Collecting is an art form

Lillian Mae Wiskur
Lillian Mae Powley Wiskur

Meet Lillian, a dedicated collector of dolls & antiques

Lillian was always a collector and a curator. Married on her 20th birthday, she packed her wedding cake topper in its Marshall Field's & Company box, moved it from home-to-home, and cherished it some 70 years.

Her fascination with dolls and antiques launched her into a lifetime of collecting. She would laugh about her nickname Lead Foot Lil and tell how her middle name was Go! and that her car automatically came to a stop at a Garage Sale sign.

Friends and family would attest to the many miles she traveled for estate auctions, garage sales, flea markets, doll conventions, and doll fairs, all in search of a treasured doll or antique.

It's not what you do... it's how you do it!

Lillian was a successful collector because she had that innate talent for seeing beauty and charm in things big and small.

Lillian Mae (Powley) Wiskur was born in Peoria, Illinois, June 28, 1919. She grew up in Aurora (Ill.), married, and raised two sons in Aurora.

In retirement, she and her husband, Ralph, moved to Harrison, Ark., where they enjoyed their golden years surrounded with grandchildren.

As her daughter-in-law, I was blessed to be at the table when she blew out 90 candles on her birthday cake. She left quite the legacy.

For the most part, the dolls on Estate Trinkets & Treasures are from Lillian's collection and include every type of doll, from 3-inch, all-bisque dolls to metal dolls to shoulder-head dolls to china heads to 36-inch bisque and composition dolls.

Antique dolls maintain a timeless essence because doll lovers, such as Lillian, have been curators of these fragile, antiquities, stitching new gowns for them, fluffing their wigs, beading accessories, and acquiring miniature furniture and dishes to make the dolls at home in today's environment.

Enjoy! Happy Doll Hunting!