Information on copyright use for art and photographs published on the Web

All Rights Reserved

The materials, art and photographs on our website are original works and the property of Patricia Wiskur and/or Darrell Wiskur and protected by the U.S. and international intellectual laws. The copyright(s) notice for this display is ©2018 Patricia Wiskur or ©2018 Darrell Wiskur.

Fair Use

We have been inspired by other artists, and we hope our art inspires yours. We gladly extend Fair Use for your personal design projects.

Fair Use and personal copyright use does not grant carte blanche use of our intellectual work that we post on the Internet. “All such information, from computer disk data to e-mail to material posted on the Internet, falls into the ‘tangible form’ category that is subject to copyright protection as well as libel guidelines.” [Internet, Associated Press Stylebook]

Commercial Use

The extension of Fair Use does not extend to commercial use, and prohibits you to commercially reproduce, repackage, or redistribute original photographs and/or illustrations in whole or in part for sale. Commercial use is defined as (1) use of a photograph or illustration to advertise for a commercial product/website or (2) use of a photograph or illustration to print or publish products for personal use exceeding units of 250. If you desire to use an image or photograph to advertise a commercial site or to print or publish in numbers exceeding 250, please contact Patricia Wiskur or Darrell Wiskur for appropriate, commercial licensing.

IPTC Copyright Reference

If you need further information about a photograph, access the file information embedded in the iptc field of the photograph. Copyright protection is extended to digital photographs under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998.