (missing)

Mark: Mfg., Rushton Star Creation

Atlanta, Ga.

child's egg-gathering basket

Child's Egg Basket

Red wire basket with handle

Play Ironing Board

Ironing Board for Dolly's Clothes

Child's Iron by Dover

Child's Electric Iron by Dover

Wood handle painted red






Pink Lacey Doll, straight-leg walker

Plastic, 8", straight-leg walker

Head moves side-to-side as the legs move

Blue, fixed, glass eyes and hard, molded eye lashes

Long brunette hair; unmarked

American Girl Mini Doll, Samantha


A Mini Doll by American Girl

Eva Story Book Doll

Vintage, bisque Story Book Doll (1937-1947)

Mark: Story Book Doll; U.S.A; pat. app. for

Possibly, Eva, Nancy, or other

Painted bisque, mohair wig, painted eyes, head molded to torso.

Jointed arms; 5-1/2 to 6" tall

Cissette by Madame Alexander 1501

Cissette , a blondie

By Madame Alexander, Mme Alexander, No. 1501

About 10 inches, jointed walker; hard plastic; open-close eyes

Pierced ears; triple-stitched wig

Circa: 1957 -1958

Beachtime Patti collectible doll

Beachtime Patti by Effanbee

Collectible doll, dressed in beach wear


GI Joe and Case

GI Joe,  11-1/2" tall

First Series G.I. Joe Action Soldier or Marine

Copyright 1964 By Hasbro

Land of the Giants Lunch Box

Land of the Giants

Sci-Fi Lunch Box

Raised image art; art based on the sci-fi TV show.

Copyright 1968 Kent Productions 20th Century Fox Film Corp Aladdin Industries, Incorporated, Nashville, Tenn.


Toni doll by American Doll Corp.

Toni, 10-inch American Character Doll, 1958

Clothing tag: Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls Inc.

Strawberry Shortcake Doll

Strawberry Shortcake

A 26" cloth doll

Dress, pinafore, pantaloons, bonnet, and lace-up shoes


So Big Doll by Madame Alexander

So Big Doll

By Madame Alexander, 1967

Cloth body, vinyl hands, rooted hair; length, 20" long


Effanbee Baby Petite, Restored

Effanbee Baby Petite, restored

An American character doll


Effanbee 22-inch restored Baby Bubbles

Baby Bubbles, Effanbee

Vintage, restored; 22" doll

Open mouth, teeth (upper)

© 1924, Made in USA


15-inch Baby Bubbles, Effanbee

Baby Bubbles, Effanbee

Vintage, restored; 15" doll

© 1924, Made in USA


Doll pram with fringe

Fringe-Top on a Vintage Pram for Dolly


Black Wicker Baby Doll Buggy

Black, Woven Buggy

A stylish ride for baby or dolls

Wicker Doll Buggy

Wicker Baby Buggy

Manufacturer: Meinecke, Milwaukee, Wis.


Child's  Morris Chair

Child's Morris Chair, Upholstered

Natural Wicker Cradle for Dolly

Vintage Cradle

Natural wood and wicker cradle for dolls or baby

Child's Potty Chair with Enamel Chamber Pot

Dolly or Child Potty Chair with Enamel Chamber Pot

Wash Stand for Dolly

Vanity Wash Stand for Dolly with Towel Rack

Oak: drawer opens; doors are decorative

Measures: 21" x 16" x 9"

2-door Dolly Cabinet

Bureau for Dolly's Trousseau

Oak dresser, with four shelves and two drawers

China Cabinet for Dolly Dishes

China Cabinet for Dolly Dishes & Miniatures

Rounded glass front

Victorian Bell Pull Toy

Victorian, Rolling Bell Toy

Cast iron with a heart-shaped decorative wheel

Horse Tricycle for Dolly

Horse Tricycle, Vintage Style for dolls or display

Resin Horse Tricycle

Horse Tricycle, Vintage Style, Resin


Victorian Rolling Bell Toy
Vintage Muppets Lunchbox

Muppet's Lunch box


Child's Sewing Machine by Singer

Child's, Crank-Handle Sewing Machine By Singer


Paper Mache Pumpkins Set of Three

Paper Mache Jack-o-lanterns

In the 1940s and 50s, paper mache pumpkin heads were designed as gifts, wrapped in amber cellophane and filled with lollipops and toys

The smallest, is 2-1/2 inches tall and is paper lined; the largest is 7-inches tall and has a scary face; and the singing pumpkin is 4-inches tall and has a wire bale.

