Antique Dolls: Gifts to Children, circa 1800s & 1900s

Dolls with a Bisque Head on a Composition Body

Gebruder Kuhnlenz or Reckangel child doll in ethnic dress
Child doll, Gebruder or Reckangel, 10"

Manufacturer, Gebruder Kuhnlenz or Reckangel

Mark: 44

Open mouth, molded upper teeth

Stationery, glass eyes

Body: composition over wood; jointed

Wig, long, braided pigtails

Original dress: felt coat dress and petticoat, red shoes and socks

Red plaid skirt; felt, sleeveless jacket with three clear, blue, plastic buttons

Reference for Gebruder: Jan Foulke's Guide to Dolls, copyright 2006; pg. 132

Reference for Reckangel: Doll Values by Patsy Moyer, 3rd Edition

AM 1894 Antique Doll
9-inch Armand Marseille, 1894

Oriental Doll

Mark: AM 1894 6/0 DEP

By Armand Marseille/Kopplesdorf, Germany doll factory

Open mouth, square teeth

Socket head; tinted bisque; mohair wig

Five-piece, composition body with red slippers

No. 8 Bébé Jumeau Diplome d' Honneur
Bisque Bébé Jumeau, 19"

Mark: incised 8 on neck

Mark (body stamp): Bébé Jumeau Diplome d' Honneur, Made in France

Doll length, 19 inches; composition, ball-jointed body

Wide hips and cupped torso for rounded, turned upper leg joints

Open mouth with molded teeth

Blue paper-weight eyes; pierced ears

Painted upper and lower lashes; feathered brows

Natural, hair wig

References: (1) 200 Years of Dolls 3rd Edition by Dawn Herlocher; pg. 219-220; (2) Collectible Dolls, Third Edition, pg. 155

Schuetzmeister & Quendt doll for Wolf & Co.
Wolf 301, 14"

Mark: 301 W&C Germany

Open mouth, upper teeth

Jointed child's body

Stationery, glass eyes; feathered brows

Open mouth, upper teeth

Schuetzmeister & Quendt porcelain factory in Thuringia, Germany, made bisque heads for Wolf & Co.

Bleuette Doll
Bleuette doll

Made between 1922-1933

Open mouth; teeth

Mohair wig, sleep eyes

Original dress

Santa Doll 32 by Simon & Halbig
Santa by Simon Halbig, 32"

Mark: Santa 1249 32

Santa was a registered trademark name for Hamburger & Co., a NY producer, importer and distributor of German dolls, 1900-1910

The Santa bisque doll head was produced for Hamburger by Simon & Halbig

Jointed, composition body

Pierced ears; sleeping eyes; molded eyebrows, open mouth; four upper teeth

Abyssian doll by Heubach-Kopplesdorf
Heubach 458 Abyssinian Baby

Mark: 458 13, Heubach-Kopplesdorf, Germany

Size: 11 inches; Mold no. 458

Label on cloak: Abyssinian Baby Made in Germany

5-piece body composition body; sleep eyes

Produced between 1919 and 1932

See: Doll Values, Third Edition; pg. 40

Heubach 6
Googly-eyed, Heubach, 6"

Mark: 9573; 6; Heubach (trademark) Germany

Bisque, socket head; Googly eyes

5-piece, composition body; blonde hair

Two-piece suit

Molded shoes; painted socks/single strap shoes

Reference: Doll Values, by Patricia Smith, 6th Edition, pg. 110

Simon Halbig Made in Germany, 19 inches tall
Socket head Simon Halbig 1078

Mark (neck): 1078 Germany Simon Halbig, 7

Mark (body) Germany

Doll, 19"; sleep eyes, original eye lashes

Pierced ears and earrings

Open mouth, top teeth; dimple in chin

Socket head; mohair wig

Fully jointed body, wood and composition

German Antique Doll by Ganz
German Antique Doll by Ganz

Mark: G&S 3 Germany

Height, 22";

Sleep Eyes

References: pg. 73, (1) 11th Edition of Doll Values by Patricia Smith; pg. 73 (2) 200 Years of Dolls by Dawn Herlocher, 3rd Edition, pg. 165

AMO Germany
AM O DEP 1894, 14"

Mark: 1894; AM O DEP; Made in Germany

Blue sleep eyes; painted lashes

Open mouth, teeth

7-inch doll in the French style
7-inch doll in the French style


Mark: 15. 7/0.; and a swirl-like trademark

Bisque swivel head; open mouth, two teeth

Inset, indigo blue, glass eyes; painted brows

Herm Steiner Doll, German
Herm Steiner, size 6/0

Mark: Made in Germany, Herm Steiner,  6/0

Height: 11"

Hazel sleep eyes

8-inch Eden BeBe from France
Eden Bebe from France, 8"

Tag reads: Fabrication Francaise Eden Bebe Normands 5067/3 J

Dress, lined with crepe paper and labeled, Made in France

Open mouth, top teeth

Stationery, glass blue eyes

Painted, composition shoes

Gebruder, Made in Germany Armand Marseilles 390
Gebruder Kuhnlenz soldier doll

Mark: 39 and 37 or 34 Gebruder Kuhnlenz

Size: 8 to 10 inches

Metal helmet soldier; uniform; metal buttons and belt buckle

Closed mouth; glass eyes - set - blue

References: (1) Doll Values No. 11, pg. 111 (2) Jan Foulke's Guide to Dolls (2006), pg. 132

Schoenau & Hoffmeister Germany
Schoenau & Hoffmeister, 36"

MARK: SH (star shape); PB (inside star); 1906 16 Germany

Doll factory trademarks for Porzellanbrik Burgrubb and Schoenau & Hoffmeister Fixed, brown, glass eyes

Composition child body; 36-inch; ball-jointed

Open mouth, upper teeth; dimple in chin

German 9-piece doll
German Doll, 9-pc body

MARK: Made in Germany; D 1/4.168. 8 1/2.

