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The dolls on this page are from the collection of Lilly Mae, a passionate collector and long-time member of the UFDC.
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Celluloid Kewpie doll by Irwin
American celluloid, Irwin & Co.
"Kewpie." Jointed arms only. 7", circa 1950s. Mark: (in circle:) MADE IN/ IRWIN/ USA
Wearing a vintage gathered, lacy dress; starfish hands
Page 196, Price Guide to Dolls, ©1975, Robert W. Miller




Light test
Light test on a Goebel doll from Germany

Click for information on how we appraise antique bisque dolls and the factors we consider when determing their market value.
We identify the doll by its markings on the back of the neck and the body, using our reference library of doll books.

Wicker buggy for dolly
Wicker buggy for dolly

Eskimo Doll
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Length, @ 7 1/2 inches
Hard plastic Eskimo doll with flirty sleep eyes
Dressed in a white kid coat and hat with woold trim
Newly molded and painted arms and hands
Circa 1940s, Inuit, Native

Ragedy Mask Face Doll
Unmarked 18" cloth doll with a celluloid face and wire-jointed legs; 18" tall  

DOLL Imported from Poland in the 1950s--READ MAGAZINE CLIPPING
Reference: Summer 1992 Doll Collector's Price Guide on page 49.
The dolls from Poland were removed from the market because lead was found in the face paint.

Minerva Metal Head
To Be Listed Soon
Composition Shoulder Head

Dutch Doll
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Wooden shoes on this darling! Layers of charming clothing and a lacy babushka!
Manufacturer's Mark: possibly hidden under clothing, which is tacked/fitted to body
Length, 12 inches
Copper or brass curlers; small sprig of "hair" at the top of the head, which is very brittle and sheds readily
The stockings are painted on; clothes are fitted, either sewn or tacked
To feel, the head appears to be a shoulder head with soft body and composition arms and legs
The body seems to be a composition/plastic and the features possibly painted with oil and maybe the eyes painted with oil orapplied decals.
We thought this could be a WPA doll or could be a Wagner & Zetzsche, but could not verify either.

P-J, a lovely vinyl doll
Mark: P-J; J 1
Open and Close Eyes; Closed Mouth
Long, rooted hair
Length, 12"
Original gown; lavender, tafetta-like, with organdy apron and lace trim


Display doll, dressed in period style by Lillian Wiskur

Bisque doll: Eyes do not sleep.
Vintage, bisque shoulder-head doll, dressed by Lillian Wiskur for an exhibit of inaugural gowns titled "16 Arkansas First Ladies": Tag reads "Green Spring 83."
The gown is a miniature. Each doll in the exhibit was dressed according to the era of the governor's wives.The traveling display was presented by the Northwest Arkansas Heirloom Doll Club (Eureka Springs, Ark).
Lillian is pictured, right, with the exhibit at the Boone County Library, Harrison, Ark.

Lillian on tour with doll

Madame Hendren Character Doll
Madame Hendren Character Doll
Tag reads: Madame Hendren Character Doll Costume Pat. May 9, 1916
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Cinderella Doll Ornament by Madame Alexander
Madame Alexander Alexander Doll Company
Hallmark Cards, Inc. 1

French-style bisque and compositionFrench-style bisque and composition
Open mouth, two teeth, Indigo blue glass eyes, socket head, porcelain; painted brows
French looking; bisque and composition
No wig; clothes: hat, socks, and pink suede shoes

French-style bisque and composition

Eskimo Child Doll
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Vintage Eskimo Child Doll with sleep eyes
Molded and painted hair
Hard plastic doll with Eskimo clothing attached
Clothing is comprised of leather with lamb's wool trim: leather straps belt and criss-cross the front
Six inches tall
Side glancing eyes that open and close

Greek or Mediterranean-style Cloth Doll
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GreeK Man, mache head, hair
Painted features
Cloth body, plastic arms/hands
Cloth dolls, ethnic, international
Pg. 88, Price Guide to Dolls, ©1975, Robert W. Miller
All original

Turkish Girl
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Cloth dolls, ethnic, international

Greece, cloth head?, mohair wig, molded/painted features; unjointed hard plastic body. All original.
Pg. 88, Price Guide to Dolls, ©1975, Robert W. Miller

Roldan Felt Doll Flamenco Dancer
Roldan Felt Doll/Flamenco Dancer
Height: 10 inches
This caricature figure is made of felt over wire armature, with a painted mask face

1975 Cloth Doll by Robert W. Miller
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Cloth dolls, ethnic, international

Pg. 90, Price Guide to Dolls, ©1975, Robert W. Miller
Italy, cloth head, silky thread-like hair, molded/painted features, hard plastic unjointed body

Cloth doll with ribbon trim and apron
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Cloth dolls, ethnic, international
Pg. 90, Price Guide to Dolls, ©1975, Robert W. Miller
All original

Storybook Doll
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Confetti Doll with music box base
Music box plays "I'll Be Seeing You," written in 1938; popular during WWII, and recorded by greats like Frank Sinatra, etc.
The platform with the dainty vintage doll from the 1940s turns to the strains of musical notes resonated from the all-metal music box base.
Doll is all plastic and is 7 1/2", not including the top scallop of the felt hat, but just the doll itself. The doll, including music box base, stands about 9 1/2" tall. The platform base is a 1/4" thick piece of wood that measures 2 1/2" in diameter.

Darling Celluloid Head
To be Listed Soon
Pink Plastic Doll

Alma Shoulder Head
"Alma" Shoulder-Head Doll
Mark: Alma 13/0
Kid body and brown vintage wig
Blue-gray paperweight glass eyes imperfection in left pupil
Measurements: 3 1/2-inches tall and 2 1/2-inches at shoulders

Granny Quilt Doll Display
Granny Doll Quilt Display
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China Head in the Flat Top Civil War Style
China head
Hair: Flat Top, Civil War (1850-1890)
Blue eyes
Dating from the 1800s, this large china head is like peering into the eyes of history. It has a restored shoulder plate that has crazing on top of the shoulder restoration. The doll's head has been repaired across the left chest plate (see photo) where it has aged and weakened. The wall of the chest plate was strengthed by an inner application of some sort of overlay.
There is wear on the ridge of the back curls and on the top back crown.
Patricia Smith's Doll Values Antique to Modern 11th Edition; page 49
Measurements: 7 3/4-inches tall; 6-inches at inside shoulder width; 4 3/8-inches front-to-back at shoulder base

China Head, Small
China Head -Doll1


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DOLLS SOLD 2007-2010
Goebel Doll
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Goebel B-5 bisque character baby
Markings on doll:
Goebel trademark (Crown above an intertwined "W & G")
Markings: "B Germany 5 - 4 3/4"
Open mouth: Molded teeth
Socket head, glass sleep eyes; blond wig

Painted lashes underneath hair lashes
16-inch, 5-piece composition bent-limb baby body
199 60 Doll
Kley Hahn, antique German bisque
MARKINGS: 199 60
About 10 inches long
Open mouth; two top teeth
Sleep eyes; painted brow and lashes
Burrow Boys
Donkey with boys/brothers
Tag reads :Handwork Kunstlershutz,
West Germany; Made in Western Germany
Cellulose Dolls on a burrow or donkey, 3" tall and 3" long
Height from top of head of largest figure is 4"
Kestner Baby Cut-Out
Kestner Baby Doll
Cutout for voice mechanism
Talking Bisque Character Baby Socket Head; composition body
Custom, hard dome pate under mohair wig
Paper weight blue sleep eyes
Winged, feathered brows
Open mouth; molded tongue; four squared upper teeth
The bisque head has cut out of bisque opening for a voice mechanism
The bisque head looks like it was probably originally a Kestner #211 mold or #152. Most of the original incised maker marking was cut out to fit the voice mechanism. The "Made in Germany" portion of the mark has the same style/script styled "G" & "M" typical of the Kestner mark.

Bisque Flapper Doll Made in Germany
Blonde, All Bisque Flapper Girl
Tinted bisque
Markings on body: "Germany" and "124"
Incised under arms: "124"
Painted hair and face; bobbed hair with loop for bow
4 3/4" tall; jointed at arms
Painted lavender stockings and black shoes
Blue, eyes; toes pointed forward; hands delicately posed
Buyer writes,
Wonderful doll!

Brunette All-Bisque Flapper
Brunette, All-Bisque Flapper Girl
Tinted bisque
Markings on body: "Germany" and "123"
Incised under arms: "123"
Molded and painted hair and face; bobbed hair with loop for bow
Painted gold stockings and brown shoes
Blue, flirty eyes, head sideways head; hands delicately posed
Buyer writes, Fabulous little doll in every way! So happy to have them in my collection!
Porzellanfabrik Rauenstein
Mark: "Made in Germany D 6/0 
Porzellanfabrik Rauenstein
Rauenstein a doll maker since 1783
10-inches tall; Sleep Eyes
Open mouth/teeth; Mohair wig
Made in Germany Armand Marseille
Markings: " Made in Germany"; " Armand Marseille"
"390n"; " DRGM246"; " A3M"
Length, 22"; open mouth; top teeth; open/close eyes
S&H Dressel Antique Doll
Markings:"S&H 1349 Dressel 6 1/2"
Simon & Halbig Jutta child
Finely painted; Open mouth, teeth
Paperweight eyes (fixed); Earring holes/earrings
Small Composition Baby Doll, Made in Germany
German, bisque or composition, 4-inch, jointed baby
Antique Effanbee Doll
She's missing her pate and wig
In good condition for her age: note the peeling and cracking of the outer surface of the composition
Sitting, she measures 11" and laying flat, she measures 15 1/4"
Packed sawdust body
Arms and leg tightly fitted to the body and rotate: hinged or riveted
Working sleep eyes
Hanna South Seas Doll
View on eBayMarks:
SH ("PB" in star outline)12/0 Hanna Made in Germany
Hawaiian/South Seas Doll Brown Toddler
Height: 7 1/2 inches
Bisque head; jointed composition body; straight wrists and ankles
Beautiful Sleep eyes
Open mouth

