Porcelain & Inventive Objects of Art from Japan

Vintage objects on this page are personal memorabilia and estate finds

Kokeshi dolls for perfume and lipstick

Kokeshi doll vanity set for your purse or bureau: a tube of lipstick and a perfume canister that retains a rich perfume scent from its original contents. The outer canisters have remarkable craftsmanship, making them mini sculptures of art from a country of artisans. Read story on my blog.

teacup with Koi art, made in Japan
teacup and saucer with Koi art, made in Japan

translucent porcelain with classic popular Japanese Koi or carp fish design that symbolizes courage and strength in the Japanese culture due to the ability of Koi to swim up a waterfall.

framed Geisha kimono print of Japanese textile art painting using traditional Washi technique

Textile art using traditional Washi technique

Kimono art collage technique using Chiyogami/Yuzen papers

Framed prints were purchased by a friend on a trip to Japan

Artist: woodblock stamped signature

Description: Geisha girl juggling balls in an outdoor setting with flowers

Live art, 9 by 10 inches

framed Geisha kimono print of Japanese textile art painting using traditional Washi technique

textile art using traditional Washi technique

Description: Geisha girl holding ball in an outdoor setting with bamboo

The same fabric on both kimonos indicates a matching set of prints

Set depicts either sisters or possibly two stages in the life of a girl, one younger; one older

Live art, 9 by 10 inches

lamp with cherry blossom design on a frosted globe base

Frosted globe with cherry blossoms and bird design on antique brass lamp.

Kokeshi doll from Ichinoseki Japan

Circa 1960-1970; 4" tall

Brochure with the Japanese translation


Oriental doll with three wigs in original box

Oriental doll with three wigs

Doll heads made from crushed oyster shell paste; set glass eyes

The three wigs denote the three stages in the life of a Japanese girl/woman

Box latched with cord and copper-like medallion


vintage poodle wall pocket by Lefton Made in Japan

Poodle wall pocket, signed, © Geo. Z. Lefton, with red label, Lefton's Exclusives Japan

Imported from Japan by George Zolton Lefton, 1946 to 1953

Gilding and spaghetti trim: holes in back to attach to wall

Bride and croom cake topper, made in Japan

Bride and groom, cake topper

1940s, Parian Immobile

The dashing groom in his bow tie and top hat and the bride with a garland of flowers and a pretty bouquet. Hand painted.


Dutch boy and girl figurines, made in japan

Doll Figurines, Made in Japan

Stone bisque Dutch boy and girl

Hand painted, 6" tall

All-Bisque Immobile Girl and Puppy

Little girl and her puppy

Adorable! All-bisque, immobile, 7/8” tall

Circa 1940: Japan and 9 incised on back


Collectibles, Made in Japan

At the height of the Victorian Age and the turn of the 19th Century, Japan produced copy-cats of popular collectibles such as Goebel Hummel figurines and fine porcelain from Germany, France, Italy, and England.

As well, for the welcoming market in the U.S., Japan designed and manufactured goods that not only exceeded their inexpensive copy-cat counterparts but achieved a highly collectible status due to their excellence in design and quality, i.e., Lefton, Nippon, etc. This page showcases the artistry and inventiveness of the people of Japan.

Banjo Betty by Akiyama, a Hummel copycat

Banjo Betty by Akiyama, Japan, imported in the early 50s

A copycat of the "Joyful" Hummel #53, identified by the smudged trademark on the bottom side.

Reference: Hummel Copycats; Author, Lawrence L. Wonsch, pg. 43; 1987

Father's Helper Figurine AH2-26-8

NAPCO Father’s Helper AH2 26-8 Scotty Dog

Figurine of boy polishing boots for dad

In the Hummel style

Porcelain, Wall Pocket or Vase

Hand Painted

Made in Japan by Takito

Wall pocket with parrots art and branches of blossoms

Plaster, Wall Pocket or Vase

Cut-out hanger on back

Art: parrot on branch of blossoms

Harvest Time Girl, Japan

Signed “J Morie” porcelain figurine after the bronze “Harvest Time Girl.”

Hand painted in subtle pastels; lavish gilding on edging and throughout the surface of the figure. The grapes, pomegranates, and roses, as well as other details, are beautifully sculpted and painted: 12 1/2" tall.