Rare body: swivel hips and ball-joint scissor movement on upper legs

Bisque head; open mouth; carved, square teeth

Blue sleep eyes

Wig: 100% Cheveux Naturels Made in France

Reference: Warman's Companion Collectible Dolls (©2008) by Dawn Herlocher; pg. 165

Unis France 301
30-inch, Unis France 301

Mark: Unis France 301; 71 301 148

Number 14 on bottom of right foot

Fixed eyes; lashes; open mouth; six upper teeth; 11-pc composition body d

Kestner 162 Lady Bisque and Composition
Lady Kestner, doll no. 162, 16" tall

Body stamped Germany in red

Composition body includes restored, wooden replacement parts

Four upper teeth; mohair wig

Verlingue Doll
Stone bisque doll from France

Mark (head): JV (with anchor trademark) 3 Liane

Mark (body): .38 on the back of the lower legs and 2 on back shoulder

15-inch, stone bisque doll from France: composition body, fully jointed

Open mouth; six carved teeth

Sleep eyes; black eyes with no pupils

Ca. 1914

Reference: French Dolls Volume II by Patricia R. Smith; pg. 118

Bruno Schmidt 692
Bisque Bruno Schmidt 692

Mark: 692 18/ BSW (in Heart) Germany, Made in Germany

Flirty eyes; open mouth; tongue; two top teeth

Bisque head on jointed body,

Stamp on body: Made in Germany

Note: Bruno Schmidt's doll factory was located in Walterhausen, Germany. Many of the heads used by this firm were made by Bahr & Proschild, Ohrdruf, Germany, who produced dolls from 1898 on into the 1930's

Walther Antique Bisque with Sawdust Body
Johan Walther, German Doll

Mark: W

Bisque head; Open mouth, teeth

Nine-inch, child doll

Composition body: sawdust and glue body and limbs

Glass, stationery eyes

Painted brows and lashes

Bahr Proschild Walking Doll
Bahr Proschild Walking doll

No. 394, mechanical doll

Bisque head; composition/metal body


Unmarked Revalo Doll, Made in Germany
18" Revalo 2/0, circa 1910

Mark: Germany 2/0

Doll identified as Revalo, circa 1910, by its distinctive face

Ball jointed body

Set glass eyes (blue); open mouth; upper teeth

Rare, long, upper hair lashes

Vertical, painted strokes on lower lashes

Painted eyebrows, feathered

References: (1) Van Patten Price Guide, pg. 233 (2)

Doll Values 10th Edition, pg. 238

Bahr--Proschild Antique Doll
14" Bahr-Proschild antique doll


Beautiful bisque head from an unidentified porcelain factory; possibly from Bahr & Proschild or Gebruder Kuhnlenz

Multi-stroked eyebrows and fine, facial painting

Stunning, detailed clothing

Princess 1 Germany
Toddler Princess doll, 23"

Mark: 29 Princess 1 Germany

Brown, sleep eyes; upper lashes; painted lashes and brows

Chin dimple

Belly button

Heubach.Koppe South Seas Baby
8" Native Island Baby

AKA, South Seas Baby

Mark: Heubach.Koppe 399-14/0 DRG Germany

(Ernst Heubach and Koppelsdorf)

Brown, glass sleep-eyes

Bisque socket head; closed mouth; painted hair; earrings, bracelet

Composition body; jointed, bent limb; straight ankles and wrists

Thatched skirt

Reference: 200 Years of Dolls 3rd Edition by Dawn Herlocher; pg. 188

Hertel, Schwab & Co. Bent Limb Baby doll
Hertel, Schwab  & Co., bent-limb baby doll

Mark: Made in Germany 152/1

Bisque & composition

Five-piece jointed body

Character baby doll; height, 11"

Brown, glass eyes

Painted eyelashes and feathered eyebrows

Open mouth, top teeth, tongue

Cheek and chin dimples

Hanna South Seas Doll
Hanna Hula Doll

Mark: SH (PB in star outline) 12/0 Hanna, Made in Germany

Hanna Hula Doll by Schoenau & Hoffmeister and Porzellanfabrik Burggrub, Bavaria Germany

Height: 7 1/2 inches;

Bisque head; jointed composition body; straight wrists and ankles

Beautiful sleep eyes; open mouth

AM 971, Armand Marseille from Germany
15-inch Armand Marseille 971

Mark: Armand Marseille 971 Germany A 3 M

Five-piece, composition body

Bisque head; fixed eyes

Unmarked Doll for the French Market
Bisque, Unmarked Doll: 28" tall


Unmarked; possibly an S&H in the Jumeau style for the French market

No. 15 on back of head at base of socket

Six teeth; pierced ears

Simon Halbig 1906 Child Doll
Simon Halbig, 35"

Mark: Germany SH, PB (in star) 1906 16

Open mouth; four top teeth

Fixed eyes; wig

19-inch, Armand marseille 390 A3M
19-inch, Armand Marseille 390 A3M

Mark: Made in Germany Armand Marseille 390 A3M

Sleep eyes; three upper teeth

Jointed, composition body

Germany Kestner
24-inch Kestner beauty

MARK: F. Germany 10.; 168; 08. (neck)

Body stamp: Germany 3392

Five piece, ball-jointed body

Sleep eyes, blue; feathered brows

Waggle tongue; open mouth; square, carved teeth

Just Me Character Doll

Just Me Character Doll

Registered Germany A 310/7/0/M

Restored: Composition body not original to doll

Sideways glancing, glass eyes

Bisque socket head; closed mouth

Heubach Kopplesdorf

Dutch Boy from the 1900s

Mark: Heubach Kopplesdorf; Germany; 320 19/0

Glass eyes; open mouth; two teeth

Feathered brows

Composition body; 9" tall

Felt cap jacket with four brass decorative buttons

Produced between 1919 and 1932

Beautiful Doll, made in Germany

15-inch, German bisque and composition Body

Mark: backward E and O. (underlined)

Also, a mark with a crescent over a dot

Body stamped Germany

Mohair, red, braided wig

Open mouth; four square teeth

Open-close eyes

Dense eyelashes; painted-feathered brows

Jointed body; toes and fingers outlined in red Leather shoes marked JJ and Trademark