Hanna Hula Doll by Schoenau & Hoffmeister and Porzellanfabrik Burggrub, Bavaria Germany
Kewpie Celluloid Doll
Celluloid Kewpie
Celluloid Googly by Irwin, Made in U.S.A.
6 1/2-inches tall
Irwin Kewpie Doll
American celluloid, Irwin & Co.
"Kewpie." Jointed arms only. 7", circa 1950s. Mark: (in circle:) MADE IN/ IRWIN/ USA
Starfish hands
Page 196, Price Guide to Dolls, ©1975, Robert W. Miller
Shoulder Head in Teal
Pet Name "Helen"
29-inches tall
Made about 1905 by Hertwig
Bodice shoulder plate
Black, painted hair; blue eyes
Traces of original gilding on bow
A Butler, imported for US sales
Molded yoke with bow
Frozen China Charlotte in blue crochet gown
Vintage, 2-inch Frozen Charlotte: All china finish, unjointed with black, early hair-do
Pink-tinted cheeks; red lips
Mark: "Germany 2" The name "Frozen Charlotte" for girls and "Frozen Charlie" for boys is used for figures of dolls that have the arms to the front with hands usually modeled as if holding the edge of a sled.... These doll figures date from the 1850s into the 1900s, and are also known as "Pillar" dolls. Historical use: Besides being a toy, they were a tea cup cooler; also, they were often baked into party cakes as tiny gifts for children.
Source: "Patricia Smith's Doll Values Antique to Modern," page 67.
All Bisque Doll
Jointed, all-bisque doll
Molded hair and shoes
Vintage, lovely, hand-stitched clothing
Japan figurine doll, feiance porcelain
Bisque or ceramic figurine with "Japan" incised on backside; Feiance
Kokeshi Doll
From Ichinoseki Japan; Circa 1960-1970; four inches tall
Recommended reading on Kokeshi dolls (after WWII): "Kokeshi - Wooden Treasures of Japan," writtern by Michael Evans and Robert Woff
Click to view brochure in Japanese with the translation
Roma souvenir doll from Italy
"Roma" Souvenir Doll
Clothing on this Swiss Vatican doll is said to be designed by Michaelangelo
Sleep eyes: the eyes open and close!
The clothing is stitched to the body, but the body appears to be 5-piece with the apendages and neck, movable.
Dressed in his national dress, this little plastic souvenir doll stands on a wood base with "ROMA" in gold letters.
Kokeshi Doll Lipstick and Perfume
Silver 950 Kokeshi Doll Mother- Daughter Lipstick & Perfumer
The lipstick Kokeshi is 3" tall and the perfumer Kokeshi is half its height

Bruno Schmidt 692
32" Bruno Schmidt 692 with Flirty eyes
Bisque head on jointed body, open mouth; tongue, two top teeth
Markings: 692 18/ , BSW (in Heart) Germany, Made in Germany
"Made in Germany" stamped on body
Bruno Schmidt's doll factory was located in Walterhausen, Germany. Many of the heads used by this firm were made by Bahr & Proschild, Ohrdruf, Germany, who produced dolls from 1898 on into the 1930's.
Kestner 162 Lady Bisque and Composition
Lovely #162 Lady Kestner Doll, 16" tall
Has replacement wooden parts ready for finish to match original parts
Adult body torso with "Germany 1" stamped in red on back at waist
Four upper teeth; mohair wig

Buyer writes: Just wanted you to know how pleased I am with my Kestner lady doll. She is just beautiful.... I will send you a picture of her when I string her and dress her.
Verlingue Doll
Markings: "JV" and anchor trademark and "3" and "Liane"

".38" on the back of each lower leg and "38" on each upper leg; "2" on back shoulder
15-inch, stone bisque doll from France: composition body, fully jointed
Open mouth, six carved teeth
Sleep eyes; black eyes with no pupils
Ca. 1914
Reference: pg. 118, French Dolls Volume II by Patricia R. Smit

Buyer writes, Lovely doll; better than described
Unmarked Doll for the French Market
Unmarked; 28" tall
Thought to be an early S&H in Jumeau style for the French market
Six teeth; pierced ears; bisque head; composition body; mohair wig
Note Cards with this photo are available on Etsy!
A doll expert thought this to be a Kestner. Her comments were: Note: I had a doll expert write recently to give her thoughts on our mystery doll saying she thought the doll had Kestner features. Click to read comments on this doll and to see more photos.
Nippon All-Bisque Girl Bather
Dolly Nippon Girl Character Doll
Height, 4 3/4"; Googly eyes
Strung, jointed arms
Knit eyebrows; Molded and painted hair
Molded and painted suit with pink ribbon trim and bow
Incised "Nippon" on back
REFERENCE: PG 23, "Warman's Companion" by Dawn Herlocher
Celluloid doll in red checked shirt
French celluloid, 19-inch
Markings: "France" and "40"

Socket head with molded hair: jointed at hips and shoulders
Glass, brown, fixed paper-weight eyes
Tanned woolskin, short curl wig
Painted plastic body
DEP Doll
Markings: DEP 154 (top of head);
8 1/2 made in Germany (base of shoulder head)
Dolly face shoulder head: bisque shoulder head and forearms
Brown sleep eyes; feathered brows
Open mouth, upper teeth
21" jointed, kid body; wig; plaster pate
Simon Halbig Made in Germany, 19 inches tall
Mark: 1078 Germany
Simon Halbig 7 (size)
Body mark:Germany

19-inches tall
Sleep eyes, original eye lashes
Pierced ears and earrings; open mouth, top teeth
Dimple in chin
; Socket head
Fully jointed body, wood and composition
Molded, feathered, painted brows
Mohair wig; vintage clothes
Baby Bo-Kaye
Celluloid Doll
Marks: Baby Bo-Kaye; Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.; Copyright by Jos. L. Kallus; Germany 45
Also, a mark that looks like a turtle in a diamond
Made by Gebruder Huebach; mfg. year @ 1925
Bad flaking arms and hands and some peeling or splitting
Soundbox in back/no sound
Chest plate repaired (see photos); open mouth; glass eyes
Length: 19 inches; Head circumference: 13 inches
Faint, stamped printing on back cloth body
Clothing: One piece black velvet suit, 2-button trim on both pantlegs: jacket with lace-trim collar and rose brocade ribbon tie; black tied shoes
French Sailor Boy 24 SFBJ 251 Paris
Mark: 24 SFBJ  251 Paris
Eighteen-inch, Société de Bébé & Jouets character doll
Open mouth, top teeth; waggle tongue
Sparse upper lashes and painted lower lashes
Gorgeous, blue glass eyes
Slight overbite, deeply set eyes, and cheek dimples
Sparse wig
Bisque head
Composition, jointed toddler  or child body

 Beautiful, linen sailor suit, tailor fitted, thought to be original to the doll
Black shoes and socks
Doll pictured on page 343 of 200 Years of Dolls 4th Edition by Dawn Herlocher
Pet Name "Agnes" China Head
Pet Name China Head
Marks on body:
Unbreakable Doll
Genuine Minerva Head
Made in Germany

Description: "Agnes" with black hair; "Agnes" in gold on the front yoke of shoulder plate.
Length, 18 inches
Reference: pg. 74, "Jan Foulke's Guide to Dolls," 2006: Pet Name
"Ca. 1905. Made by Hertwig & Co. for Butler Bros., New York. China shoulder head, molded yoke with name in gold; black or blonde painted hair (one-third were blonde). Used names such as Agnes, Bertha, Ruth, Dorothy, Edith, Esther, Ethel, Florence, Helen, Mabel, Marion and Pauline."
Bonnie Babe by Georgene Averill
Markings on head:
Copr. By
Georgene Averill
Bonnie Babe
Bisque head, 11" circumference; Length, 20-21 inches
Brown sleep eyes: wax lids; wobble tongue; dimples
This "Bonnie Babe" is a beautiful example of a hard to find Gorgene Averill 20" baby
Choir Boy Made In Japan Doll, composition
Choir boy doll, "Made in Japan"
One-piece body; hinged arms that move up and down with the Hymnal
High quality, composition Body; molded legs with painted shoes
Buyer writes:
"Adorable doll"
Rosebud Shoulder Head
Read Story
Mark: Rosebud
A 3 M
Made in Germany
Height: 22-23 inches
Molded & painted brows; jointed kid body
Open mouth; upper teeth
Blue sleep eyes
Wearing eyelet trimmed slip, bloomers, and pink gingham dress 
See pages 263 in 200 Years of Dolls, 3rd Edition, by Dawn Herlocher

Simon & Halbig 570
MARK: 570
Simon & Halbig
Body stamped: Heinrich Handwerck Germany
Child doll, 22" length 
Ca. 1889 to 1930s.
Ball-jointed composition body
Gorgeous clothing: full-length sweater, sheer dress and lace-trimmed collar, lace-trimmed slip and pantaloon, bodice cover 
Size 7 shoe (no. 8757)
Curly cue, red wig
Blue glass eyes set in the flirty style
Dolly face socket head with jointed composition body, wig, glass eyes, softly feathered brows, open mouth, teeth
Reference: pg. 230, Warman's Companion Collectible Dolls by Dawn Herlocher
Simon & Halbig 570 Note Cards for Sale

Shoulder Head circa 1850-1870
China head doll with blue eyes
Decorative and historical value
Diminished doll value due to repair on shoulder plate
Circa 1850 to 1870
Black hair, part in hair
Spoon hands
Doll, 22-inches tall
Cotton trousseau, red and blue print flowered dress with under garments
Blonde Shoulder Head
Blond China Head, 21-inches tall
Pre-dates 1890, nicely painted
Pepper, firing glaze, pieces of carbon showing through glaze
Comb marks in blond hair; slight rubs on back curls
Body not as old as head: cotton ticking body covering: appropriate replacements of arms and legs
Red, vintage dress, tied at waist, trimmed with jet or glass beads, fine, vintage lace at neckline, possibly silk lace
Under drawers/ pantaloons, fastened at side with hook and eye; trimmed at bottom with eyelet
Normal wea
Gerling Baby Doll
Gerling Baby Doll

Arthur Gerling
Made in Germany
A 17-inch baby doll by Arthur A. Gerling
Solid dome bisque head; cloth body
Length: 17 inches
Brown sleep eyes; Molded, painted hair
Closed mouth Open nostrils
Original body
Beautiful vintage gown with wonderful edge work, lace, and embroidery
Vintage bonnet, edged in rick rack
Vintage slip, gown, diaper, and yellow booties with ribbons

Baby Phyllis
Click to see her new home on our Doll Story page
Mark: Baby Phyllis Germany

Height: 11 inches;
Cloth body; composition hands; dome head
Blue Sleep eyes
Clothing: lace-trimmed gown and blue knit booties

Buyer writes: Baby Phyllis just arrived, safe and sound. She is beautiful and I am delighted with her! Thanks so much!

