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Home On The Range Enesco
Home on the Range: It's strawberry season in the mouse kitchen, and the mice are whipping up a batch of pies. All figures move to the music:
Enesco: One mouse mixes eggs, balanced atop the egg beater. Another mouse rides a spoon, stirring batter which is flattened by a rolling pin with mouse on top. Next, berries are pressed through a grinder, and mice teeter-totter on a spatula as the head chef removes pastries from the glowing oven.
Another fascinating Small World of Music creation from Enesco artist Karen Hahn.
Tune: Whistle While You Work
Year of Introduction: 1993

Home on the Range #591033

Baking You Happy Enesco Musical
Baking You Happy: One mouse mixes the batter and juggles eggs, as he circles around on the beater. Two mice teeter up and down, tottering while they work!
Tune: Whistle While You Work
Year of Introduction: 1995
Baking You Happy #136999; Enesco Small World of Music 1995 Collection


Working For Peanuts Enesco Musical
Workin' for Peanuts:
A Circus Wagon features the Circus Band from “Old Mapleton-Oconomowoc, Wic.” Everything you need for a circus: a panda, giraffe, elephant, mouse, dog, parrot, monkey, and a calliope circus wagon. Movement: The calliope pipes on both sides of the wagon move up and down as the music box pipes out the tune “Talk to the Animals.” The mouse in the rear seat turns back and forth as if to greet the circus audience; the circus wagon rolls to and fro; the lantern (battery powered) on the wagon glows; the panda, giraffe, and elephant turn their heads back and forth, all in beat to the music.
NOTE: The elephant should have a bunch of balloons tied to his trunk, but they are missing in this photo.
Tune: Talk to the Animals
Year of Introduction: 1993. (Enesco)

Working for Peanuts #593362; Enesco Small World of Music 1995 Collection

All We Want For Christmas
All We Want For Christmas
All We Want For Christmas: Mice write a Dear Santa letter on the Saint Nicholas Writing Machine Co.
Keys click up and down as two tiny mice travel toward each other. The carriage actually moves back and forth as the paper rolls continuously. The little mouse on the ribbon wheel spins. Another mouse presses the space bar up and down.
Jolly Old St. Nicholas.
Year of Introduction: 1990

All We Want for Christmas #568678; Enesco Small World of Music 1995 Collection
Enesco Musical
Fur Elise

Cozy Cup Carollers
Cozy Cup Carolers: Mother and daughter singing at the spinet. Brother sleds around the saucer Tune: Winter Wonderland
Year of Introduction:
1991. (Enesco)
Cozy Cup Carolers #588210; Enesco Small World of Music 1995 Collection

It's a Tea Party Musical Par-Tea by Enesco
It's a Par-Tea! Three mice spin merrily about in pretty little tea cups as a saucer revolves underneath.
Tune: Love Makes the World Go 'Round.
Year of Introduction: 1994.

It's a Par-Tea! #599980; Enesco Small World of Music 1994 Collection

Enesco On Cue Musical
On Cue:
Mini-sota Mouse moves his cue stick back and forth, and his opponent pivots on his right foot. A player twists about, quenching his thirst, and a spectator moves up and down in a side pocket.
Tune: We're in the Money. Year of Introduction: 1991. (Enesco)

On Cue #581275; Enesco Small World of Music 1995 Collection
Mouse Picnic Enesco
In the Good Old Summertime: This is the only remaining Enesco music box we have. I was enjoying the charming scene of this mouse picnic one day and noticed that the little mouse on the picnic cloth was missing his body. Only his green trousers and tail are attached.
It's such a darling musical. The canopy sways back and forth overhead to the tune of "In the Good Old Summertime" while momma mouse reads to two attentive mice, while three playful mice scamper around the bonnet brim. It's a perfect piece, trimmed in flowers and butterflies, with a doily canopy held in place by four hat pins, each pin with an unique design.
Another marvelous musical from Enesco! It originally sold for $179.95 in the gift stores.
Q. I'm still looking for the missing mouse Top. Does anyone have this same Enesco musical?
Missing Mouse
Tea For Two Enesco Musical
Tea For Two
Enesco Party Line Musical
Party Line
Sewing Pretty Enesco Musical
Sewing Pretty Enesco Musical
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