Hudson River and Grant's Tomb, Riverside Drive, New York


Historical Post Card New York, U.S. View

Back text: In leaving New York for a trip up the Hudson River on one of the evening steamers, the panorama of the towering skyline, the busy river where the world's most famous steamers are lined up at their piers, the ferries busily crossing in each direction, the magnificent view of the Riverside Drive lined with palatial residences and apartment houses combine to impress upon the mind the aw-inspiring greatness of the metropolis of the new world. Grant's tomb is passed just before the steamer stops at the 129th Street landing on its way up the river and the search light usually does not miss the opportunity to illume the imposing structure.

N.Y. 331

Posted with a George Washington, One Cent stamp.

Postmarked New York, N.Y.; Nov. 14; 9 PM; 1920

Canceled with “Learn While You Earn Join U.S. Army”

Inscription: Everything going fine but do not know when we will be home. Has been very cold since Wednesday. The folks went to Goldens Bridge but came home tonight. Hope this will find both well. (Mrs. D.A.) Sadie F. Howard

Addressee: Mrs. E. Osterbanks of Greenwhich, Conn. Rd D 26

Size: 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches

Used: Traveled from New York to Connecticut, 1920


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