DEP Size 4 German Bisque

14 1/2" German Bisque

French body

Mark: DEP 4 Depose or Deponiert

German, bisque head; set, brown glass eyes

Open mouth, top teeth/square shape

Jointed, composition and wood body

Pierced ears; painted, feathered brows; human hair wig

Reference: 200 Years of Dolls, Dawn Herlocher; pg. 134

3/0 Peasant Dress Bisque and Composition Doll

14" Bisque Doll

Composition body

Mark: (head) 3/0; (body) 7 1/4

Swiss-style costume; braided wig; bead bracelet

Blue-gray, sleep eyes; feathered brow; painted lashes

Open mouth; five, square teeth

1894 AM 2 DEP Doll

16-inch Armand Marseille 1894

Mark: 1894 AM 2 DEP Made in Germany 16

Composition body, pale bisque; fixed brown eyes

References: Jan Foulke's 2006, pg. 138, (16-inch); Warman's Collectible Dolls, pg. 187 (10-to 14-inch); 200 Years of Dolls 3rd Edition, pg. 263

Heinrich Handwerck Bisque Antique Doll

Heinrich Handwerck Bisque, 21 inches

Five-piece, composition body

Open mouth; top teeth; sleep eyes; painted brows and eyelashes

Professional Appraisal

Kestner No. 13

19-inch, Kestner Bisque, No. 13

Mark: XII on the rim of bisque head

Blue open and close eyes; pouty mouth

Blonde wig, plaster pate

Jointed, composition body, 19-inches: straight wrists

S&H Dressel Antique Doll
Simon & Halbig Jutta child


Mark: S&H 7349 Dressel 18
Finely painted; open mouth, teeth
Paper-weight eyes (fixed); pierced ears

Made in Germany Armand Marseille
Bisque Armand Marseille


Mark: Made in Germany Armand Marseille, 390n, DRGM246, A3M

22-inch doll; open mouth, top teeth; open/close eyes

Porzellanfabrik Rauenstein

10-Inch Porzellanfabrik Rauenstein

Mark: Made in Germany D 6/0 Porzellanfabrik Rauenstein

Rauenstein began making dolls in 1783

Open mouth/teeth; sleep eyes; mohair wig


Walkur Antique Doll

Walkur 20-inch doll by J.D. Kestner

Mark: Walkure Germany 2 1/4 52

Walkure dolls were made by J.D. Kestner

Hard-pack body; 20-inches tall; 200, 680 series

Beautiful sleep eyes and lashes

Bisque socket head; open mouth, four teeth

References: Warman's Collectible Dolls; Dawn Herlocher ©2006, ©2008; Jan Foulke's 2006

200 Years of Dolls 3rd Edition, pg. 174

Armand Marseille A12M Antique Doll

28-inch Armand Marseille Doll

Mark: A12M

O/C eyes; open mouth; teeth

Composition over wood body; 11-piece

Goebel Antique Doll Made in Germany

23-inch doll by Francis Goebel from the 1800's

Mark: GO (monogram) for Goebel Oeslau 120 Made in Germany 10"

Doll by Francis Goebel; 23" long

Paper-weight, blue-gray eyes; painted, feathered eyebrows

Open mouth; teeth; dimple in chin Reference: Patricia Smith's Doll Values (Antique to Modern) Sixth Series, pg. 93

Fulpher Doll

20-inch Fulpher

Mark: Made in USA 16-C (Fulpher trademark)

Open mouth; wobble tongue; upper teeth

Set, brown eyes; painted lashes

Simon Halbig child doll

22-Inch, Simon Halbig Child Doll

Mark: 570, Simon & Halbig, Germany

Mark (body): Heinrich Handwerck Germany

Ca. 1889 to 1930s

Blue, glass eyes set in the flirty style

DESCRIPTION: Dolly face socket head with ball-jointed, composition body, softly feathered brows, open mouth, teeth

Reference: Warman's Companion Collectible Dolls by Dawn Herlocher; pg. 260

KR 121 Simon Halbig

16-inch toddler, Simon Halbig 121, bisque & Composition

Mark: KR 121 Simon Halbig

Bisque head; toddler body

Sleep eyes; feathered, painted brows

Typical German composition, ball-jointed toddler

Pictured, in Jan Foulke's 3rd Blue Book of Dolls & Values, pg. 327

Reference: 200 Years of Dolls, 3rd Edition, Dawn Herlocher, pg. 224

All Bisque Rauenstein Doll

Rauenstein Bisque And Composition Doll

Mark: R /22 with trademark (upside-down, crossed double ff)

Jointed body

See Doll Encyclopedia, page 261, for background on this doll

Queen Louise

24-inch, Queen Louise 100

Mark: Queen Louise 100 Germany

Bisque head on composition body: 24-inch doll

Fixed eyes; fur brows

Open mouth; square teeth

Japanese Girl Doll

7-inch Japanese Girl Doll

Bisque head with sleep eyes

Composition body

Wearing a 12" gown

A 2 M DRGM Baby Doll

Socket head, character Baby Doll

Mark: G329 B; A 2 M; DRGM 267/1.p

Brown sleep eyes; mohair wig

Open mouth, two bottom teeth

Jointed at shoulders

Reference: 200 Years of Dolls 3rd Edition, Dawn Herlocher pg. 263 (see chart: character baby, bent limb baby body)

20-inch, Heubach Character Doll Mark: Heubach Kopplesdorf 300 5 Germany

Cheek and chin dimples

Sleep 20-inch, Heubach Character Dolleyes; feathered brows

Open mouth, upper teeth

Oriental Doll

6-inch Japanese Doll

Mfg. mark on back of head, written in Japanese

Bisque head on composition body

Gebruder Heubach All-Bisque Doll

Dome head, Gebruder Heubach, with a pouty-mouth

Mark: 0 (horizontal ellipse), Germany, 23 (upside down), 99 (in green ink), Gebruder Heubach

