Porcelain China & Glassware

Bavarian china, Delft porcelain, art glass, and more

Collectible porcelain and glassware from Germany, France, Italy, and England

Cobalt souvenir bell from Canada

Souvenir bell from Canada

Cobalt Blue with silver-plated handle

Majolica Etruscan plate with a green leaf on a brown background


Mark: an "S" in a "D" Fleurette style

Green leaf in center of brown woven border

This plate is thought to be more than 100 years old


Pitcher with fruit decal and gold trim

Creamer or pitcher

Transfer print decoration


Dimensions: 7 1/4" high; 6 5/8", spout to handle; 4" front to back

Majolica leaf dish, antique

Antique, Majolica

Leaf-shaped dish in browns and greens


Measures 7 3/4" by 5-1/2"


Bebe powder jar with silver repousse lid

Bebe powder jar

Silver repousse lid, monogrammed

Bottle with Thistle pattern

Whiskey decanter, 11" tall, with a deep-cut, thistle pattern etched into the glass.

Toast a friend with a favorite Irish toast:

May you always walk in sunshine.

May you never want for more.

May Irish angels rest their wings

Beside your nursery door.

More about Irish toasting ...


Pressed glass spooner

Pressed glass spooner

Pressed-glass salt and pepper shakers with mortar

Salt and pepper shakers w mortar to break up the salt when it forms chunks due to moisture

Spode bowl in Sheltered Peasants pattern

Spode bowl in the Sheltered Peasants pattern

Staffordshire sauce tureen, 4- piece set

Staffordshire sauce tureen set

Lid, Ladle and Stand in the Sheltered Peasants pattern by R. Hall (Transfer ware)  England


Staffordshire Sauce Tureen, Lid, Ladle, Stand
Bavarian tankard with hand-painted blackberries and apple blossoms

Bavarian tankard by American Willets Belleek of Trenton, NJ

Gold rim; hand-painted

Blackberries and blossoms

5 ¾” tall

Victorian porcelain


milk glass vase with lady, bird and dog

Bennington, Vt.

Bennington Cottage-Type Vase

Glazed, white porcelain; figures in orange and blues on a two-toned brown background

Traces of gold trim visible

Figures: elegant lady with dog and bird

Unmarked; this design is a variation of the rare, published Bennington design which brings into question as to whether it is Bennington or fashioned after Bennington

Delft vase, hand painted

Delft vase

Hand painted

Sunbonnet Babies candle stand.

Royal Bayreuth Sunbonnet Babies: Girls garbed in long dresses with long, white aprons and lowland bonnet head-gear. Markings: Haag or Made in Austria


Dresden China horse Mug

Dresden porcelain

Horse art transfer ware

C.T. Altwasser plate in Silesia pattern with large pink roses

C.T. Altwasser

Silesia pink rose pattern

Tielsch Altwasser Silesia German, 1800s

C T Altwasser and Eagle with extended talons in green

"CT" initials for "C. Tielsch," co-producer

ICS hand-painted plates from Italy

Hand-painted plates from Italy


PSAG Bavarian sandwich tray

Mark: PSAG Bavarian

Double-handled tray for cake or sandwiches

Hand-painted yellow rose pattern; signed by artist

Length, 12 inches

Victorian mustache cup or mug with transfer ware art of roses and gold leaves

Victorian mustache cup

German porcelain

Bottom incised with 857

Transfer ware image of roses on front; gold leaf reversal pattern around rippled top edge
Cup opening is 3- ½” wide and height is 3-¾”

Elite L France hand-painted plate

Mark: Elite L France

Signed by Artist

Hand painted

Sailing ships

Signed, painted china plate in a wild rose pattern

Hand painted with wild roses

Artist signature

Footed tea cup

Footed tea Cup and saucer with gilding on handle, feet, and inside

Bowl with fruit pattern transfer ware and gilding on rim

Fruit transfer ware pattern

Gilding on bowl rim

Latice-like cut outs on the rim of this beautiful bowl

Dresden Saxony pin tray, hand painted


Saxony pin tray with gilding


Side Dish with hand-painted roses

Side dish

Hand-painted yellow roses

Gilding on rim

Slag, milk glass woven basket in carmel

Slag, milk glass woven basket in caramel and cream, 4" tall with rope handles and edges

