Postcard from Tokyo, Japan, to New York City

Carte Postale Tokio Japan

Postcard from Tokyo with young couple

Description and backside text on postcard

Addressed to: Mr. K. Kudoh in New York City

(165 Broadway, New York City U.S.A.)

Writing from The Bank of Taiwan, LTD

Size: 3 1/2 x 5-1/2"

Wonderful Post Card From Tokyo to New York

Teen couple, the boy wearing a student's uniform and the girl dressed in a fancy kimono

More information:

Post mark (12.7.19) signifies July 19th of the 12th year of a certain emperor's era

(In Japan, they do not use 1990 or 2001 and such but they usually count years by the reign of an emperor (Current year in Japan is 21st year of Heisei Era, which means Heisei emperor is reigning for the 21st year.)

Stamp Removed

Four Kanji characters at the bottom of the picture say "Heiwa" (peace) and  "kinen" (anniversary or in memory of)

It is thought that someone in Japan drew the picture or bought the post card, signed it, and sent it to Mr. Kudoh in N.Y.


Dating postcards from 1893 through the 1900s