Five-piece body; 8 ½ inches

Intaglio, dark blue eyes, looking straight ahead

Dome head; molded hair; pouty mouth

Reference: Doll Values by Patsy Moyer; pg. 93 Bent-leg, composition body

Nippon Jointed Composition

Nippon Socket-Head Baby Doll

Five-piece, composition body; sleep eyes

Alt, Beck & Gottschalck Doll

Alt, Beck & Gottschalck Toddler

Mark: ABG 1361 50

Bisque socket head; open mouth; two teeth

Jointed, bent-limb, 11-piece toddler body, composition

Glass eyes, sleep eyes; lashes

22" tall

Reference: 200 Years of Dolls, 3rd Edition, by Dawn Herlocher; pg. 50

Hertel, Schwab & Co. No. 142
11-inch, Hertel, Schwab & Co., No. 142


Bisque, solid-dome, socket-head baby doll

Bent-limb baby body

Molded and painted hair

Open-closed mouth; two upper teeth; tongue

Brown, intaglio eyes; feathered brow

FS & Co. 1271 Deponiert
FS& Co., 1272 Deponiert, 9"

Mark: FS& Co. 1272; Deponiert, circa1910

Sleep eyes; painted lashes and brows; painted hair

Painted, carved open-mouth and teeth

References: (1) Jan Foulke's Guide to Dolls© 2006, pg. 165 (2) Blue Book 12th edition, pg. 319 (Schmitt: History Schmitt & Fils, Paris, France, 1854-1891)

20-inch Nippon baby doll
20-inch Nippon baby doll

Mark: Nippon 1120

Bisque head; socket neck

Open mouth, two teeth

Painted upper and lower lashes and brow

Brown sleep eyes

Molded and painted hair

Bent legs for sitting; straight wrists and ankles

Dimples in back shoulders

199 60 Doll
German bisque Doll by Kley Hahn

Mark: 199 60

German; bisque head

Composition body; 10-inches long

Open mouth; two, top teeth

Sleep eyes, painted brow and lashes


PM 914, German doll by Otto Reinecke
9-inch, Porzellanfabrik Mengersgereuth

Mark: PM 914

German, bisque doll: circa 1910

Five-piece, bent limb baby body

Sleep eyes; mohair wig

Open mouth, upper teeth

Painted, feathered brows and lashes

Reference: 7th Blue Book, pg. 287

Bonnie Babe by Georgene Averill
Bonnie Babe by Georgene Averill

Mark: Corp. Georgene Averill, Bonnie Babe, 1005/3652, Germany

Twenty-inch, baby doll with bisque head

Brown, sleep eyes; wax lids

Wobble tongue; dimples

Kammer & Reinhardt
Simon Halbig 121, 24"

Mark: Kammer & Reinhardt ; Simon Halbig 121

Jointed composition body; 24-inch

Imprinted on back with: 1-20 12K GF M

Open mouth, two upper teeth

Sleep eyes, wig

Made in Germany JDK
13-inch JDK 211 with fur wig

MARK: Made in Germany; 211; JDK

Brown sleep eyes; open-close eyes

Height: 13"

Socket head; painted lashes and brows

Open mouth; two teeth

Heubach Doll
Kestner Baby Cut-Out
German Talking Character Baby Doll

Mark: Made in Germany

A Kestner, bisque, socket head with a cutout for voice mechanism

Identified as a Kestner #211 mold or #152 by the doll head features and the Made in Germany lettering style

Dome pate under a mohair wig

Paper-weight, blue sleep eyes

Winged, feathered brows

Jointed, composition body

Open mouth; molded tongue; four, square, upper teeth


Kley & Hahn Doll
Kley & Hahn doll, 13" tall

Bisque head; composition body

Body jointed at neck, arms, and legs: straight wrists and anklees

Brown sleep eyes; painted upper and lower lashes

Painted, feathered brows, hair

Open mouth with two with upper teeth

Schuetzmeister & Quendt Mama Doll
Schuetzmeister & Quendt Mama Doll

Mark: 201 C-11 SQ; Germany

Blue, glass eyes; bisque socket head

Sleep eyes; feathered brows

Open mouth; two teeth; velvet tongue

5-piece bent limb baby body, 14" tall

Crier mechanism

Schuetzmeister & Quendt made dolls,1893—1898. This doll was made at the factory at Boilstadt, Germany.

Goebel Doll
Goebel B-5 character baby, 16"

Mark: Goebel trademark; B Germany 5 - 4 3/4

Open mouth; molded teeth

Socket head, glass sleep eyes; blonde wig

Hair eyelashes over top of painted lashes

Sixteen-inch, 5-piece composition, bent-limb, baby body


Light test

Use a light text to examine a bisque doll head for cracks or hairlines!

China Head Dolls on a Kid or Cloth Body

Shoulder Head circa 1850-1870
22-inch China head doll

Circa 1870 to 1850; blue eyes

Black hair; middle part in hair; spoon hands

Biedermeir China Head Doll

Historical Biedermeir China Head

The black spot on the dome was intended for wig placement.

Blonde Shoulder Head
21-inch Blonde China Head

Predates 1890

Comb marks in hair

Conta & Boehm shoulder head
Conta & Boehme Shoulder-Head Doll

Bone china head; unmarked

Pink-tined china heads, probably made in Bohemia, with black hair and a red lip line; pierced ears

China Boy

29-inch China Head Boy

Dressed in a velvet suit

China Head in Blue Satin with Lace Trim
19-inch China Head, circa 1885


Black hair, low brow; about 1885

Probably bought as head and hands: Mother-Made body

Agnes Pet Name China Head

Agnes, Pet Name China Head


Mark: Agnes in gold on front yoke

Mark (body): Wearwell, Unbreakable Doll, Hairstuffed, Genuine Minerva Head, Made in Germany

Agnes with black hair; 18” shoulder head

Circa 1905: Made by Hertwig & Co. for Butler Bros., New York.