Head vase of girl in blond hair with banana curls

Blonde head vase with banana curls

Window-pane dress with peter-pan collar and pillbox hat: 6" tall

Trademark shamrock circled with wreath


Napco Head Vase

NAPCO Head Vase

Auburn hair and pearl earrings, endearing features of this head vase by the National Pottery Co.

Sold / Sold

head vase by inarco wearing a pink bonnet

Head Vase, lady in bonnet by INARCO

Blonde hair; pearl earrings, gold bracelet, red polish on lips and nails, and long eye lashes, made by International Art Ware Co., 1962

NAPCO Head vase of girl in bonnet and sash

Blonde Bonnet Head Vase with ribbon Sash and Sculpted Flowers

NAPCO 1959 c38128; 6" tall

National Potteries Co. NAPCO 1959 c38128


NAPCO head vase of lady in black dress and hat and pearl earrings

NAPCO Stylish Head Vase, 1958 C3343A

Height, 4 ½" tall; sandy-blonde hair

Red lipstick and nail polish; black dress and hat; pearl necklace and earrings


Lefton head vase, made in Japan

Lefton 2667 Brunette Head Vase

Measures, 5" x 5"

Rose brooch at collar; brunette hair, green, ruffled hat brim

Label: Lefton’s US Pat Off Reg Exclusives Japan 2667


porcelain figurine by Andrea by Sadek of boy and dachshund on cushion

Vintage figurine, Andrea by Sadek

Child and pet dachshund on green cushion with gilding.

porcelain figurine of child and dog on lawn

Vintage figurine, Andrea by Sadek

Child and his pet dog, a black and white English dog. Gilding on figurine. Background of grass and tree with flower.

Half Doll for Pin Cushion, Lady in Bonnet with Fan

Height, 3 3/4" tall

Four holes in waistline for latching doll to pin cushion

Toby character creamer

Character Toby Mug, creamer

Toby Character Mug/Creamer

Character Toby Mug, creamer

Toby Character Mug/Creamer

Character Toby Mug, creamer

Height, 2 3/8"

Inarco Plaque or Plate, Made in Japan, 	        Blue-Green Mood Indigo

Inarco plaque or wall plate

Blue-Green Fruit

Mood Indigo, Made in Japan


Hand-painted saucer from Occupied Japan

Hand-painted saucer

Made in Occupied Japan

Souvenir tea cup from Disney world

Souvenir cup from Disney World

Made in Japan

Porcelain swan planter

Porcelain swan planter

Chopper Hopper container with lid

A Chopper Hopper for Him


Two baby chicks by Lefton


Relpo baby planter of pink, yarn doll

Relpo Baby Planter

Alphabet themed children's planter

Inarco planter in the shape of baby booites and baby chicks

Inarco Planter

Ceramic, baby booties with Chicks

Noritake Hand-Painted Bowl

Footed Noritake Bowl with scalloped edge, 7 3/4 wide and 3 1/4" deep

Hand-painted with chrysanthemum/peony spray and gilding

Mark: green Noritake back stamp of a wreath encasing the letter“ M ”

Morimura Brothers, 1911-1921 Made in Japan Hand Painted

Japanese Ewer with bluebirds and bamboo decoration and gilding

Japanese Ewer with bluebirds and bamboo, gilding


Porcelain bottle or jug, 14" tall

Hand-painted; artist's signature; three glazes

Artwork: cranes, the national bird of Japan

Sake bup with embossed crane and button flowers art

Sake Cup with Embossed Flying Crane and Button Flowers Art

Glazed sake jug

Antique, Glazed Sake Jug

Earthenware, thought to be from the Meiji-Period, circa 1900; possible uses were sake tokkuri: antique rice wine jug

Off-white, background glaze, decorated with kanji in dark brown: 7 1/2" tall; base diameter of 3"

Nippon footed bowl

Nippon footed bowl

Mark: Nippon

Width, 9 1/2"; height, 2"



Netsuke Merchant with calabash, resting on mushiro

Edo era; 19th century

Width, 2 ¾” wide; height, 1 3/8"

