History of Our Trinket GiveAway

Each month in 2016 we gave away a collectible trinket from our archives. At first, the Trinket Giveaway was popular.

Website visitors filled out a form to enter, and we picked a winner with a random drawing.

We mailed the collectible the following week.

The winner received a congratulatory e-mail and online recognition on my Blog at my companion Website, Swim Yellow Duck.

Good idea gone bad

The interest level in the giveway collectibles never took off. I could count on one hand the total entries we received in 2016. “Subject of my Blog for extra-credit reading.

In fact, we did not receive a single entry for the adorable retro, mouse-and-mushroom napkin holder. I imagined it sitting on someone's 50s-style kitchen table, on a red-and-white checkered table cloth, but we couldn't find a taker.

And before that, the giveaway for Betty Boop fell through when winner did not forward their mailing address.

All total, not many filled out an entry form for the giveaway collectibles. The form required both an e-mail address and a mailing address. People are  reluctant to fill out forms with personal info for trinkets.

When I am older and I am wiser, I may attempt another Trinket GiveAway.

Until then, happy collecting!

I am glad I told you this sad tale because it has been somewhat cathartic.