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Americana objects of interest from craftsman and early manufacturers

Art & Books — a small collection of miscellaneous works from our estate

Boho Chic —Bohemian style with objects from Checkoslavakia and objects of sophistication from around the world

China and Glass —vintage vases, dishes, figurines, etc.

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Dolls —antique dolls, circa 1800s and early 1900s

Doll Appraisals and Doll Construction: Alt Beck Gottschalk; French Lady Fashion; Heinrich; Sonnenberg Paper Mache; English Wax

Doll Club & Doll Artists, United Federation of Doll Clubs memorabilia and vintage artist dolls

Doll Convention 2010 in Chicago, photographs of dolls, doll booths, doll artists

Enesco Musicals, photos of our collection

Enesco Index Listing of photos and information from Enesco Catalogues

1993 Enesco Catalog

1994 Enesco Catalog

1995 Enesco Catalog

1997 Enesco Catalog

Enesco Repair Tips

Half Dolls and Dresser Dolls

Hummels & Figurines, Goebel and more

Vintage Postcards

Toys—for dolls and children from yesteryear