Beautiful Doll, made in Germany
Marks: backward E and O. (underlined)
Also, a mark with a crescent over a dot
Body stamped "Germany"
Mohair, red, braided wig
Open mouth; four square teeth
Open-close eyes
Length, 15 inches
Dense eyelashes; painted-feathered brows
vintage, dress
Jointed body; toes and fingers outlined in red
Leather shoes marked "JJ" and "Trademark"

China Boy
Boy china head, 29-inches tall
Thought to be a Conta & Boehme China Head
Conta & Boehme, with pierced ears
Private Collection
China head; Bone China
Pink-tined china heads, probably made in Bohemia, with black hair and red lip line
Kestner No. 13
Kestner Bisque, No. 13
"XII" on the rim of bisque head
Gorgeous, blue sleep eyes
Blonde wig, plaster pate
Original, composition body, jointed, straight wrists
Pouty mouth' 19" tall
Embroidered trouseau of clothing with Swiss lace trims that include the following:
Swiss costume: five articles of couture quality clothing with Swiss lace
Blouse, Swiss batiste; pinafore; under dress; matching red flounced petticoat; split drawers

Kestner doll note cards for sale on Etsy
Black Frozen Charlotte
Length, 5 inches

This is a black, frozen Charlotte/Charlie, bisque with gloss glaze
I've heard of two design purposes of these dolls: (1) they were bathing dolls from years ago and (2) they were used to put in a cup of hot tea to cool the tea? Not sure of its  intended design use, but this Frozen Charlotte/Charlie is in great condition.

From my research, I understand that this is bisque, painted black, with a gloss finish. The back shows the flattened areas where the doll lay on the kilm
It's a one-piece doll with arms that reach forward at the elbows. 
French LeConte Child Doll
Description: Antique Doll French LeConte LC Anchor 21" Child

Marks: "L" (anchor) "C"  (LeConte trademark) and "6"
The body has an "L" on the inside thigh of each leg (see photo)
21" child doll with bisque head
Five-piece, composition body; jointed at wrists
Human hair wig
Brown glass eyes
Feathered and painted brows
Open mouth; six, square teeth; dimple in chin
Vintage shoes
Newer clothing: dusty rose, velvet dress with lace trim at neckline; organdy pinafore, lace trimmed, pantaloons
Vintage leather shoes 
We estimate that this doll is a near museum piece and date it to 1897. Please send an e-mail if you have any information to add to our description.

Reference: pg. 72, "French Dolls Voume II" by Patricia R. Smith
French Clodrey Vinyl Doll
Clodrey vinyl doll 
Mfg. mark on body and head:
Clodrey 2020 6929

Rooted hair, 19' tall
Anatomically correct/girl

Manufacturer's tag on clothing reads:
Modele Depose
Haute Couture
Lavable Grand Teint

Clodrey (clō-drā') was a leading French doll making company in Europe, owned by the Refabert family. Besides producing dolls for the French market, they sold dolls in Canada and the U.S. between 1965 and 1970.
Reference to Clodrey dolls
Tinted Bisque Shoulder Head
No. 1080 Simon & Halbig
Made in Germany, 22" tall
Uniquely tinted bisque, painted in oriental style; kid body
Pierced ears: Human hair wg
Brown sleep eyes; open mouth, teeth
Painted upper and lower lashes
Pg. 342 in 200 Years of Dolls 3rd Edition by Dawn Herlocher
Pg. 230 Collectible Dolls
This distinctive Simon Halbig shoulder-head doll has a unique ruddy tint to its bisque. It is well known that for Simon Halbig, it was not unusual for a particular mold to be produced with a variety of characteristics. This doll is finely painted. She has dark, outlined lips, large dark brown sleep eyes; sparse eyelashes.

Wearing a vintage ruby red and green glass necklace; an elegant, satin- lined, velvet cape with a luxurious rabbit fur collar; original batiste, lace-trimmed bloomer undies; pleated underskirt; knit hosiery; vintage, leather shoes with tie straps, stamped "size 4."
Three All-Bisque Dolls
All-Bisque Dolls with painted details
Three all-bisque dolls: The 510 is 6" tall. It wears a blond wig and is marked on the back of the head with "510/4."  It has pink-trimmed socks and blue slippers/boot with a molded tassel.
The two "6250" dolls have the similar markings, but have unique facial features and seem to be made by a different maker, probably Armand or Proschild.
The "6250" dolls are @4 1/2" tall.
The one "6250" is wearing a long braided wig; the other has no wig.
Both have molded shoes and socks, blue trimmed.
No. 620 All Bisque Doll Made in Germany
Made in Germany
This darling, petite, all-bisque doll stands 3 3/4" tall
The doll is jointed at the arms and hips
Wig; Painted eyes
Painted, ribbed, socks with blue trim
Brown, single-strap shoes
Hand-stitched gingham dress
Beaded red necklace
All-Bisque A357 Made in Japan
Frozen Charlotte with sideways facing Googly eyes
MADE IN JAPAN; 3-inches tall
This doll has painted features, sideways facing eyes, and molded hair.
Jointed at the shoulders with pins
Gebruder Heubach All-Bisque Doll
Gebruder Heubach
Incised Marks:
"0" (horizontal ellipse) and "Germany"
Upside down "23" at base of neck 
Stamped "99" (green ink)

Gebruder Heubach, marked with an ellipse 
Dome head, 5-piece body
Intaglio, dark blue eyes, looking straight ahead
Length, 8 1/2 inches
Pouty-mouth baby doll
Molded hair
Has molded pierced loop at the neck for stringing that goes from front to back (see photo bottom)
GEBRUDER REFERENCE: pg. 93, "Doll Values" by Patsy Moyer
Bent-leg, composition body; loosely strung
Pencil markings by previous owner indicate this is an "AM" body, circa 1912
Gebruder reference from THE COLLECTOR'S ENCYCLOPEDIA:
The bodies of the dolls with Heubach heads are of a poor quality, but the artistry of the character heads more than compensates for the inferior bodies. They have faces expressing many moods...
Baby Mary Stuart by Pat Robinson
Baby Mary by Pat Robinson
U.S. Historical Society
No. 636 of 1,510 dolls

UFDC 1996 Dallas "Baby Stuart" by Pat Robinson
Bisque shoulder-head doll Length, @ 12 inches
Bisque dome head; painted features

Bonnet has an unique texture from that of the bisque on the face

A satin ribbon extends from holes on the right and left of the bonnet and runs beneath the chin
Bow-topped, red patent shoes, "Handcrafted in Taiwan"
Dress, blue, tafetta-like fabric; lace trimmed
Pantaloons, slip, and stockings
Back sash rolls backwards over the arms and extends down the length of the gown, lined in white

 "Baby Stuart" was produced by the U.S. Historical Society of Richmond Virginia for the 47th Annual Conventions of the United Federation of Doll Clubs, held in Dallas, Texas, in 1996. This doll is a reproduction of the "Baby Stuart" mold, original to German doll maker Gebruder Heubach that appeared with different head molds.
PM 914, German doll by Otto Reinecke
Porzellanfabrik Mengersgereuth
Markings: PM 914
German doll: ca. 1910
Size: 9 inches
Sleep eyes; Mohair wig
Bisque head on five-piece bent limb baby body
Open mouth, upper teeth
Painted, feathered brows and lashes
Wearing, vintage, hanky gown with under slip having crochet/lace trim; diaper stapled to body
7th Blue Book, pg. 287
Wax Doll, possibly a Pierotti or a Montanari
Wax doll, 17" tall  
Noted doll expert Jan Foulke appraised this was doll as either a Pierotti or a Montanari. See the Jan Foulke appraisal of Aug. 31, 2008, below.
Click to see enlarged doll photos, submitted to Jan Foulke for appraisal.
This is a 17-inch antique doll with wax shoulder head, arms and legs made in London, England. It is similar to the dolls made by the Montanari and Pierotti families, who brought their wax making skills from Italy. Pierotti is credited with inventing the Royal Model Baby in the early 1850s. Queen Victoria had many babies during this period and interest in them spurred the production of luxury wax dolls, many done as portraits of the royal babies. The Royal Models were shown at the 1851 Exhibition and were very well received, though expensive. Other makers jumped on the successful bandwagon, so if the doll is not signed or labeled, it is difficult to know the maker. The dolls continued being made until around 1900. Although older children and even adults were depicted in wax dolls, your doll appears to be a baby because of her stout face and short hair. She should be dressed in an elaborate Christening ensemble with dress, underwear, hat and robe. Her condition seems to be excellent, although lacking some of her hair, and she doesn’t seem to have her real eyelashes and eyebrows. Perhaps they are worn away, or perhaps she is an economy model and didn’t have any."
- Janice H. Foulke (August 31, 2008)
Buyer writes: I received my doll today [Jan. 15, 2010] very happ. I have wanted one for a very long time. My grandmother had one that got put on the mantlepiece over the fire and it melted overnight! She was so disapointed as at that time, 1900; you only got a toy very rarely. Anyway, I will think of my grandmother when I look at her. Can't wait to get an antique bonnet and gown for her as I think that's what she needs to really make her look her best!
Black Bisque Baby Doll
MARK: "Made in Japan"
Small, antique, African-American bisque/porcelain baby doll.
Jointed body
Measures nearly four inches long
Mohair Pigtails; Painted features
Intact: No chips or cracks or repairs
Circa 1890-1920
Page top Mein Liebling Rodalind
Mark: K R with the Kammer Reingardt trademark
Unreadable faint letter impression due to worn mold. Records indicate original mold impressions were to read Mein Liebling Rosalind
Artist signature "betsy" on the shoulder plate
Bisque socket head and shoulder plate
Latched to a light-blue, velvet body.
Lower arms and legs are bisque
Closed mouth; Painted features; Blue eyes
Buyer writes
: ...fantastic doll!
China Head in Blue Satin with Lace Trim
Spoon hands: chip on right hand
Appropriate clothing: slip, chemise drawers, blue dress
19-inches tall
Black hair, low brow; about 1885
Rub on hair
Probably bought as head and hands: Mother-Made body
Black Papier-Mâché German Doll Maker
Doll maker unknown/no marks
Produced by a German doll maker
Head: composition/papier-mâché
Lower arms & legs:  composition/papier-mâché
Body and upper limbs: cloth
All original body
HEIGHT: 16 inches

Doll appraised: Click to see the photos submitted for the appraisal.
Notes from an appraisal received on this doll from Jan Foulke:
This is a doll made in Germany in the 1890s, primarily for the American market. The maker is unknown. The head is composition or papier-mâché (either term is correct), as are the lower arms and legs. The rest of the body is cloth, and appears to be original.
She has stationary dark pupil-less glass eyes.
She has an appropriate wig of mohair or fiber

