Hummels & Figurines

Signs of Spring HUM Goebel

Signs of Spring

Goebel Hummel 203 2/0

TMK-4/Stylized Bee/3 Line Mark, 1964-1972

Young girl talking to a blue bird on a fence


Goebel Lamp Hummel

Apple Tree Girl

Table Lamp

No. 141

Apple tree girl is climbing the tree and glancing down at her dog, who has retrieved her shoe, and proudly waits for her at the base of the tree

Home from Market HUM Goebel

Home from Market

Goebel Hummel 198/2/0

TMK-3/LSB © W. Goebel

Height, 5 inches

1948 MID

Blue stamped bee

Alpine clad youngster with an umbrella in hand, arrives home from the market with a piglet in his basket


Lost Sheep HUM Goebel

Lost Sheep

Goebel Hummel 68/2/0


Lamb resting in the arms of a shepherd boy

Height is 4-1/2 inches

Donut hole base

(MID 1962)


Little Gabriel HUM Goebel

Little Gabriel

Goebel Hummel 32/0


TMK-2/ Full Bee


Angelic winged figurine with messenger bag over her shoulder, blowing a bright yellow horn: her gown is embellished with yellow stars

Height, 5 inches


Bookworm HUM Goebel

Book Worm

Goebel Hummel 8

TMK-5 5

Sweet young girl with bow tied in hair, reading a picture book. This Hummel figurine is sweet and pensive, and my favorite enjoyment of this figurine is the combination of the matte and gloss glazes, where the glossy book sets in contrast to the matte-glaze on the young student.


Chick Girl HUM Goebel

Chick Girl


Hummel 57/0


Little farm girl gathering a basket of chicks and seemingly by her pointing finger is talking to one as well.


School Boy HUM Goebel

School Boy

Goebel Hummel 82/0

TMK-2/Full Bee

Backpack full of books and off to school in his schoolboy, alpine clothing


Mary riding a donkey and Joseph with a lantern travel to Egypt with Jesus and a guiding angel

Journey to Egypt

Mary with Jesus on donkey, Joseph with lantern and staff, and a guiding angel with lantern as they travel in the middle of the night to Egypt - all dressed in blue and white

Postman HUM Goebel


Goebel Hummel 119


Mailman dressed in blue hat and coat with red bow tie; carrying a messenger bag full of stamped envelope as he calls out the name on the envelope


Joyous News Accordina Candle Holder

Angel Joyous News


Goebel Hummel 39


Candle Holder


Joyous News Accordina Candle Holder

Joyous News Lute Candle Holder

Angel Joyous News


Goebel Hummel 111/38


Candle Holder



Joyous News Lute Candle Holder

The Artist HUM Goebel

The Artist

Goebel Hummel 304


Boy working on a masterpiece with a palette full of paint and a jar full of brushes


Begging His Share HUM Goebel

Begging His Share

Goebel Hummel 9


Youngster carrying a plum pudding dessert with a black Scotty dog begging for a closer look

Girl with Doll Goebel Hummel

Girl with Doll

Goebel Hummel 239B

TMK-7, 1967


Priceless little girl holding her dolly

For Father HUM Goebel

For Father

Goebel Hummel 87


Boy bringing his father a large stein, or tankard, filled with something good, along with a bunch of turnips and radishes

Height is 5 1/2 inches


Christ Child

Goebel Hummel 18 (2 by 6 inches)


Christ child in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger

Let's Sing Goebel Hummel

Let's Sing

Goebel Hummel 110/0


Boy and bird sing along as he plays the accordion or squeeze box

Sweetheart Ornament Schmid Hummel


Second Edition, 1984, in the

SCHMID Hummel Statuette Ornaments series

Height: 4 1/2"

In 1983, Schmid released the first in a series called "Statuette Ornaments"

Tittled, Hark the Herald Angels Sing

Hark the Hearald Angels Sing HUM Ornament

Hark the Herald Angels Sing

1st Edition Statuette Ornament by Schmid


Boy and his trumpet

Boots by Goebel


Goebel Hummel


Little cobbler boy wearing a blue work apron and holding a pair of black boots and a pair of lady's dress shoes

Girl With Tree Hummel Goebel

Girl with Fir Tree

Goebel Hummel 116,



Girl with little green fir tree, which reminds me of a favorite Christmas carol,

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, How steadfast are your branches! ....

Good Friends Goebel Hummel

Going to Grandma's

Goebel Hummel 52/0


Two young sisters, with bows in their hairs, are traveling to grandma's house - one carries a bouquet of flowers; the other carries a bottle in a basket and a bowl of porridge

Goose Girl

Goose Girl

Goebel Hummel 47/3/0

TMK-3/Stylized Bee

Brave girl talking to a pair of geese, who are eager to play with her or to see if she has a treat for them hiding behind her back

Good Friends Goebel Hummel

Good Friends

Goebel Hummel 182/TMK-2

Little girl with a bouquet of flowers, or nosegay, and a lamb - guess she's been in the meadow

School Girl Goebel HUM

School Girl

Goebel HUM 81/0


Off to school with a backpack of books and a lunch basket - in an orange dress with orange ribbons in her hair

Good Hunting Goebel Hummel

Good Hunting!

