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Sukawa Kokeshi Doll

This post WWII Kokeshi doll was carved from a 1-inch tree limb. It is signed by the artist, Minoru Otawa.

Origin: Ichinoseki Japan.

The signature of the artist is on the bottom of the doll.

This hand-painted and carved Kokeshi came boxed, with a story about the doll by the artist.

The foil sticker reads: "Recommend" by "Iwate Prefecture Visitors Bureau." This doll is thought to have been carved and created years ago as a souvenir, handcrafted, commisioned and duplicated for sales.

Brochure Translation

It was before Showa era that I saw a  young lady who was wearing a Okoso veil and a shawl with snow pants and snow boots on in a village at the bottom of a mountain where famous Sukawa winter wind was blowing down snow.

Sukawa Kokeshi is something I carved from raw wood with bark of the image of the pure and lovely figure that is left inside my eye lids. -Minoru Otawa

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Recommended reading on Kokeshi Dolls (post WWII): Wooden Treasures of Japan writtern by Michael Evans and Robert Woff