German Stein Music Box

German beer stine music box

Tea cup and saucer with rose and black roses and gilding on handle and feet

Footed tea cup and saucer

Gold layered on handle and feet

Rose red and black rose and leaf pattern

Tea cup and saucer with blue birds

Tea cup and saucer

Sandwich plate, made in Germany

Double-handled sandwich or celery tray

Hand-painted porcelain from the 1800s

Made in Germany

Length: 12 1/2"

Antique tureen
Idris Tureen

Antique tureen with handles

Pattern, cobalt blue clover or shamrock with gold rimss and edges

MARK: IDRIS Trademark W.H. Grindley England

 Cobalt Berry Bowl

Cobalt blue berry bowl

Depression glass

Cobalt, medalion butter dish

Cobalt blue butter dish with gold medallion top

Depression glass

Silesie Fish Plate

Fish plate

Mark: Silesien Germany K. ST. T. crown emblem in green

K. ST. T. was founded by Kuno Steinmann in Tiefenfurth, Silesia Germany and was in business from 1868 to 1938

Antique pitcher by Mason's,  Vista, England

Antique pitcher

Mason's patented china from Vista England

Meissen box

Meissen dresser box

Gilded on bottom with numbers 8256/6256 and double crossed swords

4-pc vanity set in Bluebird pattern by Knowles-Taylor

Four-piece vanity set

Hand-painted bluebird pattern



Floral, violets on dish

Floral, violets on dish

Cut glass paperweight

Leaded glass egg-shaped paperweight


Paperweight-yellow squid

Collector quality paperweight, yellow squid


Thought to be from northern England

Lavender paperweight

Collector quality, lavender paperweight Floating bubbles


Thought to be from northern England

Bosse Glass Dish

Signed Bosse glass dish

Staffordshire Royal Pottery, Estes Park, Colorado

Staffordshire Royal Pottery

Estes Park, Colorado, Rocky Mountain National Park Souvenir Plate


Leaded, pressed-glass bowl in thistle pattern

Leaded, pressed-glass bowl in the thistle pattern

Diameter, 6-inches

Height, 4-inches

Hand-painted, Bavarian porcelain vase

Bavarian vase, hand painted

Gilding on top rim

Stately, lovely, lovely porcelain.

Height: 14 inches, with a base width of 4-3/4 inches

Incised with "1771" on base

The painting is glazed


Celadon Chinese vase

Celadon Chinese vase


Cobalt, carnival glass or Steuben ruffled vase, blue Aurene

Cobalt, carnival

Steuben or art nouveau blue Aurene bulbous stretched glass ruffled vase, irridescent

Measurements: 3 1/2” base, 7 ½” wide opening; 6” tall; no chips or cracks

Bavarian platter, hand painted

Hand-Painted, Bavarian China Tray
J or F Braun or Braum porcelain

Gold rim; beautifully painted
Measures 10” across at handles
Mark: P.T. Bavaria; 2901 with subscript 42