Other Pet Name dolls: Agnes, Bertha, Ruth, Dorothy, Edith, Esther, Ethel, Florence, Helen, Mabel, Marion and Pauline

Reference: Jan Foulke's Guide to Dolls, 2006: Pet Name; pg. 74

China Head in the Flat Top Civil War Style
Flat Top, Civil War (1850-1890)


Measurements: 7 3/4-inches tall; 6-inches at inside shoulder width; 4 3/8-inches front-to-back at shoulder base

Reference: Patricia Smith's Doll Values Antique to Modern; 11th Edition; pg. 49

Helen, Pet Name Doll
Helen, Pet Name Doll

Circa 1905 by Hertwig

Bodice shoulder plate

Molded yoke with bow

Black, painted hair; blue eyes

29-inch doll; imported by Butler for US sales

Celluloid Dolls

Italian Celluloid
5-inch, celluloid doll

Dressed as a Courtier from Poland, Krakowiak, Cracow

Rheinische Gummi Celluloid
Rheinische Gummi Celluloid

Mark: Rheinische Gummi turtle trademark and numbers 27 1/2 6

Date: 1930s; 10 ½-inches tall

Molded, painted hair

Painted eyes (brown), lips, and brows

Celluloid Doll with Kid Body
23-Inch celluloid/hard plastic doll

Shoulder head; kid body

Dark-brown glass eyes

Open mouth: five upper teeth

Rheinische Gummi Celluloid
16-inch, Rheinische Gummi Celluloid

Mark: Germany, 200 1/1 (and the turtle trademark)

Celluloid doll head by Rheinische Gummi und Celluloid Fabrik Co.

Composition and cloth body

Glass eyes; open mouth, teeth

Celluloid Dolls on Chenille Donkey
Celluloid Dolls on Chenille Donkey


Mark: Handwork Kunstlershutz, West Germany; Made in Western Germany

Measures: 4" tall and 3" long

19-inch French celluloid


Mark: France 40

Socket head: jointed at hips and shoulders

Glass, brown, fixed, paper-weight eyes

Curly wig from tanned wool

Baby Bo-Kaye from Germany
Baby Boho-Kaye from Germany

Turtle trademark in a diamond: Baby Bo-Kaye; Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.; Copyright by Jos. L. Kallus; Germany 45

Celluloid head on cloth body with composition arms and legs

Manufactured by Gebruder Heubach, circa 1925

Swiss celluloid doll
Swiss Celluloid Doll, Schildkrot

Height, 6"

Jointed arms and legs

Dressed in original felt suit, jacket and hat

Leatherette shorts; rayon tie

Molded shoes

Socks have a band of green felt at the top

All-Bisque and All-Porcelain Dolls

Three All-Bisque Dolls
Three all-bisque dolls

All have molded shoes and socks

The largest to 6" tall (with a blonde wig)

Two are 4 ½” tall, one wearing a long, braided wig

All-Bisque A357 Made in Japan
Frozen Charlotte: sideways facing Googly-eyed

All bisque; 3- inches tall

Mark: Made in Japan

Hand-painted features - molded hair

Jointed at the shoulders with pins

No. 620 All Bisque Doll Made in Germany
Doll house doll; 3 3/4" tall

Mark: 620, 9, Made in Germany

All bisque; jointed at the arms and hips

Wig; hand painted features

Brown, strap shoes

Hand-stitched gingham dress

Beaded red necklace

All-bisque, jointed baby doll
All-bisque, jointed baby doll

A doll-house doll with a five-piece body

Bent arms and legs; painted features

All-Bisque Doll with Gray Molded and Painted Hair
All-bisque, jointed doll for a doll house


Gray molded hair

Jointed arms and legs

Painted strap shoes and blue trimmed stockings

Muslin dress, fitted to the body and sewn closed at the shoulders

All Bisque Doll with Teddy Bear
All-bisque doll with Teddy Bear

Original clothing; wool felt coat and Teddy Bear

Black All Bisque Painted Doll
All-bisque, baby doll

Jointed arms and legs; 5 ½-inch

Circa 1920s

Hand painted body, hair, eyes, shoes and socks

All-Bisque Dollie
All-bisque lady in pearls,Germany 150


Mark: Germany 150 1

Possibly by Kestner

Mohair wig

Jointed arms and legs; painted features

All Bisque jointed doll made in Germany
All-bisque doll from Germany

Mark: Made in Germany

Length: 3 ½ inches

Reddish brown wig; glass eyes

Metal pins/rods attach arms and legs to body

Legs have socks and shoes, molded and painted on the straight legs

All Bisque German Doll 365
All-bisque, six-inch doll

Mark: 365; 15; Made in Germany

Mohair wig; socket head, sleep eyes

Open mouth, upper teeth; inset, glass eyes

Painted socks and single-strap shoes

All Bisque Doll with Brown Wig
All-bisque doll with full-length, brown wig

Frozen Charlotte stance with hinged arms, painted features and painted and molded shoes and slippers

All Bisque Doll
Jointed, all-bisque doll

Stone bisque

Molded hair and shoes

Lovely, hand-stitched clothing

Frozen China Charlotte in blue crochet gown
2-inch, Frozen Charlotte China doll


Molded, one-piece, china doll

Black, molded early hair-do

Pink, tinted cheeks; red lips

Mark: Germany 2

The names Frozen Charlotte for girls and Frozen Charlie for boys are used for figures of dolls that have the arms to the front with hands; usually modeled as if holding the edge of a sled.... These dolls figure date from the 1850s into the 1900s; also known as Pillar dolls. Historical use: In addition to being a toy, these dolls served as a tea cup cooler and were often baked into party cakes as tiny gifts for children.
Source: Patricia Smith's Doll Values Antique to Modern, pg. 67

Bisque Flapper Doll Made in Germany
All-bisque Flapper girl


Blonde hair with loop for hair bow

Mark: Germany, 124

Tinted bisque; 4 3/4" tall; jointed at arms

Hands delicately posed upwards

Painted stockings and shoes; toes pointed outwards

Brunette All-Bisque Flapper
All-bisque Flapper girl


Brown hair with loop for hair bow

Mark: Germany 123

Painted stockings and shoes

Hands and toes in a ballet-like pose

Blue, flirty eyes, glancing sideways head

Black Frozen Charlotte
Unmarked, Frozen Charlie

One-piece doll that reaches forward at the elbows

Length, 5 inches; painted black with a gloss finish

Frozen Charlie/Charlotte dolls were (1) bathing dolls from years ago and (2) they were used to put in a cup of hot tea to cool the tea

