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Home on the Range Musical

Home on the Range

It's strawberry pie time. All figures move to the music:

Enesco: “One mouse mixes eggs, balanced atop the egg beater. Another mouse rides a spoon, stirring batter which is flattened by a rolling pin with mouse on top. Next, berries are pressed through a grinder, and mice teeter-totter on a spatula as the head chef removes pastries from the glowing oven.”

Designed by Enesco artist Karen Hahn

Tune: Whistle While You Work

Year of Introduction, 1993: #591033


Workin' for Peanuts Musical

Workin' for Peanuts

A Circus wagon from

Old Mapleton, Oconomowoc, Wis., features a panda, giraffe, elephant, mouse, dog, parrot, and monkey.

The lantern glows and the calliope pipes move up and down as the wagon rolls back and forth. The panda, giraffe, and elephant turn their heads — all to the beat of the music. (battery powered)

Tune: Talk to the Animals.

Year of Introduction, 1993

1995 Enesco Small World of Music Collection #593362


All We Want for Christmas Musical

All We Want For Christmas

Mice type a "Dear Santa" letter on the Saint Nicholas Writing Machine. Keys click up and down as two tiny mice travel toward each other. The carriage moves back and forth as the paper rolls continuously. The little mouse on the ribbon wheel spins. Another mouse presses the space bar up and down.

Tune: Jolly Old St. Nicholas.

Year of Introduction, 1990

Enesco Small World of Music Collection: #568678

Fur Elise Musical

Fur Elise

A ballerina in her tutu dances en pointe as the floor turns, accompanied by a debonair mouse in a tuxedo, playing the French horn, and perched atop a baby grand. (stem-wound)

Measures 3 ½” wide and 4” tall.


It's a Par-Tea

It's a Par-Tea!

Three mice spin merrily in dainty tea cups as a saucer revolves underneath.

Tune: Love Makes the World Go 'Round.

Year of Introduction, 1994

1994 Enesco Small World of Music Collection: #599980


On Cue with Mini-sota Mouse

On Cue

Mini-sota Mouse takes aim while his opponent pivots on his right foot. Another player quenches his thirst as a spectator moves up and down in a side pocket.

Tune: The Entertainer

Year of Introduction, 1991

1995 Enesco Small World of Music Collection: #581275


Strike Up the Band Musical

Strike Up the Band

Enesco is tooting the horn for the Mouseville High marching band! As the majorette strikes up the band, the drummer, flute and trumpet players keep the beat moving side-to-side. Pushing the trumpet buttons in and out is a big job handled by one of the more experienced mouse-icians!

Tune: Stars and Stripes Forever

Power, Electric Transformer

Year of Introduction, 1993: #591017


Mousekin Family Picnic

In the Good Old Summertime

It's picnic time on a straw hat for Mama and her family of mice. The canopy sways back and forth to the tune of In the Good Old Summertime. Two attentive mice listen to Momma Mouse reading to them and three playful mice scamper around the brim of the hat.

It's a perfect piece, trimmed in flowers and butterflies, with a doily canopy held in place by four hat pins, each pin with a unique design.

Another marvelous Musical from Enesco!

Wee Wedding Wishes Cake Musical

Wee Wedding Wishes

This Karen Hahn design incorporates tradition with whimsy in a multi-action, lighted Musical! Heart-shaped cutouts in the cake reveal the happy bride and groom revolving in the center! The bridesmaids' heads move back and forth. The little mouse-ringer tugs away at the bells, moving with each pull!

Tune: Mendelssohn's Wedding March

Year of Introduction, 1990: ##569690


Tee-Time Musical


A windmill with lighted top, revolves as a putt-putt golfer hits the ball into the mouth of the fish and out the tail! Another brave mouse revolves on the towering golf ball and tee.

Tune: It’s a Small World

Power, Key Wound and Battery (2 AA)

Year of Introduction, 1993: #587745


Party Line Musical

Party Line

A recreation of a vintage pay phone has everyone busy to connect a call. One weary traveler checks his telephone directory as he sways to and fro from the dial, another finds the perfect place to hang a poster, and a mischievous mouse peeks out of the coin return slot.

Tune: I Just Called to Say I Love You.

Year of Introduction, 1993


Knittin' Pretty Musical

Knittin' Pretty

Another Karen Hahn masterpiece with the Mousekin family. While Li'l Sis balances on her knitting needles, another sister has designed a bow and needle, which she is aiming at a pin-cushion target! Snacks are brought by a thimble-tot' mouse who ascends via tape measure! Mama is embroidering while a playful mouse artfully dodges her needle.

