Postcard of the Versailles Baths of Appollon

VERSAILLES —Le Parc - Les Bains d'Apollon A.P. Bathes of Apollon Carte Postale

Description and details form backside of post card

Correspondence Addresse

A Papeghin, Paris-Tours


Dating postcards from 1893 through the 1900s

  • 1893-1898: Pioneer era: Undivided backs
  • 1901-1907: “Post Card” imprint and undivided backs for address only with message on front
  • Private Mail Card era: The government gave permission to private printers to sell post cards
  • 1907-1915: Address and message on back with – generally –no white border
  • 1915-1930: White border – Imports from Germany had stopped by this time, and the new U.S. cards had a lesser print quality
backside of Versailles Appollon