Greiner Papier-Mache Shoulder Head Doll
Antique papier-mâché, shoulder-head doll PROFESSIONAL DOLL APPRAISAL
"This antique doll is a large example of a German papier-mâché shoulder head model, also referred to as a Sonneberg papier-mâché or composition doll, circa 1890. There were quite a few factories in Thuringia that made this type of doll, and if the labels or stamps are missing from the back shoulders, it’s difficult to give an attribution, but she appears to have been produced by the doll and toy factory of Adolf Wislizenus  of Waltershausen, a large company producing a wide variety of dolls which operated from 1851-1931. Most heads of this type have painted eyes, but this one has the very rare feature of glass inset paperweight eyes. From close examination of many photographs, it appears as though the head has been refinished and that the varnish has crackled and crazed. The antique cloth body is appropriate, but not the original factory body which would have had composition lower arms and legs with fancy molded boots and stockings.  The tears on the cloth ankles can be patched and mended. There is some deterioration to the leather of one of the hands. She has lovely antique clothing and shoes which contribute to making her a totally charming doll."
-Jan Foulke

Baby Gloria

MARKS: Baby Gloria; Germany
Baby, character face doll; 18" tall
Bisque solid dome head; flange neck
Brown glass eyes/fixed; Open mouth; two top teeth
Composition hands and feet
Molded and painted hair with front curl and back molded curls
Dating from 1885-1930
Vintage gown with lovely embroidery and lace edging
Booties with rosettes
A 2 M DRGM Baby Doll
Marks: G329 B; A 2 M; DRGM 267/1.
Brown sleep eyes; mohair wig
Open mouth, two bottom teeth
Height, 12"; socket head; Jointed at shoulders
Taped body around center where a voice box had been inserted at the factory.
Pricing reference: 200 Years of Dolls 3rd Editon by Dawn Herlocher: page 263, see chart: "character baby, bent limb baby body"

Ruth 8/0 Doll  Made in Germany
Made in Germany 
There were several German manufacturers of dolly faced dolls, and the maker of this head is unknown.  This Ruth doll was possibly distributed by W.A. Cissna in 1898, as they advertised a Ruth, although not necessarily this Ruth.
18 inches
Bisque head, e
arly kid and cloth body with bisque arms and hands
Open mouth, top teeth
Hazel-gray eyes: The eyes were designed to sleep but have been fixed.
Molded, painted, feathered browns
Reference: 7th Blue Book Dolls & Values by Jan Foulke, pg. 174

Spanish Matador Klump Soft Doll
Felt Matador
Height: 6 inches
This caricature figure is constructed from felt over wire armature, with a painted mask face.
Bisque MaskBisque Mask
Bisque mask, glass eyes
Reference: page 92 of "Dresser Dolls and Other China Figurals" by Frieda Marion and Norma Werner: "A small bisque mask with sew-hole on top and beneath chin, this face closely resembles play dolls of the early 1900's. Inset glass eyes and open mouth with teeth, she needs a wig to complete her charm. Found on an old cusion. Unmarked."

DEP Size 4 German Bisque
4 (size)
14-inches tall
Set, high-quality, BROWN glass eyes  
Open mouth, top teeth/square shape
French body: Composition- and wood-jointed body, jointed at shoulders, elbows, hips, knees
Bisque head, German
Pierced ears: no earrings
Painted, feathered brows
Good wig, human hair
"DEP dolls originated in the 1880s. On a French doll, the "DEP" signifies "Depose," and on a German doll "Deponirt." DEP dolls are generally regarded as French...."
"The later dolls are widely considered to be German. Most likely all were of German origin. Simon & Halbig seems the obvious source, as indicated by the deeply molded and  cut eye socket."
SOURCE: pg. 134, 200 Years of Dolls, Dawn Herlocher
Nippon Jointed Composition
5-pc composition Body; Sleep eyes
Open mouth; Top Teeth
Painted brows and eyelashes
Buttons (back) on flannel pajamma with pompon at front neckline
Socket head
Alt, Beck & Gottschalck Doll
Alt, Beck & Gottschalck Doll

ABG 1361 50
Bisque socket head
Jointed Toddler body:  bent-limb, 11-piece, composition
Glass eyes, sleep eyes; lashes
Open mouth, two teeth
Vintage dress with drop waisteline and vintage slip.
Big, 22-inches tall
Reference: 200 Years of Dolls, 3rd Edition, by Dawn Herlocher, page 50.
" Alt, Beck & Gottschalck was located in Nauendorf, near Ohrdruf, Thuringia, Germany, from 1854 until 1930. Along with the traditional bisque child and character babies, A.B.G., as it is commonly known, is credited by most doll historians with producing a series of beautifully detailed glazed and unglazed shoulder heads." (source: Herlocher)
Kestner P. Turned Shoulder Head
Kestner "P." Turned Shoulder Head
Beautiful, restored shoulder head; blond wig
Lovely paper-weight eyes; new leatherette body, jointed with rivets; porcelain forearms and hands; 31-32-inch doll
Open mouth, teeth
AIM 630 Boy Shoulder-Head Doll

Armand Marseille boy shoulder head doll
630 A.I.M.

Scattered pigment stains on face from Itaglio eyes, a result of overspill during the firing of the pigment glase
Intaglio eyes are painted eyes with sunken pupils and iris
Kid body, cloth lower legs; 15" tall
Five All Bisque Dolls Made in Japan
Quintuplet girl dolls
MADE IN JAPAN: 2" tall

The dolls have roughly painted features: four have silver painted hair and one has gold painted hair. Each has a red bow painted on the left side of their hair
AM Bisque Baby Doll
Mark: 13
"S" inside an "H"  (Herm Steiner): Length, 8 1/2 inches
Bisque head, hard-packed body
Arms/hands are bisque or composition
Blue glass eyes
Non-working crier
Bonnet, slip, gauzy dress, gathered at neck; with slip

Walkur Antique Doll
2 1/4

Antique Doll by J.D. Kestner
20-inches tall
Bisque socket head
200, 680 series
Walkure dolls were made by J.D. Kestner
Beautiful Sleep eyes and lashes
Click for close-up photos of doll head
Open mouth, four pretty teeth
Warman's Collectible Dolls by Dawn Herlocher 2008, pg. 174
Jan Foulke's 2006
200 Years of Dolls 3rd Edition by Dawn Herlocher

UFDC Convention Doll Mary
Mary, Souvenir doll, from the 1987 UFDC Convention
1987 Convention Baby Doll
UFDC1987 Convention Doll by Linda Steele, ODACA.
Description: Dome head, soft body, bisque arms and legs
Beautiful painting (gilded ring on baby's finger)

About 9"
This doll is hand painted, tinted bisque, assembled by the artist, Linda Steele, of Linda K. Steele Originals in Leetonia, Ohio. Each doll has a slight variation due to the hand painting. Linda's husband, Gary, patiently poured each of the doll parts; Carol Roessler cleaned each of the parts. The dresses were designed by Linda and stitched by her sister, Joyce Sheely.

"Mary " is the first in a pair that included "Lewis."The companion doll, "Lewis," was available after August 1987 at the cost of $275.

AM Baby
Mark: AM Germany
341 10
Dome head: Height, 9 inches
Description: Dream Baby
Composition hands and cloth body
Sleep eyes; non-working crier
Goebel Antique Doll Made in Germany
Pretty face on this rare, Goebel antique doll from the 1800's
Marks: "GO" monogram for "Goebel" and "Oeslau"
"120 Made in Germany 10"
Doll by Francis Goebel
23" long
Paperweight, blue-gray eyes; painted, feathered eyebrows
Eloquent clothing: emerald blue dress with lace trim; broach at neckline
Long, brown, wig; open mouth; teeth
Dimple in chin
Beautiful, dense bisque
Notes from Patricia Smith's Doll Values (Antique to Modern) Sixth Series, pg. 93: The Goebel factory has been operating since 1879 and is located in Oeslau, Germany. The interwoven W.G. mark has been used since 1879. William Goebel inherited the factor from his father, Granz Detley Goebel. About 1900, the factory only made dolls, doll heads and porcelain figures. They worked in both bisque and China glazed items.


This hard-plastic doll stands 5 1/2-inches tall
The arms and legs are moveable; body and head are one-piece
The doll is wearing a beaded necklace and a skirt and headdress of horse hair or zebra hair
There is wire bracelet on each wrist and ankle
Painted eyes; painted mouth
Sculpted Oriental Doll
Oriental Doll
Mounted on Wood
Body form: styrofoam
Hands: fabric over wire
Faux black pearl earrings
Hair: Painted and string/silk?
Face: pained on stretched fabric
Painted eyes: green paint on left eye is missing
Height, 15 inches
Mabel Shoulder Head Doll
Mark: "Mabel" on head and "Registered Rosalind Body Germany" on kid body
Height, 20 inches
Beautiful face; dramatic eyes
Sleep eyes
Dimple in chin; Open mouth, teeth

Alt, Beck Gottschalck Shoulder Headm Made in Germany
Mark: 1235 Alt, Beck, Gottschalck
Length, 20 inches
Turned-bisque shoulder head; blue glass eyes
Vintage lavender dress; slip, pantaloons, and parasol/umbrella
Kid body
Reference: pg. 151 in "200 Years of Dolls" 3rd Edition by Dawn Herlocher

"Minnie Madge" Oil Cloth Doll
"Minnie Madge"
Oil Cloth Doll, Private Collection
Constructed and dressed by Lillian Wiskur and named for her mother

Armand Marseille 12
Armand Marseille
O/C eyes
11-piece composition over wood body
New wig/human hair
Height: 28"
Walther Antique Bisque with Sawdust Body
Mark: "W"
Bisque head and sawdust and glue body and limbs
Glass eyes do not sleep
Open mouth, teeth
Painted brows and lashes
Composition body: read Jan Foulke's appraisal on this historical doll from an old porcelain factory in Germany.
Clothing: dress and pantaloon; socks; hand-stitched, red cape
Dec. 20th, Jan Foulke Doll Appraisal:
This cute little 9-inch antique German child doll with bisque head and composition body was made by Johann Walther. The elaborate mark on the back of her head is actually a fancy 'W' for 'Walther.'In 1900 he started a factory for  dressed dolls  and in 1908, a porcelain factory, Walther & Co., that  later became Walther & Sohn. Both the doll and porcelain factories were in Oeslau near Coburg, Thuringia, Germany.  The porcelain factory specialized in all-bisque dolls, doll heads, baby doll heads and bathing dolls.  This was a time of great competition in the doll industry and companies were cutting costs by producing cheaper bodies, hence the “sawdust and glue” bodies and limbs , sometimes even with cardboard torsos. After all, they were covered by clothes, so if they weren't pretty it didn't really matter! Dolls like her in simple original factory dress and hat sold for 86 cents.  She has dark glass stationary eyes, a cute little wig and a nice outfit.  —Janice H. Foulke
Unmarked Revalo Doll, Made in Germany
(No manufacturer's mark)
Doll identified as Revalo, circa 1910, by its distinctive face. Great body and lovely painting on face
She seems to be looking for her Teddy bear and ready for a tea party...
18-inch, bisque, child doll
Set glass eyes (blue)
Rare, long, upper hair lashes with no painting
Vertical, painted strokes on lower lashes
Painted eyebrow, feathered
Open mouth; upper teeth
Ball-jointed body
PG 233 Van Patten Price Guide
PG. 238, Doll Values 10th Edition
Pictured pg. 295 in 200 Years of Dolls 3rd Edition by Dawn Herlocher
The owners of the Revalo company were Jonny Paulas Gerhard Ohlhaver and Hinrick Ohlhaver. The famous "Revalo" trademark is derived from the owners' names being phonetically spelled backwards.