Chinese or Japanese Carving with scrimshaw on sail

Chinese or Japanese Carving; backside

Scrimshaw on sail

Artist signature on base


Elegant Lady figurine, playing a lute or mandolin

Height, 6"

Porcelain art with guilding: hand-painted roses; blue dress with cape

Mark: greem stamp, Made in Occupied Japan

Japanese sterling brooch

Japanese sterling brooch

Porcelain wall pocket with birds and pussy willows

Wall pocket, decorated with birds and branches with blossoms

Green circle trademark: sunburst imprint with “Hand Painted Made in Japan”

Irridescent, blue vase with pussy willows

Blue, iridescent vase with pussy willows

Painted and enameled flowers

Nobility with mandolin or lute

Nobility with mandolin or lute

Hand painted with gilding

Stamped “ Occupied” Japan in green

Balerina figurine with gilding and applied netting

Beautiful, porcelain ballet dancer

Gilding and applied netting: height, 3"

Boy and Shovel: red mark Made in Japan

Wearing a blue romper with shoulder straps and top

Blonde hair and blue eyes

Post Card from Japan of a teen couple, him in his student's uniform and she in her fancy komona

Post Card, mailed From Tokyo to New York

Teen couple, the boy wearing a student's uniform and the girl in a fancy komona

Carte Postale Tokio Japan

Addressed to: Mr. K. Kudoh in New York City

(165 Broadway, New York City U.S.A.) See back

Morimura Brothers bisque doll hed

Morimura Brothers bisque, socket head doll, 1920s

Mark: 1 MB (logo) Japan 3

High quality bisque: fine painting, red accents on inside eyelids and in nostrils; painted lower lashes

Delicate tint on cheeks

Blue paperweight eyes -sleep eyes

Open mouth, teeth, chin dimple

With long face: Described as Morimura's special head by Denise Van Patten (doll book)


Josef copycat figurine by Arnart of a pink lady in bonnet and dress, wearing white gloves; porcelain figurine

Incised. Cherchez La Femm; stamped "7616"

Pink dress and bonnet, trimmed with applied roses with gold accents; white gloves

Josef copycat figurine by Arnart: 4 3/4" tall


Cupid playing a mandolin or lute

Ardalt porcelain, Lenwile, Japan

No. 6495c; 4 -inches tall

This copy-cat figurine has the trademark blue wings of the Kewpie


All-Bisque Kewpies/Cupids, Made in Japan

Porcelain "Kewpie's" with blue wings

Incised Made in Japan

Height, 3 3/4"; circa 1940


Nippon porcelain doll

Nippon Porcelain, Hula Doll

Jointed at shoulders

Intaglio, Googly eyes

Attached hula fringe and silk flowers

Nippon Bather Character Doll, Boy

Nippon, all-bisque, Boy Bather, Character Doll

Mark: Nippon; height, 4 3/4"

Googly eyes, knit eye brows

Spread fingers on hands: jointed arms

Molded and painted hair and swim suit

REFERENCE: Warman's Companion, Dawn Herlocher, pg. 23


Nippon Bather Character Doll, Girl

All-Bisque Dolly Nippon Girl Character Doll

Height, 4 3/4";

Googly eye; strung, jointed arms

Knit eyebrows; molded and painted hair

Molded and painted suit with pink ribbon trim and bow

Incised Nippon on back

REFERENCE: Warman's Companion, Dawn Herlocher, pg. 23


All bisque Googly with brown hair

All Bisque Googly, Doll

Jointed at shoulders; 5 1/2" long

Angel celluloid, Made in Japan

Angel Celluloid Doll, Made in Japan

Trademark cross inside a circle

Jointed at shoulders and hips, 3 ½” tall

Molded and painted features

Bedtime prayers

Vintage Ceramic Angels by L&M Inc., Japan

Gilding details: bedtime story or bedtime prayers

Flapper, Betty-Boop style doll; 
celluloid doll with Googly Eyes

Flapper, Betty-Boop style celluloid doll

Mark: Japan and trademark star in a circle

Height, 6 1/2" jointed at shoulders

Altar or choir boy doll

Choir Boy or Altar Boy

One-piece body with hinged arms that move up and down with the book

Composition body and legs with painted shoes


Accordian player immobile

Immobile, Man with accordion