chocolate pot set, RS Prussia

Chocolate Pot set

Pot and five cups-and-saucers

Mark: RS Prussia, Germany

Fine China, hand-painted, white tulips

Royal Bayreuth hat-pin holder

Royal Bayreuth

Hat Pin Holder with a Christmas theme

Porcelain, hand-painted with holly and sheep

Measures  4 ½” high x 4” wide

Cobalt tea pot with gold details

Cobalt tea pot with gilding

gold edging with painted roses
bone chan vases, hand-painted

Bone china vases, hand painted with bird and cherry blossoms

 Etched globe, blue

Etched globe

Chinese Famile oval footed bowl

Antique Chinese Famile

Oval Footed Bowl with Red Seal Mark

Mary-Gregory style, etched globe, yellow

Mary-Gregory style, etched globe, yellow

Art, a young lad presenting a bouquet of flowers to a sweetheart

 gold rimmed bowl

Gold rimmed bowl

Side dish or bone dish with gold edging and pattern

Side dish or bone dish

Gold edging and painted design

Mark: 6537 on back in gold

milk glass vase and transfer design of  violets

Bouquet of violets, decal or transferware

Milk glass vase, hand-painted borders Page Top

Millefiori paperweight in blue, white, red, and gold

Vintage, Millefiori paperweight

Blue, white, red and gold

Dimensions: 3 1/2" across and 3" tall


Brevettato train engine decanter, cobalt blue

Cobalt blue Brevettato decanter from Italy


Cobalt jarwith enamel paint and gilding

Cobalt jar with gilding and enamel paints in a color spectrum or red, yellow, orange, and white. Lovely, regal jar

Cobalt Bird Pheasant Vase

Impressed initials: CIWK or GIWK

Cobalt Clutching Hand Vase

American Glass & Porcelain, 1800s-1900s

Carnival glass, depression glass, milk glass, satin glass, slag glass, irridescent glass

Avon, Fostoria, Fenton, Tiffin, Willets Belleek

Fostoria perfumer, etched with dancing children

Fostoria glass company

Etched, green satin glass perfume bottle with stopper

Greek urn shape

Circa 1927-1929

Etching on glass of children dancing, appearing to be gathering garlands as part of their dance


blue robin on nest covered candy dish

Blue, robbin on nest

Covered candy dish

Blue milk glass

chick in egg in basket covered dish

Avon white milk glass bird on nest
Covered, candy dish: 5" tall
Mark: Avon 13

covered candy dish of baby chick in a basket and peeking out of egg

White milk glass candy dish, aka covered dish

Woven basket with baby chick, hatching from egg

White milk glass container

Round, handled basket with basket-weave pattern
Measures 3-¾” tall with a 1-¾” base diameter

duck covered candy dish

Swan candy dish, white milk glass

Willets Belleek Mug

American Willets Belleek stein

Hand-painted blackberries with gilding

C. 1900

Height, 4 3/8"

Produced in Trenton, New Jersey

Vintage Fenton Peach Crest Double-Crimp Bowl

Vintage Fenton Peach Crest Double-Crimp Bowl

Eight fluted ruffles

10” across and 4” high

Unsigned, dating from the 40s-50s era

Fenton blue custard bride's basket bowl

Fenton Custard Glass Bride's Basket

Carnival glass bowl in Captive Rose Pattern

Fenton, carnival glass bowl

Captive Rose or Battenberg Lace pattern

Carnival Glass bowl

9" wide

Amethyst blue center ruffled bowl with Pie Crust edge

Cobalt refrigerator box

Cobalt blue refrigerator box

Blue, irridescent, stretch-glass vase

Blue, irridescent, stretch-glass vase

Tiffin blue bowl and base by US glass

Tiffin blue bowl and base by US Glass

Stands 5 1/2" tall

Blue, Aurene stretch glass bowl

Blue Aurene Stretch Glass bowl - 10" diameter


Marigold, ruffled carnival glass bowl

Marigold, Carnival Glassbowl

Ruffled, hat shape

Berry or holly pattern

marbelized granite vase or pen holder

Marbelized, granite-like vase

Carnival Glass Bowl
marbelized agate slag basket in cream and caramel

Agate slag glass basket in marbelized cream and carmel, with woven basket pattern and rope handles


Covered candy dish: a cow lid on a basketweave base with a ruffled edge

Made for L.G.Wright Glass Company in the 1970's by Westmoreland Glass Co. in this purple slag color. There are 13 different animal tops by Wright that fit this basketweave base.


Victorian rose bowl art glass in cranberry cut velvet pattern

Cut Velvet rose bowl in cranberry with a crimped top. Cut Velvet is a satin-finished art glass made with two layers of glass, an outer color layer and a white liner. The top layer is cut in a high relief pattern in diamond shapes or ribbed to reveal the white interior. Made in the Victorian era, 1870-1900. This piece is chipped, backside.