Ernst Heubach 1902-8/0 Doll, Made in Germany
Horseshoe logo of ERNST HEUBACH
"1902 - 8/0"
"Made in Germany"

16-inch shoulder-head doll with kid body

1975 Vinyl Playmates Doll
Vintage, 1975 Vinyl “Playmates” doll with baby bottle from Hong Kong
A "drink and wet" doll, 8 1/2 inches tall, dressed in original dress, hat and diaper
No. 8080

Joy Doll 1982
Marks: Artist Model Joy doll 1982
Twenty-inch "Artist Model Joy Doll 1982"
Thought to be a souvenir from the 1982 UFDC Convention

AM 370 Made in Germany
Markings: Armand Marseille Germany 370
Length, 12"
Long, brown wig; brown sleep eyes
Bisque shoulder head and kid body: pin hinged hips
Open mouth, teeth; dimple in chin
Metal Shoulder Head Doll
Metal Shoulder Head Doll On Kid Body, 21" tall
Unmarked; open mouth with upper teeth
Bisque forearms  and hands (muslim/fabric upper arms)
Blue painted eyes; light brown hair

Buyer writes, Extremely happy with this doll!
3/0 Peasant Dress Bisque and Composition Doll
Head mark, 3/0; body mark, 7 1/4?
Open mouth; five, square teeth
Blue-gray, sleep eyes; painted lashes; feathered brows
Height, 14"
1894 AM 2 DEP Doll
Marks: 1894 AM 2 DEP Made in Germany
16 inches tall
16" tall; pale bisque head and composition body
Brown eyes, fixed
Wig: "Synthetic Fiber, Made in US, 9."
Jan Foulke's 2006, pg. 138, 16 inches
Warman's Collectibe Dolls, pg. 187, 10-14 inches
200 Years of Dolls 3rd Edition, pg. 263, 16 inches
Armand Marseille Scowling Indian
Marks: A.M. Germany
Dimensions: 12"
Scowling Indian with German bisque head and composition body
Reference, Jan Foulke's 2006 Blue Book, page 102
Wide, laminated headband band with feathers
Open mouth/teeth
Glass eyes (do not sleep)
Black mohair wig; all original

Gebruder Kuhnlenz or Reckangel child doll in ethnic dress
Gebruder Kuhnlenz or Reckangel child doll in ethnic dress (no. 44)
Marking: "44" marked in ink inside the head

10-inch ethnic dress
Open mouth, molded upper teeth
Originally had sleeping eyes, which have been replastered (or reset) and no longer sleep.
Body: composition over wood; jointed
Wig, long, braided pigtails
Original dress: felt coat dress and pettycoat, red shoes and socks
Red plaid skirt; felt, sleeveless jacket with three clear, blue, plastic buttons
Jointed composition and wood body

Reference for Gebruder: pg. 132, Jan Foulke's Guide to Dolls, copyright 2006
Reference for Reckangel: Doll Values by Patsy Moyer, 3rd Edition

No. 8 Bébé Jumeau Diplome d' Honneur
On back neck of bisque head, incised "8"
Stamped on body: "Bébé Jumeau Diplome d' Honneur"
"Made In France" natural hair wig (sewn label tag)
Length, 19 inches
Demure lace- and blue-trimmed undies; vintage leather shoes
Perfect bisque, beautiful face painting
Open mouth with molded teeth
Blue paperweight eyes
Pierced ears, no earrings
Painted upper and lower lashes; feathered brows
Composition, ball-jointed body
Has wide hips and cupped torso for rounded, turned upper leg joints
REFERENCES: PG. 219-220 in 200 Years of Dolls 3rd Edition by Dawn Herlocher; pg. 155 of Collectible Dolls, Third Edition
Unmarked Freundlich
This is most likely an unmarked doll by Freundlich. He did not mark his dolls and he used "blanks" from a manufacturer that produced all size dolls for many small or independent companies. They were not finished as finely as the "named" brands and sometimes are indistinguishable. Mme Alexander and Vogue often used the same unmarked dolls in their own lines. Effanbee rarely did."
MARK: No visible markings or tags
20th century doll; all composition; jointed at neck, shoulder, and hip
9-inches tall
Painted and molded hair
Painted eyes
Closed mouth

Toni doll by American Doll Corp.
Head: American Doll Corp. 1958
Body: American Character (in circle) 1958 (in banner)

American Character Doll,  "Toni"
Height, 10 inches
This doll has been dressed (not original to doll) in a charming, vintage "Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls Inc." dress and panty (tags).
Pg. 230 in Jan Foulke's Guide to Dolls, copyright 2006

Plastic American Indian Doll, with two papoose strapped to her back
Plastic American Indian doll with sleep eyes
Papoose carrier with t
wo babies strapped to her back : one baby has eyes painted asleep and the other doll has eyes painted sleeping
The clothing, shirt, skirt and moccasins are made of leather or a leatherette/
All original

Queen Louise
MARKS: Queen Louise 100 Germany
See Queen Louise in her new home in Poland
24-inch antique doll
Fur brows
Originally, the doll had sleep eyes, but the eyes have been fixed during a restoration. The eye hardware is plastered in place.
Open mouth; SQUARE teeth
Queen Louise Note Cards for sale on Etsy
Nippon All Bisque Boy Bather
Nippon All Bisque Boy
Dolly Nippon Boy Bather Character Doll
Charming, all-bisque doll
Height, 4 3/4"
Googly with exceptional face
Spread fingers on hands: Strung, jointed arms
Molded and Painted
Knit eye brows
Molded and painted hair and swim suit (blue and white)
Marked "Nippon"REFERENCE: PG 23, "Warman's Companion" by Dawn Herlocher
Metal Doll Stroller
Metal Dolly Stroller From Play Days Long Ago
Great turquois and pink color scheme with a decal on the foot extension
Hertel, Schwab & Co. No. 142
Hertel, Schwab & Co. No. 142
Bent limb baby body; Bisque, solid-dome socket head
Molded and painted hair; Open-closed mouth; two upper teeth and tongue 
Brown, intaligo, painted eyes; feathered brow
11-inch composition body; dressed in pink romper/vintage

Buyer writes, Wonderful doll! Thank you!

All Bisque
All bisque
Height, 2 1/4 inches
Arms, hinged at shoulders

AM 1894 Antique Doll
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A.M. 1894 Oriental Doll
Markings: AM 1894 6/0 DEP
9" tall
Socket head, open mouth, square teeth
Original dress

"This 9-inch doll was made by the huge and world-renowned Armand Marseille doll factory in Koppelsdorf, Germany. The mold of this bisque head dates from 1894, and is one of A.M.s earliest models. A doll similar to this was offered in the 1895 Butler Bros. catalogue as part of a novelty assortment of dolls dressed as American Indians and Chinese, “all in characteristic national costumes.”  The head has a slight yellow tint to indicate an Oriental complexion. The matching five-piece composition body has red slippers with turned-up shoes to indicate an Oriental style. One shoe has some flaking and paint loss, but this is an easy repair for a doll restorer. The doll is all original with long black mohair wig and Chinese style costume including tunic, pants and jacket with hat. Of course, this is interesting to a collector because it is the German concept of a Chinese. German-made dolls with Oriental bisque heads are very desirable collectibles. This was made during a time in history when with the expansion of travel Europeans and Americans were becoming more attuned to the world and becoming more interested in native peoples. It would be a lovely addition to a collection of international dolls."
    Value on today’s market $550. -Janice H. Foulke
Reference: Pg. 263 of 200 Years of Dolls (3rd Edition) by Dawn Herlocher
Darling Antique Doll
24" Armand Marseille "Darling" Child Character Doll
Marks: AM "Darling"
Beautiful tinting on face coloring
Bisque head on jointed kid body
Composition/bisque forearms and hands; fabric lower legs and feet
Blue sleep eyes; painted lashes and brows
Open mouth, teeth

Japan Googly All Bisque
All Bisque Googly, jointed at shoulders
"Made in Japan"
Height: 5 1/2 inches
FS& Co. #1271/2
MARKs: FS& Co. 1271 Deponiert
Ca. 1910
Length, 9 inches
Beautiful FS& Co. #1271/2
Sleep eyes; painted lashes and brows; painted hair
Painted, carved open-mouth and teeth
Fills Schmitt Paris France
Jan Foulke's Guide to Dolls (© 2006), pg. 165
Blue Book (12th edition), pg. 319
Schmitt: History Schmitt & Fils, Paris, France, 1854-1891.
Comment: Schmitt made premium dolls, very desirable to collectors. Be sure that the body is stamped on the flat bottom edge with the Schmitt trademark.
Perfect bisque socket head with skin or mohair wig, large paperweight eyes, closed mouth, piereced ears. Marked Schmitt composition body with flat bottom edge.
Scarecrow doll by Effanbee
Scarecrow Doll by Effanbee
Effanbee 7108
Japanese Girl Doll
Japanese Girl Doll
Bisque head with sleep eyes; composition body
Doll length, 7 inches (length of doll and gown, 12 inches)

KR 121 Simon Halbig
Marks: KR 121 Simon Halbig
Sixteen inch doll with a bisque head on a toddler body
Sleep eyes; feathered, painted brows
Click for enlarged photos of the body!
The body is in the shape of a "typical German composition ball-jointed toddler" as pictured page 327 of Jan Foulke's 3rd Blue Book of Dolls & Values

Reference: page 224,   200 Years of Dolls, 3rd Edition, by Dawn Herlocher

Fulpher Doll
Marks: (Mfg. design mark) Fulpher Made in USA 16-C
Twenty-inch doll
Open mouth, upper teeth, wobble tongue
Set, brown eyes; rocker plastered in place; painted lashes

Black All-Bisque Baby
Six-inch, Black, all-bisque doll, made in Japan

Dots Candy Baby by Hasbro
Dots! A Candy Baby by Hasbro, copyrighted 1972.

