Sunbonnet Babies Wash Day

Sunbonnet Babies, Wash Day (Monday)

Seven Days of the Week

No. 258 Wash Day, Monday

Details and text information

Publ. by J. I. Austen Co., Chicago

Domestic One Cent /Foreign Two Cents

Size: 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches; 1901-1907

Unused: 1901-1907


The Sunbonnet Babies were the creation of Betha L. Corbet, an American artist from the early 1900's. She hid the faces of the children behind sunbonnets because she lacked confidence in her ability to draw faces. Her themes for her art were the daily chores that help children develop character traits in the home, washing, ironing, sewing, sweeping, dusting, baking, and —on the seventh day—resting from their labors to go fishing and to church.

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