All Bisque
All-bisque doll

Height, 2 1/4"

Arms hinged at shoulders

Painted eyes

All-Bisque, Jointed Doll House Doll
All-bisque, jointed doll house doll


Molded and painted hair with peach bow

Muslin drawers; molded and painted shoes and socks

Grace S. Putnam All Bisque Doll 28/76

Grace S. Putnam All-bisque doll

Mark: Corp. by Grace S. Putnam Germany

28/76 on back of left arm and on head, 16/16

Glass eyes; three-four inches tall

Jointed legs and arms

All Bisque Dol-house Doll, Jointed
All bisque doll-house doll, jointed


Mark: Germany

Hand-painted face, hair, and red shoes

Length: 3 3/4"

Bisque Shoulder- or Socket-Head Dolls on Kid or Cloth Bodies

20-inch Shoulder Head AIM DRGM 201013
French face, bisque shoulder head

German Bisque by Armand Marseille

Mark: AIM DRGM 201013

French face; feathered, painted brows

20-inch doll; bisque head on leather body

Open mouth; upper teeth

Large, spring clip latch on back of neck

Shoulder Head Doll
Bisque shoulder head
Alt, Beck & Gottschalck No. 639
Alt, Beck & Gottschalck, No. 639

Bisque shoulder head/kid body; height, 20"

Turned shoulder head; closed mouth; glass eyes

1984 ribbon, Region Bebes Louisiane

Professional Appraisal

Germany Lissy 210
Rare Lissy 210 shoulder head

Made in Germany

Deep blue, paperweight sleep-eyes

Blond Shoulder Head
Blonde shoulder head

Mark: Kling (trademark incised bell) 186 - 6

Molded, blonde, curly, shoulder head

Kid body; cloth feet and lower legs

Length, 18 inches

References: (1) Doll Values 1997 (Patsy Moyer), pg. 151 and (2) 200 Years of Dolls, 3rd Edition, Dawn Herlocher, page 243

Armand Marseille Doll
Armand Marseille Shoulder head

Mark: AM-7/0

Height: @14"

Bisque head on a cloth and kid body

Open mouth; sleep eyes

Composition hands and arms

Shoulder Head on Kid Body
Bisque shoulder head on kid body
Alt, Beck Gottschalck Shoulder Headm Made in Germany
Turned shoulder head

Mark: 1235 Alt, Beck, Gottschalck Germany

Length, 20 inches; kid body

Blue, glass eyes

200 Years of Dolls 3rd Edition, Dawn Herlocher, pg. 151

Vintage French Fashion Doll
17-Inch French, Fashion Doll

Unmarked; bisque swivel head; shoulder plate

Fine gusseted, kid body: stitched fingers and toes

French fashion doll from the 1960s

Earrings; mohair wig

Professional Appraisal

Simon Halbig 1080
22-Inch Simon Halbig 1080

Made in Germany

Tinted bisque; painted in an oriental style

Bisque shoulder head; kid body

Pierced ears; human hair wig

Brown sleep-eyes; open mouth; teeth

Painted upper and lower lashes

Two references: (1) 200 Years of Dolls 3rd Edition by Dawn Herlocher; pg. 34 (2) Collectible Dolls, pg. 230

Rosebud Shoulder Head
Rosebud from Germany

Mark: Rosebud, A 3 M, Made in Germany

Height: 22-23 inches

Molded and painted brows; jointed kid body

Open mouth; upper teeth, dimple in chin; blue sleep eyes

Reference: 200 Years of Dolls, 3rd Edition, by Dawn Herlocher; pg. 263

Triangle Zero trademark on doll thought to be a Heubach
19-Inch, bisque shoulder-head doll

Mark: 24 and a trademark symbol - O inside of a triangle

Blue sleep eyes; painted lower lashes

Molded/painted brow

Open mouth; four teeth; dimple in chin

Leather body with composition arms and hands and screw-on legs

Thought to be an early Heubach

DEP Doll
German, Dolly Face, shoulder head


Mark: DEP 154, 8 1/2 Made in Germany

Bisque head and forearms; plaster pate

Feathered brows; brown sleep eyes

Open mouth, upper teeth

Length, 21"; jointed, kid body

Darling Antique Doll
Darling shoulder head by Armand Marseille

Mark: AM Darling

Twenty-four inches tall; kid body

Composition/bisque forearms and hands; fabric lower legs and feet

Sleep eyes; painted eyelashes and eyebrows

Open mouth; top teeth; chin dimple

Heubach-Kopp 275
Heubach Kopplesdorf

Shoulder Head

Ruth 8/0 Doll  Made in Germany
Ruth shoulder head, 18"

Mark: Ruth, 8/0, Made in Germany

Unknown maker; possibly distributed by W.A. Cissna in 1898

Bisque head, early kid and cloth body with bisque arms and hands

Open mouth, top teeth

Hazel-gray eyes; fixed; molded and painted, feathered browns

Reference: 7th Blue Book Dolls & Values by Jan Foulke, pg. 174

Armand Marseille 370
Armand Marseille shoulder head doll


Mark: 370, AM-6-DEP, Made in Germany

Length, 24"

Open mouth; teeth; chin dimple

Kid body with bisque forearms and hands

Braided strawberry-blonde wig, mohair

Blue Gray sleep eyes

All-Bisque, Scottish Lad, 10-Inch
All-bisque, Scottish lad, 10"