Doll height: 9 inches

Effanbee Baby Doll
15-inch, Effanbee baby doll
Marks: "Effanbee" and "Made in U.S.A."
Bracelet reads: Effanbee Durable Dolls
Tagged Effanbee romper
Cloth body, composition head, arms and hands, legs and feet
Molded and painted hair; sleep eyes and eyelashes
Non-working crier in body
Schuetzmeister & Quendt doll for Wolf & Co.
301 W&C Germany
Open mouth, upper teeth
Jointed child's body, 14" tall
Brown, glass eyes do not sleep
Feathered brows
Open mouth, upper teeth
Schuetzmeister & Quendt porcelain factory in Thuringia, Germany, made bisque heads for Wolf & Co.

Boy Shoulder Head Doll #33
Boy bisque, shoulder-head, marked "33"
Muslim body and felt lower legs; kid forearms and hands
Body, hard-packed with mohair
Molded and painted blonde hair
Doll length, @ 20 inches
Glass eyes; painted lashes; feathered brows
Closed mouth

Heubach-Kopp 275
Heubach Kopplesdorf
Heubach Doll
Hertel, Schwab & Co. Bent Limb Baby Doll
Hertel, Schwab  & Co. Bent Limb Baby doll
Marks: Made in Germany 152/1

Bisque & composition, 5-piece jointed body
Character Baby Doll
Height: 11 inches
Brown glass eyes; painted lashes and brows (feathered)
Open mouth, top teeth, tongue
Dimples on cheeks and chin
Grace S. Putnam All Bisque Doll 28/76
All-bisque doll
Grace S. Putnam
Copr. by Grace S. Putnam Germany
28/76 on back of left arm and on head, 16/16
Glass eyes; jointed legs and arms no neck joint; @ four inches tall
Black All Bisque Painted Doll
All-Bisque, black baby doll, painted, about 5 1/2" tall
Wonderful red shoes, painted to match red bow, and socks; painted eyes; open mouth
Jointed arms and legs; wearing little romper, thought to be original with doll
Circa 1910
All Bisque Rauenstein Doll
All Bisque Doll from the Rauenstein porcelain factory. Dressed in undies and wig. Markings include: R /22 and the Rauenstein upside down crossed double "ff" trademark. See Doll Encyclopedia, page 261, for background on this doll.
Japan Celluloid DollJapan Celluloid DollJapan Celluloid Doll
Three "Japan" Celluloid Dolls
Hand Painted
Mark: Japan
Height, 6 3/4 inches tall
Oriental Chinese Doll with Three Wigs
Oriental Doll, 5-inches tall
Original Box: Excellent condition
Details and stitching and dolls all in excellent condtion
We think there were meant to have other items in with the doll, as well as another side of the door
Made of crushed oyster shell paste; set glass eyes.
Comes with three wigs that denote the different stages of a Japanese girl/woman.
Copper like medallion on box with cord tie.
U.S. Navy Sailor Boy
"Navy" Sailor
Marked JAPAN; Celluloid head; cloth body stuffed with excelsior
Possibly had celluloid feet and hands at one time
Molded and painted features
Height, 4 1/2 inches tall; dating from the 40's
Cowboy Madame Alexander 1502
Boy 1502 by Madame Alexander
7 1/2-inch bent-knee walker
Hard vinyl, 1956-1964
K & R 117 Simon Halbig Reproduction
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A reproduction Kammer & Reinhardt and Simon Halbig #117 Character Child doll
This 15" doll has a beautiful repro bisque head on a new cloth body
The doll has bisque lower arms and hands and bisque lower legs and feet
The bisque head is beautifully painted and in excellent condition
The body has a new music box (mechanism over wound)
A #117 original antique doll from 1909-1930 would list for $4,000 in today's market
Artist Doll by C. Kidman 1977
C Kidman 1977
Markings:C Kidman 1977
Blue Glass eyes
Height: 9 inches
Armand Marseille 370
Markings: 370 AM-6-DEP Armand Marseille Made in Germany

24-inch, shoulder head antique doll
Blue Gray sleep eyes
Open mouth; teeth; dimple in chin
Kid body with bisque forearms and hands
Braided strawberry-blond wig, mohair
Roldan Dancing Doll with Castanets
Castanets click when snapped together!
Lucite or bakelite bangles and hair comb
 10- inch doll wearing a silk scarf
Caricature dolls in this fashion were produced in Spain, from about 1952 to the mid 1970s. 
A pink, velvet rose tucked behind her ear adds to her romantic charm
Barbara Comley Artist Doll
Artist Doll from the 1984 UFDC Convention
Incised marking: "Keepsake Originals ©84"

Signed: "#10/300 Barbara Comley"
5-piece jointed body
Head molded separately and strung with body
Hand-painted features
; 14 1/2" tall
Klumpe Flamingo Dancer
NISTIS Made in Spain
Pink Lacey Doll
Plastic, 8", straight-leg walker
Head moves side-to-side as the legs move
Blue, fixed, glass eyes and hard, molded eye lashes
Long brunette hair; unmarked
All Bisque jointed doll made in Germany
All Bisque Doll with jointed 5-piece body, about 4" tall
Marks, "Made in Germany"
Molded and painted socks and shoes
American Girl Doll Samantha
American Girl Mini Doll

Rheinische Gummi Celluloid
Rheinische Gummi celluoid, circa 1930
Marks: Rheinische Gummi trademark and 27 1/2  and 6
Molded and painted hair
Painted eyes (brown), lips, and brows
10 1/2 inches tall

Madame Alexander 8-inch doll on skates
Madam Alexander
, 8" tall
Skater Madam Alexander, wearing a Little Red Riding Hood coat and hat by Vogue and a green satin dress with rick-rack trim by Madamme Alexander.
Hard plastic body with jointed knees; sleep eyes.
See pages 32-35 in 200 Years of Dolls, 3rd Edition, by Dawn Herlocher.

Nippon 1120 Doll
Marks, Nippon 1120
Open mouth, two teeth
Brown sleep eyes, painted upper and lower lashes
Molded and painted hair
Head circumference: 14 inches; socket neck
Doll length, 20 inches
Bent legs for sitting; straight wrists and ankes
Dimples in back shoulders

Emmet Kelley Doll
Emmett Kelly
Doll, 24" long, circa 1950
Dressed as "Willie the Clown"
Vinyl head; Set-in eyes
Stuffed cloth body; original Clothes; hat

LeConte Child Doll
Kammer & Reinhardt
Marks: K & R (co. trademark) SIMON HALBIG 126 GERMANY 96


Princess 1 Germany
Marks: 29 Princess 1 Germany
Brown sleep eyes; upper lashes; painted lashes and brows
Length, 23 inches



Bahr--Proschild Antique Doll
14" TALL
Click to see more photos of doll details
Isabel Bear

Heubach Black Googly-Eye Boy Doll Reproduction
12-inch Black Googly-Eye Girl Doll Reproduction

Bisque head, wig, composition body, glass eyes
Jjointed body, arms, and legs; straight wrists and ankles
Heubach Black Googly-Eye Boy Doll Reproduction
12-inch Black Googly-Eye Boy Doll Reproduction
Bisque head, wig, composition body, glass eyes
Jjointed body, arms, and legs; straight wrists and ankles
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Turkish Man with Trading Beads
Trading beads
Cloth dolls, ethnic, international

Eva Story Book Doll
Marks: Story Book Doll; U.S.A; pat. app. for
"Eva"? or Nancy? or other?
Vintage bisque Story Book Doll (1937-1947)
Painted bisque, mohair wig, painted eyes, head molded to torso.
Jointed arms; 5 1/2- to 6-inches tall

Heubach.Koppe South Seas Baby
Marks: Heubach.Koppe 399-14/0 DRG Germany
A.K.A. South Seas Baby
Heubach Kopp (Ernst Heubach and Koppelsdorf)
Dark brown glass sleep eyes
Bisque socket head; painted hair; jointed, composition body
Closed mouth; pierced ears
Accessory: Woven reed cradle
Native island doll wth thatched skirt; brass earings; bracelet; bent limb body; straight ankles and wrists: eight inches tall

Reference: 200  Years of Dolls 3rd Edition by Dawn Herlocher (page  188)
Review page 38 in Doll Values, Third Edition/ Moyer
$325 (Patricia Smith's Doll Values Antique to Modern 2nd Series, pg. 52)

Marks: A 4/0 M Floradora Armand Marseille Made In Germany
Kid body
Shoulder Head; Open mouth, upper teeth
Sleep eyes; 18-inches tall

G&S 3 Made in Germany
Marks: G&S 3 Germany
Height, 22 inches
Sleep Eyes
pg. 73, 11th Edition of Doll Values by Patricia Smith
pg. 165 on 200 Years of Dolls by Dawn Herlocher, 3rd Edition

Heubach Kopplesdorf
Heubach Kopplesdorf 300 5 Germany
Character Baby Doll, 20 inches
Sleep eyes and feathered brows
Open mouth, upper teeth

AM Scowling Indian
Antique, Native American Doll with papier-mâché body
Armand Marseille "Scowling/Frowning Indian" Doll
Marks: AM 3
Glass eyes, painted features
Open mouth, upper teeth
Jointed,  papier-mâché body: height, 17 inches



Indian Maid
Marks: AM 9

Glass eyes, painted features, braided wig
Jointed body, papier-mâché, 16" tall
Open mouth, teeth
Oil-cloth like dress with under slip and pantaloon-type underwear

Native American Doll, Papier-mache body
Antique, Native American Doll with papier-mâché body
Mark: 2 0/0
Glass eyes, painted features
Height, 8 inches

All Bisque German Doll 365
All-Bisque German Doll, six inches tall
Marks: 365; 15; Made in Germany
Sleep eyes; socket head; open mouth, upper teeth

Sue-ling Owassa Bear
Owassa Bear
UFDC Souvenir designed by Jenny Krantz
Sue-ling, from Owasso, Michigan, and Owassa Bear Inc.