Fourth of July Tin Horn

U.S. Metal Toy Horn

Something to toot at the 4th of July parade or New Year's party

Litho transfer art in a Patriotic theme: stars and the Statue of Liberty

Wood and metal mouthpiece; 10-1/2" tall

Circa 1945-50


Marching Baton Toy Red White and Blue

Marching Baton, Vintage Toy with Silver Details

Red, white and blue: Length, 25"

Ramp Walker Doll

Ramp Walker, Made in U.S.A.

Give her a gentle nudge and she takes off, clicking forward on her green plastic walking shoes

Composition head and body with a mohair wig and painted features; 9 ¼” tall


Celluloid Mask Doll


Paper Mache Nesting Eggs

Easter Mache Nesting Eggs from Western Germany

Delightful art from the Victorian era

Child Piano by Schoenhut

Child's Piano by Schoenhut


Doll Swing, Wicker or Rattan

Wood & Rattan Doll Swing with Velvet Cushion

piano stool for a child

Piano Stool, Just Right for Child or Doll

Adjustable; lathe-turned legs


Turkish Man with Trading Beads

Turkish Lad with Trading Beads

Cloth dolls, ethnic, international

Scarecrow doll by Effanbee

Scarecrow Doll

Effanbee 7108

Larissa Angel Doll


by Russ Berrie Co.

Porcelain doll; Victorian Grace Series


Klumpe Flamingo Dancer

Spanish Dancing Doll with Castanets

NISTIS Made in Spain: 6" tall

Castanets that click & Lucite bangles


Cloth doll with ribbon trim and apron

Cloth Doll, International Dolls

Pg. 90, Price Guide to Dolls, ©1975, Robert W. Miller

Blue Bonnet Sue doll

Blue Bonnet Sue Doll

Storybook Doll premium

Cabbage Patch Koosas

Cabbage Patch, Koosas


Cabbage Patch "Gena"

Cabbage Patch, Gena


Cabbage Patch Artie

Cabbage Patch, Artie Evan

Sheldon Cabbage Patch Preemie

Cabbage Patch Preemie, Sheldon Cody


Brian Sigmond Cabbage Patch

Cabbage Patch, Brian Sigmond, 1984

Sculpted Elf Doll

Elf, a Felt, Sculpted Doll, dressed in red and green for the holidays

Felt over a wire form; vinyl head


Roldan Dancing Doll with Castanets

Felt Caricature Doll from Spain, 1952-1979

Castanets and Lucite/Bakelite; chignon in hair

A silk scarf; doll length, 10"

A pink, velvet rose tucked behind her ear adds to her endearing charm


Roldan Felt Flamenco Dancer

Roldan Felt Doll/Flamenco Dancer; 10"

Felt over wire armature with painted mask face

Spanish Matador Klump Soft Doll

Spanish Matador, 6"

Felt over wire armature; with a painted mask face

Greek or Mediterranean-style Cloth Doll

Greek Man, paper mache head, hair

Painted features

Cloth body, plastic arms/hands

Pg. 88, Price Guide to Dolls, ©1975, Robert W. Miller

Cloth dolls, ethnic, international

Turkish Girl

Cloth Doll: International Dolls

Argentine, mohair wig, molded/painted features

Hard plastic body

Price Guide to Dolls, ©1975, Robert W. Miller, page 88

1975 Cloth Doll by Robert W. Miller

Cloth Doll, International Dolls

Price Guide to Dolls, ©1975, Robert W. Miller, page 90

Italy, cloth head, silky thread-like hair, molded/painted features, hard plastic body

Honey Doll by Effanbee

Honey Doll, by Effanbee, 18"

Wearing a red crochet dress and tam with white, angora trim

Open-close eyes; jointed body


Patsy Joan Effanbee Durable Doll

Patsy Joan

Tag reads: The Lovable Imp with tiltable head and movable limb

An Effanbee Durable Doll


vintage doll by Freundlich in the style of the Patsy genre

Composition, Doll by Freundlich (Ralph A.)

Unmarked: In the style of Effanbee's Patsy Joan or Patsyette

Freundlich did not mark his dolls and he used "blanks" from a manufacturer that produced dolls for many small, independent companies. They were not finished as finely as the brand names.