Wearing a Tartan plaid kilt

Thistle-style brooch at his shoulder

Sporran with a tassel of horse hair at front waist

Hand-painted features

Molded and painted shoes

Floradora, 18-inch Armand Marseille

Shoulder Head on Kid Body

Mark: A 4/0 M Floradora Armand Marseille, Made In Germany

Open mouth, upper teeth; sleep eyes

Metal Shoulder Head Doll
Metal shoulder head doll


Unmarked; 21-inch doll

Kid and muslin body; bisque forearms and hands

Open mouth, upper teeth

Blue, painted eyes; light brown hair

Germany 370 2/0 shoulder head wtih braided hair
Shoulder head doll from Germany

Mark: Germany 370 2/0

Dolly face; painted lashes and brows

Sleep eyes

Cloth/felt body; open mouth, upper teeth

Height: 16 inches

Reference: 200 Years of Dolls, 3rd Edition, by Dawn Helocher, pg. 263

Alma Shoulder Head
Alma 13/0, dolly-face shoulder head

Bisque head with blue-gray paperweight eyes and vintage wig

Imported by George Borgfeldt & Co., New York City

GB imported thousands of these dolls between 1881 and the1950s

Dolls were typically marked G.B., Floradora, My Playmate, or Alma

Made for a cloth or kid body

Source: 200 Years of Dolls, Dawn Herlocher, Copyright 2006, pp. 96-97

Mabel Shoulder Head Doll

Mabel, Shoulder-Head Doll

Mark: Mabel Registered Rosalind Body Germany

Bisque head; kid body

Sleep eyes; chin dimple

Open mouth, teeth

Height, 20"

AM 370 Made in Germany
Armand Marseille shoulder head

Mark: Germany 370

Twelve-inch, shoulder head doll, kid body

Jointed at hip with pins

Composition: lower legs, arms and hands

Brown sleep eyes

Open mouth; teeth; dimple in chin

Boy Shoulder Head Doll #33
Bisque, blonde boy, shoulder head

Mark: 33

Molded and painted blonde hair

Length of doll, 19 1/2 to 20 inches

Glass eyes; painted lashes; feathered brows

Closed mouth

Kid forearms and hands

Muslim body and felt legs

Body, hard-packed with mohair

Suited in a wool-like gabardine, three-button jacket (hankie in pocket) and pant

Ernst Heubach 1902-8/0 Doll, Made in Germany
Bisque shoulder head, 16"

Mark: 1902 - 8/0 Made in Germany(mark includes the horseshoe trademark of Ernest Heubach: Horseshoe)

Kid and cloth body; bisque forearms and hands

Cloth legs and feet, cloth

Open mouth; teeth; chin dimple

Fixed eyes

Restored Kestner P Turned Head
32-inch, Kestner P., turned shoulder head, restored bisque


Custom-made, new, jointed, leatherette body, with porcelain forearms and hands

Blonde wig, paper-weight eyes; open mouth, upper teeth

Century Doll Germany
Century doll wit a dome head

Mark: Germany; H-13 Century Dolls Co.

Cloth body; dome head with 13-inch circumference

Doll length: 18 inches

Closed mouth, painted tongue, two top teeth

Molded, painted brows and hair; open and close eyes

AIM 630 Boy Shoulder-Head Doll
Boy, Armand Marseille shoulder head doll


Mark: 630 A.I.M. Germany D.R.G.M.

Intaglio eyes are painted eyes with sunken pupils and iris

Kid body, cloth lower legs; 15" tall

11-inch, Baby Phyllis
11-inch, Baby Phyllis

Mark: Baby Phyllis, Germany

Dome head with blue eyes

Cloth body; composition hands; noisemaker

Gerling Baby Doll
No. 31, Arthur Gerling baby doll

Mark: 31, Arthur Gerling, Made in Germany

Solid dome bisque head; cloth body

Brown sleep eyes; molded, painted hair

Closed mouth; open nostrils

Length: 17 inches

Baby Gloria
BabyGloria character doll

MARK: Baby Gloria; Germany

Bisque, solid dome head; flange neck

Brown glass eyes/fixed

Open mouth; two top teeth

Composition hands and feet

Molded and painted hair with front curl and back molded curls

Dating from 1885-1930

Length: 18 inches

AM Bisque Baby Doll
Herm Steiner baby doll

Mark: 13 Germany; (Herm, Steiner trademark) S overlapping an H

Length, 8 1/2"

Bisque head, hard-packed body

Arms/hands are bisque or composition

Blue glass eyes; crier

AM Baby
Dream Baby

Mark: AM Germany 341 10

Nine-inch, dome head baby doll

Composition hands and cloth body

Sleep eyes; crier

Bye-Lo Baby Doll by Grace Storey Putnam
Bye-Lo Baby

Mark: Copyright by Grace S. Putnam, Made in Germany

Stamp on cloth body in red ink: Bye-Lo Baby Pat. Appl'd For Copyright by Grace Storey Putnam

Bisque, socket head; smiling mouth

Blue, sleep eyes

Frog style cloth body, 17-inches long

Celluloid hands; frog-style cloth body

Century Doll, Bisque Dome Head
Kestner/Century Baby Doll, 15"

Mark: Kestner trademark (K in a diamond), Century Doll and Germany

Manufactured by Kestner for the Century Doll Company

Bisque, dome-head

Blue-grey, paper-weight, sleep eyes

Closed, open mouth with two carved teeth

M.R. Germany 500 Baby Doll with crier
MaMa Baby Doll from Germany

Mark: M.R. Germany 500 /2/OX

Length, 11"

Bisque head; composition hands/cloth body

Sleep eyes; crier mechanism

Wax Dolls from England

Wax Doll, made in London, England
Wax (poured wax) Doll

Made in London, England

A 17-inch, antique doll with a wax shoulder-head, arms, and legs

As made by Montanari and Pierotti of London

Professional Appraisal

Wax Doll with Blond Wig

Wax Doll

Wax over composition

Wax Doll with Blond Wig
Wax Doll

Wax over composition

Selected Vintage and Antique

Swiss Burcherer Doll, Black boxer
Boxing doll by Burcherer, 8-inch

Mark: Made in Switzerland; Patents Applied For

Ball jointed body parts; composition head and feet

Felt boxing gloves

Burcherer, a Swiss watch-maker, created a series of articulated dolls during the 1920's