Goebel Hummel 307


Young man on the look out for wild game through his binoculars while a bunny rabbit peers up at him, looking quizzical

Hear Ye Goebel Hummel

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Goebel Hummel 15/0


Proclaiming the news with his horn to magnify his voice. No doubt he has something official to proclaim with his scepter in hand. Dressed for winter and carrying a pocket watch and a lantern

Heavenly Angel Goebel Hummel

Heavenly Angel

Goebel Hummel 21/1


Winged cherub holding a large candle. Movement is given to the piece with the directional wind blowing the lit candle and the cherub's hair - beautiful celestial robe, bespeckled with yellow stars.

Kiss Me Goebel Hummel

Kiss Me

Goebel Hummel 311


Little girl kissing her dolly - who hasn't? Wonderful use of the combination matte and gloss glaze technique.

Baker HUM Goebel


Goebel Hummel 128

TMK-3/Stylized Bee

Baker in his chef's attire tastes his latest cream-topped creation

Little Fiddler Goebel Hummel

Little Fiddler Goebel Hummel 4


Young musician playing the fiddle; wearing a black bowler hat and carrying an umbrella

He shall make music wherever he goes ...

Little Hiker Goebel Hummel

Little Hiker

Goebel Hummel 16 2/0 (4 1/2")

TMK-3/Stylized Bee


Alpine clad young man, off for a hike with his walking stick

Little Shopper Goebel Hummel

Little Shopper Goebel Hummel 96

TMK-3/Stylized Bee

Young shopper with an empty basket, soon to be filled

Playmates Goebel Hummel


Goebel Hummel 58/0


Young boy in his feathered cap with a basket and two rabbits and a third rabbit tucked under his arm

Search Angel Hummel Goebel

Searching Angel

Hummel Goebel 310


Sweet, winged cherub with search light, looking down from a cloud

Sensitive Hunter Goebel Hummel

Sensitive Hunter

Hum 6

Goebel Hummel

Young hunter in a dilemma when he comes eye-to-eye with the very thing he's hunting, a rabbit!

Serenade Goebel Hummel


Goebel Hummel 85/0


Top hat and flute, ready to serenade you with a tune

Sister Goebel Hummel


Goebel Hummel 98


With orange posies in her hand and carrying a basket, this little girl looks like a sweet sister and fun playmate

Soldier Goebel Hummel

Soldier Boy

Goebel Hummel 332

TMK-4/3 LM

Little soldier boy, standing at attention. He looks very official in his uniform and hat and brass buttons and his gun at his side

Skier Goebel Hummel


Goebel Hummel 59

TMK-2/Full Bee

This charming Hummel has wooden ski poles, and is a good example of the often used technique to show wind and action with sculped wind blown hair and scarf

Village Boy Goebel Hummel

Village Boy

Goebel Hummel 51/30

TMK-3/Stylized Bee

Village boy with an empty basket, ready to shop or to run errands

Wash Day Goebel Hummel

Wash Day

Goebel Hummel 321


One of my favorites, Wash Day has wonderful matte and gloss glazes. She is darling in her head scarf, apron and slippers and basket of clothes

Goebel Donkey or Burrow Figurine

Goebel Donkey or Burrow

Mark: Goebel and West Germany (in blue)

Height, 3 1/2"


A gray baby donkey with long ears from the village or farm

Huldah Figurine by Goebel HUL702 1964

Huldah Figurine by Goebel

Mark: 1964 HUL702

8-inches tall

TMK4 Goebel trademark on bottom along with "Huldah" signature glazed on bottom


Huldah Prima Ballerina Figurine by Goebel

A study in pink from head to toes: from her ballet slippers to the pink rosette that tops her head - pink ribbon necklace and pink, layered, lace-edged gown


Crawling Piano Baby

2 ½ inches long

Incised "373" Unmarked: possibly Heubach



Dresden Piano Babies: numbered 6951 and 6949

Parian bisque with lacy overlays and gilding

Height, 2 1/4"

Gentleman in finery holding a dove

Aristocratic gentleman in plumed hat and finery, holding a dove

In the French style

wonderful painting with gilding

Lady in bonnet and shawl


Aristocratic lady in the French style

Match holder for the fireplace

Bonnet lady with baskets

Unmarked bisque or porcelain in the German style

Match holder

(see backside)

Height, 8 1/2" and base width, 4 1/2"

Rococo in style


Twin piano babies: a girl with her doll and a boy with his Teddy Bear

Subtle palette: blues, oranges, and browns

Teddy has a black nose, and dolly has an orange dress

Lovely gilded accents

Both incised 4820

Height, 5 1/2"


Piano Babies, children playing piggy back

Painted in an English palette of blue and bronze with gold details.

German bisque; possibly Heubach: Mark: 43 in gold

Enesco Cat and Mouse Stare Down with Mouse Under Glass Dome

Enesco Cat and Mouse Stare-Down, 1990

Mouse under a glass dome, sitting safely on a block of cheese

Height: 3 1/2"


white stoneware dog

Staffordshire Dog, unmarked

Late 19th century and in the Staffordshire style

miniature frozen charlie or charlotte on chair

Miniature, Frozen Charlotte

Unique for the frozen figurines, which are generally standing, this one is miniature and sitting on a chair