Nanette Walker doll

R&B Nanette Walker by Arranbee ( 1941), 17-1/2 inches


Plastic Kewpie Doll in blue dress with rose bud trim and black strap shoes

The Big Kewpie Doll

A Cameo Doll, Strombecker Co., Chicago


36-Inch Patty Play Pal Doll

Patti Play Pal Child Doll, 36"

From Ashton Drake Galleries


child's plate by Artistique, Limoges, France

French plate for youngster

Pour warm water in hole to keep the plate of food warm

Porcelain Artistique, F.M., Limoges France

Child's divided plate

Child's Plate, 3-sections to keep those peas, carrots and applesauce separate
Art: children at play with an umbrella and a dog, clown, dolls and Teddy Bear
Decal, transfer ware art
Gold rim: thought to be English: diameter, 7 ½”

child's plate with transferware art of children skipping rope

Artistic China Plate

Transferware art of children skipping rope

Mark: Aletheim? (Alethrim, Aletkrim)-Made in Germany

Plush jester toy doll

Plush Jester for Children of All Ages

Dressed for Christmas in velvet

Provenance from seller: My hubby brought this home saying it reminded him of me because I am always smiling!





Betsy McCall Bent Knee Walker

Betsy McCall, a Bent Leg Walker

Vinyl Rose O'Neill Kewpie 1999

Rose O'Neill Kewpie

Play and Display Edition ©1999

Kewpie doll by Cameo, a creation of Rose O'Neill

Kewpie Doll

Licensed by Cameo

Creation of Rose O'Neill; vinyl


Vintage Gorilla Bank Zoo Souvenir

Vintage Gorilla Bank

St. Louis Zoo Souvenir

Beatrix Potter Piggy Bank, The Old Woman in the Shoe

Beatrix Potter Piggy Bank, resin

The Old Woman in The Shoe

Frederick Warne & Co. 1994

Designed by Charpente

World of Beatrix Potter

Made in China


Aurora, IL, National Bank Safe

Mechanical Bank Safe

Aurora [Illinois] National Bank Savings and Loan

Combination lock; alarm goes off when the safe door is opened!

Mfg: In Rockford, Illinois by Superior MFG. Co.


Tinyette by Effanbee

Tinyette by Effanbee

Composition: jointed arms and legs

Hand painted features


Alexander Christening baby doll

Alexander Christening Baby Doll; open-and-close eyes


Madame Alexander doll, Thailand costume

Madame Alexander Thailand: 5-piece jointed body

All hard plastic, 7-1/2 inch doll

Mark: Alex (on back)

Madame Alexander doll, Japan costume

Madame Alexander Japan

All hard plastic, 7-1/2" doll

Mark: Alex (on back)

Madame Alexander India doll 1966

Madame Alexander India

All hard plastic, 7-1/2" doll

Mark: Alex (on back); 1966

Black wig (attached with glue); black, sleep eyes and molded lashes

Ideal Saucy Walker Doll

Ideal Saucy Walker Doll

Victorian doll buggy repro

Doll Buggy, Victorian Style

Metal Stroller, Blue

Single-Handle, Metal Stroller for Dolly or Teddy Bear

Tray, wood-ball slides, rubber wheels: missing its umbrella

Seat 9" from ground and 13" in length; with an 18" push arm


Bent wood carriage or pram

Bent Wood and Rattan Doll Carriage or Pram

Painted gold/Bent-wood handle


Angel doll, 1956, Field Enterprises

Angel Doll

A 13-inch doll with glassene eyes and molded hair

Clothes not original to doll

Marks: Field Enterprises 1956; made by M&S Doll Company, 1961

Angel character from Mel Casson's cartoon character


Clodrey Vinyl Doll

French Clodrey Doll Vinyl Doll: 19"

Mark: Clodrey 2020 6929

Anatomically correct/girl

Tag: Modele Depose; Haute Couture; Clodrey; Lavable Grand Teint

Clodrey (clō-drā') was a leading French doll making company in Europe, owned by the Refabert family. Clodrey also marketed dolls in Canada and the U.S. between 1965 and 1970.


Mickey Mouse music box

Mickey Mouse Music Box


Child's Singer Sewing machine

Miniature Singer Sewing Machine for child's play


Car-Go by Playskool

Wooden Car-Go Bike by Playskool for that first set of wheels. Comes with tools for the budding mechanic.

Mercedes metal car with rubber wheels

Want to go for a spin in my Mercedes?

Tootsie Toy: 5-inch, metal body with rubber wheels

Mark: Chicago 24 Mercedes 190SL USA

Brio Labrynth Game

Brio Labrynth Game, a Vintage Marble Game


Cobalt Blue Glass Piggy Bank

Cobalt Blue Glass Piggy Bank

Dimensions: 5" by 3-3/4"

Yo Yo clown doll

Yo Yo clown doll, made in the 80s from a pattern kit. Molded celluloid face. Wire and body armatures, covered with quilt fabric scraps and pom poms.

Childs egg beater for kitchen play and tea parties. Patented Oct. 9, 1923 by A&J. Made in U.S.A. Metal with wood handle. Painted in retro turquois and white. No. 68.