Armand Marseille Scowling Indian
12-inch Scowling Indian by Armand Marseille

Mark: A.M. Germany

German bisque head with composition body

Reference: Jan Foulke's 2006 Blue Book; pg. 102

Wide, laminated headband band with feathers

Open mouth; teeth; set, brown, glass eyes

Wrinkles between wavy eyebrows

Black mohair wig

Dutch doll in copper curlers and wooden shoes

Unmarked; 12-inches tall

Hair covered with a babushka

Thought to be manufactured in Austria

Painted stockings; clothing sewn to fit or tacked in place

Soft body; composition arms and legs

Head, a composition/plastic

Painted details; from the 1940s

AM Germany
Bisque head on paper mache body

Mark: AM Germany; 35 U5/OK

Socket head; inset glass sleep eyes

Open mouth; two teeth

Painted hair (sculpting), lashes, lips

Length: 8&

AM Scowling Indian
Armand Marseille Scowling/Frowning Indian

Mark: AM 3

Antique, Native American Doll with jointed, paper-mache body

Inset glass eyes, painted features

Open mouth, upper teeth

Height, 17 inches; original felt clothing and braided wig

Indian Maid
Armand Marseille Native-American doll

Mark: AM 9

16-inch doll

Jointed body, paper mache

She has a braided wig; glass eyes, painted features

Open mouth, teeth

Oil-cloth type fabric dress with fringe trim

Sonnenberg or Paper Mache Doll
Sonnenberg paper mache

Circa 1890

From the factory of Adolf Wislizenusof Waltershausen, Germany

Paperweight eyes inset in composition head

Antique, cloth body and clothing, leather hands

Professional Appraisal

Black Papier-Mâché German Doll Maker

Shoulder-head doll, made in Germany in the 1890s

Head, lower arms and legs are composition or paper mache

16-inch doll; cloth body

Stationary dark, pupil-less, glass eyes

Native American Doll, Papier-mache body
Paper mache, Native American

Mark: 2 0/0

Glass inset eyes, painted features; 8-inch tall

Felt suit with painted trim on back shawl

Effanbee Baby Doll
Effanbee baby doll, 15-inch

Mark: Effanbee Made in U.S.A.

Effanbee Durable Dolls on heart-shaped charm bracelet

Effanbee, yellow romper buttons in back with four buttons; crier mechanism

Cloth body; composition head, arms and legs

Sleep eyes and eyelashes; molded and painted

French or German Antique Doll Head
Antique shoulder head


Circa 1850-1890; French or German

Composition head with blue, paperweight glass eyes

Tie hole at top, center of head for affixing a wig

Open closed-mouth with teeth

Measurements: head circumference is 10 ¼”; height is 5 ¾”; and width is 4½”

Antique Compostion German or French Doll Head
Antique, shoulder head


Circa 1850-1890; French or German

Composition with blue, paperweight glass eyes; tie hole at top of head for affixing a wig

Feathered brows; closed mouth

Measurements: circumference is 11”; height is 4 1/8”; width is 3 ½”

Unmarked Freundlich

Unmarked Freundlich

20th Century Doll

Composition doll, 9" tall; jointed at neck, shoulders, and hips

Painted eyes; painted and molded hair

Closed mouth

Doll head from Diamond Tile Co. in Hanley, England
Diamond doll head

Doll Head from England with "Diamond" trademark, 7" tall

Made by the Diamond Tile Co. of Hanley, England, a pottery company that made doll heads from June 1 to Sept. 15, 1942. Diamond Tile was sued by German doll makers for copying a mold and operating without a licensed. The company was fined 300 lbs. and forbidden to sell them. The heads were never made into dolls. Source: “Spinning Wheel Complete Book of Dolls” by Albert Christian Rev

Minerva Metal Head
Metal shoulder head


Unmarked: Minerva Style

Blonde: 6" high; shoulder width, 4 ¼"

Small Composition Baby Doll, Made in Germany
German baby doll

All composition, jointed arms and legs

4-inches tall

Effanbee with Sawdust Body
Effanbee baby doll

Packed sawdust body: height, 15 1/4"

Arms and legs tightly fit to the body and rotate: hinged or riveted: working sleep eyes

Bebe Tout en Bois

An all-wood doll, circa 1901-1914

Mark: Schilling “winged angel” trademark

Made in Germany for the French Trade by the Schilling doll factor in Sonnenberg

Madame Hendren Character Doll
Madame Hendren character doll

Native American Costume

Pat. May 9, 1916

Plastic doll, 5 ½"


Molded, one-piece head and body; jointed arms and legs; painted features

Wearing a beaded necklace and wire bangles on wrists and ankles

Skirt and headdress of horse hair or zebra hair

Knickerbocker Plastic Dolls with Googly Eyes
Knickerbocker plastic dolls


Googly Eyed

Plastic, 6-inch, matching boy and girl dolls; starfish hands

Molded and painted shoes

Mark: Knickerbocker Plastic Co., Glendale, Calif., Des. Pat. Pend.

Mechanical Walking Doll
Composition, walking doll

10-inch, wind-up doll

Unmarked: mohair wig

Tin body attached to arms and legs

Composition head, arms/hands

The winding key is attached to the back of the doll

Bisque Mask with blue inset glass eyes
Bisque mask, unmarked

Inset Glass Eyes

Open mouth with teeth

Sew holes on top and beneath chin

Reference: Dresser Dolls and Other China Figurals by Frieda Marion and Norma Werner, pg. 92

Vintage, paper Mache doll head, possibly by Greiner

Paper mache doll head in the style of Minerva; possibly a Greiner

Greiner dolls were made from the 1850s into 1900. They originated in Philadelphia, Penn., where Ludwig Greiner and his descendants settled after  immigrating to the U.S. from Germany.
Not all paper-mâché dolls are Greiner. The Greiner patent issued in 1858 by the US Letters Patent Office expired 21 years later in 1879 when other doll makers were free to make dolls in the Greiner fashion.