UFDC Souvenir bear, Owassa Bear, 8" tall
Signed by international bear artist "Jenny Krantz" and dated "1992"
Sue-ling is no. 264 of 310 bears "Made Especially for the U.F.D.C. National Convention, held in San Francisco, California in 1992

Heubach Repro Whistling Boy
Marks: "5" and Heubach trademark
Signed on neck by doll artist, "MG"
Repro of Whistler
Height, 10 1/2-inches tall

Swiss Burcherer Doll, Black boxer
Swiss Burcherer Doll
Swiss watch-maker Burcherer created a series of articulated dolls during the 1920's
Marks on chest plate: Made in Switzerland; Patents Applied For

The head and feet are a composition; gloves, felt
Ball jointed; Height, 8"

Heubach 6
Marks: 9573; 6; Heubach ( in square)
Eye logo design; Germany

Bisque, socket head; Googly eyes
5-piece composition body; 6 1/2-inches tall
Reference: pg. 110, Doll Values, by Patricia Smith, 6th Edition

Alt, Beck & Gottschalck No. 639

Marks: Alt, Beck & Gottschalck, No. 639
20-inches tall
Bisque shoulder-head/dome. Company production period, 1885 and on.
Turned shoulder head, glass eyes, closed mouth
Kid body
Elegant face—perfect bisque shoulder head
Wig, firm, lined with stitched fabric
Ribbon: "1982 Second Place Region Bebes Louisiane
References: Pg. 31 in 13th Blue Book/Jan Foulke
Pg. 51 in 200 Years of dolls
Jan Foulke appraisal, Aug. 19, 2008
Click to see enlarged doll photos, submitted for appraisal.

This 20-inch doll has a bisque head made by the large and prestigious Alt, Beck & Gottschalck porcelain factory in Ilmenau, Germany, Ca. 1885. She has the desirable features of a slightly turned shoulder head tipped downward, a solid dome head, beautiful facial decoration, and a closed mouth. She is on an excellent kid body with a few patches at her knee gussets. The body also has quite a few desirable features: rivet joints at the hips, and kid over wood upper arms, rivet-jointed elbows, perfect bisque lower arms, and all-kid legs. This is likely a Wagner &  Zetzsche body. W & Z bodies usually had a blue paper label under the head on top of the shoulder. W & Z bought heads from ABG and put them on their own bodies. As for her lovely clothing, I feel that it was made, perhaps in the 1940-1960 period of vintage fabrics. It is beautiful, but these dolls were designed as children and babies, and usually acquired adult clothing years later when they entered doll collections. Without any information on the ribbon, we can’t know why it was awarded. In fact, it might not even have been awarded to this doll. Sometimes the ribbons do get moved around, especially after 25 years. Since it was given at a Regional rather than a National convention, and the Regionals are very small compared to the Nationals, I am assuming that it was awarded as being a very lovely and desirable example of an antique doll with a turned shoulder head.

Santa Doll 32 by Simon & Halbig
Marks: 32 Santa
Size, 32 inches
by Simon & Halbig 1249
Click to view detail photos of the construction of the Santa head
Jan Foulke Appraisal for Santa:
"This antique German doll is called Santa. This is a registered trademark name used by Hamburger & Co., a New York City producer, importer, and distributor of German dolls. The Santa trademarked line was produced from 1900-1910. Hamburger had the bisque doll heads made by the Simon & Halbig porcelain factory. Santa was one of the 36 dolls exhibited by Hamburger at the St. Louis Exposition in 1904; the exhibit won the Grand Prize. The Santa mold 1249 is distinguished by the triangular shading on her lower lip. Santa has pierced ears, sleeping eyes, molded eyebrows, and an open mouth with 4 upper teeth. The Santa is a popular and desirable mold to antique doll collectors.
"As for your 32-inch Santa doll, she has a very beautiful face. The tiny “wig pulls” on her forehead and the mold separation behind her ear, are minor flaws, and do not affect her value. Her mohair wig appears original, and is nice and full, though needs some styling. Her jointed composition body is in good condition, but has been repaired, particularly at the neck and thigh joints, and repainted. The hands have been replaced, and are too small for the size of the doll. Santa wears appropriate vintage clothing in very nice condition." -Jan Foulke

AM 971, Armand Marseille from Germany
Armand Marseille 971 Germany A 3 M
New wig; 5-pc body; fixed eyes
Height: 15 inches

Bebe Tout en Bois
Bebe Tout en Bois
Jan Foulke Appraisal: This is an antique doll called a "Bebe Tout en Bois" (Doll all of Wood), Ca. 1901-1914. She is made completely of wood with a fully jointed body, and a socket head with inset glass eyes. The doll was made in Germany for the French trade, hence the French name. Several companies made these types of dolls. This one is possibly by the Schilling doll factory in Sonneberg, and may have the Schilling "winged angel" trademark on her body, so you should check it. It's usually on the back shoulder. Or she may have a sticker from another factory. The bodies usually have some flaking, as the paint was applied directly to the wood, which creates an unstable condition, and this flaw is acceptable, but the face should be perfect, as her appears to be so. In fact, it is particularly nice with a sweet expression. Her clothing is made from vintage fabrics, but is not original to her, though it appears to have been on her for quite some time.

Abyssian doll by Heubach-Kopplesdorf
Black Heubach 458 Abyssianian Baby
Marks: 458 13 Heubach-Kopplesdorf Germany
Size: 11 inches
Label on cloak: "Abyssinian Baby Made in Germany"
5-piece body composition body; sleep eyes
Produced between 1919 and 1932
See Doll Values, Third Edition, Page 40

Bye-Lo Baby Doll by Grace Storey Putnam
Head: Copyright by Grace S. Putnam
Made in Germany
Body stamped :
“Bye-Lo Baby Pat. Appl'd For Copyright by Grace Storey Putnam"
Sleep eyes--blue; bisque head, smiling mouth
17" length; 15" dome head
Frog-style cloth body; celluloid hands

Armand Marseille Doll
Unmarked Armand Marseille doll with shoulder head
Marks: AM-7/0
Height: 13-14 inches
Doll face bisque; cloth/kid body
Open mouth; sleep eyes
Composition hands and arms

AIM DRGM 201013
Marks, AIM DRGM 201013
Shoulder-head doll on kid body
Feathered, painted brows
Open mouth; upper teeth
Large, spring clip latch on back of neck
French face

GI Joe and Case
GI Joe,
 11 1/2 inches tall
First Series G.I. Joe Action Soldier or Marine
G.I. Joe TM
Copyright 1964
By Hasbro ®
Patent Pending
Made in U.S.A.

Kley & Hahn Doll
Kley & Hahn doll, 13" tall: bisque socket head and composition body
Body jointed at neck, arms, and legs:
 straight wrists and ankles
Brown sleep eyes; painted upper and lower lashes
Painted, feathered brows; molded and painted hair
Open mouth with two upper teeth

Simon Halbig 1906 Child Doll
Germany SH PB (in star) 1906 16 Simon Halbig
Length: @ 35 inches
Open mouth with four top teeth
Fixed eyes; mohair wig

Gebruder, Made in Germany Armand Marseilles 390
Marks: 39 and 37 or 34 Gebruder Kuhnlenz
Metal helmet on soldier; brown uniform; metal buttons and belt buckel
Closed mouth; set blue glass eyes
Reference Doll Values #11, pg. 111
Jan Foulke's Guide to Dolls (2006), pg. 132

Steiner Made in Germany
Marks: Made in Germany Herm Steiner Size: 6/0

Hazel sleep eyes; height, 11 inches

Armand Marseille 390
Marks: Made in Germany Armand Marseille 390 A3M
19" bisque doll;  sleep eyes; three upper teeth
370 2/0 Germany
Marks:Germany 370 2/0
Dolly face
Painted lashes and brows
Sleep eyes
Cloth/felt body; open mouth, upper teeth
Clothing: muslim petticoat; pantaloons
Height: 16 inches
Reference: pg. 263, 200 Years of Dolls, 3rd Edition, by Dawn Helocher

Kling 186
Mark: Kling 186 (bell incised) 6 (size)
Blond, curly, bisque shoulder head on kid body
Cloth feet and lower legs
Length, 18 inches
Our reference marterials for this doll are: Doll Values 1997 (Patsy Moyer), pg. 151; and 200 Years of Dolls, 3rd Edition, Dawn Herlocher, page 243 (18-inch doll)

Cissette by Madame Alexander 1501
Marks: mme Alexander
Name: Cissette, blond hair; 1501
Maker: Madame Alexander
Jointed walker; hard plastic
Pierced ears; Triple-stitched wig
Pink eye shadow/ no polish on nails
Size: 9-10 ”
Circa: 1957 -1958

Description of three outfits included with doll:
Outfit 1 (wearing)-used): candle-white tulle gown/white satin ribbon and white panties: not tagged but both look original to the Cissette doll. The tulle netting has a few frays and needs stitching at the waistline; needs a rinse.
Outfit 2 (tagged, 2-piece ensemble-used): denim like trousers with red fringe along sides and button-up red over-jacket
Outfit 3 (tagged 2, -piece ensemble-used): lace trimmed pink slip or teddy with rosette at center of bodice and matching lace-trimmed pants

Vintage French Fashion Doll
Height: 16 inches
Earrings; Mohair wig
Bisque swivel head; bisque shoulder plate
Fine gusseted kid body: stitched fingers and toes
Elegant clothing and hat
Vintage leather shoes 

This 17-inch doll is a 1960s interpretation of an antique French fashion lady or poupée peau. During the 1960s a large group of dolls came from France into the United States, many through the old New York Doll Hospital. These dolls were supposedly found in a warehouse and dated from pre-World War I, but subsequent research revealed that this story was not true. They were made in the 1960s by a French lady and her son, and they were aged to look older. There were both bisque and china fashions in the French style, some marked with F.G. in Scroll or F + G, and some such as yours with an earlier style face were unmarked.  Comparison with a genuine antique doll immediately reveals the differences: bisque too smooth, color too gray and orange, ears not well defined, piercing holes too small, glass eyes lacking depth and detail, wrong kind of pates, cheap coarse mohair wigs, new neck buttons, bodies not stiffly stuffed, and not carefully stitched, though some like yours were aged a carmel color.
Value on today's market in perfect condition, fully dressed in new silk fashion gown and hat, undies, shoes and socks --  $450-550. - Janice H. Foulke
French wooden dollFrench wooden doll
Eden BeBe Tag stapled to doll (front dress) reads:
Eden BeBe
Normands 5067/3 J.

