Tuck's Pennsylvania Capitol

The Pennsylvania State Capitol, Harrisburg, PA

Description and text from backside of post card

The State Capitol of Pennsylvania is in Harrisburg, a beautiful residential city, chosen partly because of its central location. Pennsylvania was one of the original thirteen colonies and is known as the ‘Keystone State,’ of the Constitution. It has an area of 45,215 square miles and has the golden rod as its State flower. Pennsylvania was named after William Penn, its founder, the entire word meaning ‘Penn's Woods.’

Tuck's Post Card, Pre-1917

Seal of the State of Pa (Oilette)

Size: 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches

Ralpael Tuck & Sons, "Oilette" "State Capitols U.S.A.;

Regd. Postcard 2454

Art Publishers for Their Majesties the King & Queen

Printed in England;

Seal of the state of Pennsylvania

Dating postcards from 1893 through the 1900s