Tune: Whistle While You Work

Year of Introduction, 1990

Baking You Happy Musical

Baking You Happy

One mouse mixes the batter and juggles eggs as he circles around on the beater. Two mice teeter-tottering while they work!

Tune: Whistle While You Work

Year of Introduction, 1995

1995 Enesco Small World of Music: #136999


Cozy Cup Carolers

Cozy Cup Carolers

Mother and daughter singing at the spinet. Brother sleds around the saucer

Tune: Winter Wonderland

Year of Introduction, 1991.

1995 Enesco Small World of Music Collection: #588210


Tea For Two Musical

Tea for Two

Tea served by the Merry Mice. One mouse juggles sugar cubes ontop a sugar tongs and a playful mouse pokes his head from under the teapot lid.

Tune: Tea for Two

Year of Introduction, 1991

1997 Enesco Gift Gallery


You Oughta Be In Pictures Musical

You Oughta Be In Pictures

The photographer presses the shutter cord and, timed to the opening of the aperture, the bulb flashes. The technician shines the flashlight as the couple turns towards each other. Junior fidgets and Sis powders her nose.

Tune: You Oughta Be In Pictures

Introduced, 1991


Music Mice-Tro Musical

Music Mice-Tro

With baton in hand, the Mice-tro turns and the Mousical ensemble moves into action, in tempo to the music. The ballerina and her partner dance along the moving keys, accompanied by a grand orchestra on an ornate grand piano.

Tune: Polonaise

Year of Introduction, 1992: #577499

Top Billing For Santa Musical

Top Billing for Santa

As the levers move on this vintage press, the roller takes up ink and the paper moves back and forth beneath. Soon a poster rolls out announcing Santa’s arrival! Applause! An amazing Musical.

Tune: Santa Claus Is coming to Town

Year of Introduction, 1993: #593559


The Magic Dragon

The Magic Dragon

The Magic Dragon “rocks” havoc through the turrets at the top of the king's castle! A mouse perched on the dragon’s tail happily goes along for the ride! Knights on their festooned horses circle around the castle! The drawbridge is raised and lowered for the lovely damsel in distress! From a window high above, the wizard checks the crystal ball!

Tune: Puff the Magic Dragon

Year of Introduction, 1991: #572772


Teapot Bungalow

Teapot Bungalow

The Whiskerflick family moves about doing chores as baby peeks out from the teapot lid that moves up and down. Mama's spinning wheel turns, while Miss Mouse sweeps at the doorway and Grandma stirs the batter. This lighted Musical turns 365 degrees on its Lazy Susan base to display all side.

Tune: Oh, What a Beautiful Morning

Year of Introduction, 1990


Rockin' & Rollin'

Rockin' & Rollin'

At the top of the roller skate, a skating duo twirls and a skater zips over the tongue. A freewheeling skater completes a 180 degree turn, moving back and forth. All the time, the skate rolls back and forth on its glittery wheels. Optional, switch the movement to stationery via the 3-way switch. Tune: Rock Around the Clock

Year of Introduction: 1995


Spining a Yarn

Spinning a Yarn

Mice spinning tales of friendship as the spinning wheels spins, surrounded by baskets of yarn, a braided rug, and spools of thread. A young mouse stands next to the wheel, turning side to side in amazement.

Tune: Spinning Wheel

Year of Introduction, 1995


Winter Sleigh Ride

Winter Sleigh Ride

Swooshing down the hill with a mitten as a sail!


Little Love Boat

Little Love Boat

Sweethearts out for an afternoon on the water. She with her parasol and he in his suspenders and straw hat, rowing across the waves as the boat rocks, side to side.

Tune: Let Me Call You Sweetheart

Year of Introduction, 1995: #551104


Waggin' Tails Musical

Waggin' Tails

A feud ensues during a daring escape with a anewly minded golden cheddar. The wheels of the covered wagon move and bump along the road. One sharpshooter fires his shotgun and another dodges an arrow. Atop the wagon, a rowdy cowboy pulls the tail of one bungling bandit with his hand in the loot.

Tune: Oh, My Darling Clementine

Year of Introduction, 1993: #593621


Merry Mouseicians Musical

Merry Mouseicians

This tiny trio of Mouseicians gives a performance worthy of Carnegie Hall! The drummer moves his drumsticks up and down as the entire stage revolves.

Tune: Polonaise

Year of Introduction, 1994: #551171


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