"Made in France" sticker on back of dress
Height: @ 8 inches
Top teeth; open mouth
Glass blue eyes
Painted lips and brows
Head: six inches
Painted shoes
Split on front and back both legs; peeling on back of left arm (see photo)
Dress, lined with crepe paper
France 60

Scotty Lad
Scottish lad in his highlander kilt Antique Doll Scotland
All bisque doll; painted eyes; molded and painted shoes
Wide band of Tartan plaid at knees
Under vest/collar/bow tie; bBelting
Molded, wavy blond hair
Clothing: wrap-around wool Armstrong Tartan plaid skirt and scarf (some frays); velvet jacket
Thistle-style broach at his shoulder
Sporran with a tassel of horse hair at front waist

"This is a 10-inch doll with antique German bisque shoulder head dating from the 1880s. Since the clothes are sewn on, we cannot check the back plate to see if there is a mark or mold number, so we cannot be sure of the maker, but it is of the type made by the Kling & Co. porcelain factory of Ohrdruf. The head is mounted on a cloth body with bisque lower arms and legs. His body may not be as old as the head, as the fabric looks newer, and that type of bisque leg is not usually found on old bodies. But the costume looks antique and original, so it would be strange to have an original costume with a replaced body, but we can't be sure from the photo. The lovely original Scotch outfit with the sporran is a plus even though there is some fraying, as some collectors specialize in dolls with national or regional costumes, and Scottish ones are real favorites."

Just Me Character Doll

This charming Character Doll is marked "Just Me." Her body is not hers, but the body is in good keeping with the body length of the Just Me doll, which measures 7 1/2 inches (Page 141 Jan Foulke's newest price guide). MARK:
Just Me Character Doll
Registered Germany; A 310/7/0/M

Glass eyes to side
Bisque socket head; Closed mouth; Composition body
It appears that she has a French manicure & pedicure as her fingers and toes are painted white.

Googly Doll Made in Germany
All-Bisque Googly

Marks: Goo Made in Germany 15
Jointed at shoulders; 6 inches tall

Charity UFDC Companion Doll 1995
8-inch Queen Ann Wooden Doll
UFDC Companion Doll named "Charity," produced for the 46th Annual UFDC Convention, held in Philadelphia, Pa.
Includes story of the adoption a young orphan, Elizabeth Douglas Thomas
This heartwarming story is detailed in a brochure entitled "Elizabeth Douglas Thomas"
Doll Maker, Fred Thomas Laughon Jr., of Richmond, Virginia
No. 458 of 1510
Produced by the United States Historical Society, Richmond, Va.

Bleuette Doll
Bleuette doll, made between 1922-1933
Open mouth; sleep eyes; original dress; mohair wig; open/close eyes; open mouth with teeth (top)

Quote from buyer: She is everything I had hoped that she would be! She is an authentic Bleuette doll made between 1922-1933. I carefully snipped her clothing off to check her body....and to verify her markings. I love her..I'll leave great feedback and I am so very happy.

M.R. Germany 500 /2/0x
Baby Doll
M.R. Germany 500 /2/OX
Baby doll is 11-inches, dressed in a vintage gown and diaper
Bisque head; composition hands/cloth body
Sleep eyes; Internal cryer mechanism in body makes a faint sound

Kammer & Reinhardt
Marks: Kammer & Reinhardt ; Simon Halbig 121
Length: 23-25 inches
Weight: 5 lbs.
Imprinted on back with: 1-20 12K GF M
Dress is vintage with embroidered yoke, crochet or lace-like bonnet with blue ribbon
Open mouth, two upper teeth; Sleep eyes, wig
Cotton gown; white, knit booties
Two-piece underwear set

Heubach Kopplesdorf
Marks: Heubach Kopplesdorf; Germany; 320  19/0
Glass eyes; open mouth; two teeth; feathered brows; beautiful, rosey cheeks
Composition body ; 9" tall
Felt cap jacket with four brass decorative buttons
Shirt nailed to body in two places
All original clothing.
Produced between 1919 and 1932

AM Germany

Marks: AM Germany; 35 U5/OK
Paper machie body-repaired
Socket head; inset glass eyes/move
Open mouth; two teeth
Painted hair (sculpting), lashes, lips
Length: 8 inches

Century Doll Germany

Marks: Germany; H-13 inches; Centruy Dolls Co.
Cloth body; dome head: 12 1/2"
Length: 18"
Closed mouth, painted tongue, two top teeth
Crochet hat
Black velvet two-piece suit; off-white collar with lace trim; jacket front with five button-trim/3-snap closures
Molded, painted brows & hair; eyes move
Black tie shoes and socks


Schuetzmeister & Quendt 201 C-11 SQ Germany
Schuetzmeister & Quendt
Marks: 201 C-11 SQ; Germany
Blue, glass eyes; b
isque socket head
Sleep eyes; cryer
Composition, bent-limb baby body
Feathered eyebrows
Open mouth; two teeth; velvet tongue
5-piece bent limb baby body, 14" tall
Hole in back of doll body and divided in half where the cryer/sound mechanism was installed at the factory.  The baby goes "waw" when you rock her back and forth.
Schuetzmeister & Quendt made dolls from 1893 to 1898. The factory for this doll manufacturer was located in Boilstadt, Germany. 

See 200 Years of Dolls, 3rd Edition, by Dawn Herlocher
Made in Germany JDK
MARKS: Made in Germany; 211; JDK

O/C eyes; repaired mouth; fur wig
Height: 13"
Socket head; brown sleep eyes
Open mouth; two teeth; painted lashes and brows

Schoenau & Hoffmeister Germany
MARKS: S (star shape)H; "PB"( inside star); 1906; 16 (size)
"PB" is for factory "Porzellanbrik Burgrubb"
Schoenau & Hoffmeister; Germany

Brown glass eyes (do not sleep); ball-jointed, 36"composition body
Open mouth, upper teeth; dimple in chin



Unis France 301
Marks: Unis France 301; 71 301 148
Fixed eyes; lashes; Open mouth; Six upper teeth;
11-pc compo body, 30" tall
Dressed in vintage cotton hat and rayon dress that buttons in the back
Vintage contton slip, trimmed in lace; buttons in back with four buttons
Underwear: one-piece, ivory, with back opening that unbuttons for potty time.
Socks, black patent buckle shoes
"14" on bottom of right foot


Mechanical Walking Doll
Ten-inch, tin wind-up walking doll
Mohair wig; composition head, arms/hands
Tin body attached to arms and legs
She walks! Winding key is attached to the back

Triangle Zero trademark on doll thought to be a HeubachTriangle0 trademark
Bisque Shoulder-Head
Trademark, "0" within triangle
Big, blue sleep eyes. Painted lower lashes. Small, pretty open mouth: four teeth
Leather body; small abraision break of skin on right shoulder
Leather and composition arms; beautiful hands
Marks: "24" (top of head) & trademark of a "O" inside of a triangle: thought to be an early Heubach
Open mouth. Kid body. Screw on legs. Porcelain head.
Length: 19 inches.
Dimple in chin; Molded/painted brow
Bunny Rabbit Doll
A UFDC Region 4 souvenir bunny rabbit from 1980
Twelve inches from ear to toe
Porcelain bisque face with molded expression; squinting eyes; closed open mouth Jointed arms and legs
Baby in bunny bunting by doll artist Nell Mangus of Phoenix, Ariz.
Germany Lissy 210
Germany Lissy 210 bisque head on Excelsior 22-inch kid body
This rare "Lissy 210" has deep blue paperweight sleep eyes
Peter Cottontail tin windup toy
Peter Cottontail, a tin windup toy by Mattel
Cowgirl Madame Alexander
Madame Alexander Bent-Knee Walker

Height, 7 1/2 inches


MARKS: Made in Germany; D 1/4.168. 8 1/2.
Open mouth; carved, square teeth
Blue sleep eyes
9-piece, jointed, composition body; 21" long
Wig  tag reads: 100% Cheveux Naturels Made in France

Rare swivel hips and ball-joint scissor movement on upper legs
Dress: dotted slip with lace trim, cotton, lace-trimmed slip; shoes and socks
Reference: pg. 165 of  Warman's Companion Collectible Dolls (©2008) by Dawn Herlocher

Germany Kestner
MARKS: F. Germany 10.; 168; 08. (neck)
Body stamped: "Germany 3392?" (the "2" is illegible)

24" Kestner 168; Five piece, ball-jointed body
Sleep eyes, blue; feathered brows
Waggle tongue; open mouth; carved, square teeth

Clothing: dress, slip, pantaloons, shoes and socks

Dapper Celluloid Doll
All-Celluloid, 5" Doll, dressed as a courtier from Italy
Arms and legs are moveable
All original dress includes embroidery on back of jacket, ribbon and sequins
Squalling Baby
14-inch "Squalling Baby"
©Horsman Dolls Inc. 1980
Vinyl head; cloth body

AMO GermanyAM O DEP Made in Germany
Marks: 1894; AM O DEP; Made in Germany

Blue Sleep Eyes; painted lashes
Height, 14 inches; Open mouth, teeth
Vintage clothing: green velvet suit, shoes, and socks

Oriental Doll
Oriental, bisque doll

Mfg. mark on back of head, written in Japanese
Composition body; height, 6"

Celluloid Flapper
Flapper Celluloid
Baby Crawl Away
A Playmates Doll, "Baby Crawl Away"
Playmates trademark on back of neck and " 9075 Made in Hong Kong"
Vintage, battery-operated toy from the 1980's
Baby crawls and turns head, powered by two-AA batteries, operated by an "On" & "Off" switch on tummy
Original kitty-print romper with a row of eyelet across back
Blue eyes
Hard, plastic body and soft, rubber-type head
Size: @ 8 inches long, head to toes and @ 6 1/2 inches from knees to top of head
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Steiff Fawn Deer

This little burrow and bear rider is a working, wind-up toy, full of energy
The burrow bucks/bounces forwards on his little brass wheels.

Plush Santa, 20 1/2 inches tall
Arms move in concert with each other, 20 inches tall

"Animated Christmas Figure" angel doll, ©Matrix Industries LTD. Made in China. ISBN 9701390127. Distributed by KMart. Made in China KMart Corp., Troy, Michigan, 48084

Santa Plus
The manufacturer's tag reads:
Columbia Toy Products, Kansas City, Mo.
Height, 16 1/2 inches

Santa Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola Santa
Height: 15 inches
Bottle of Coke goes in right hand
The manufacturer's tag reads:
Rushton Star Creation
Atlanta, Ga.

Cabbage Patch Koosas
Cabbage Patch Koosas

Cabbage Patch "Gena"
Cabbage Patch "Gena"
Cabbage Patch Artie
Cabbage Patch
Cabbage Patch Sheldon
Cabbage Patch Preemie "Sheldon"
Cabbage Patch "Brian"
Cabbage Patch "Brian"
Sculpted Elf Doll
Felt Elf Sculpted Doll

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