Antique Heinrich Handwerck Doll

Heinrich Handwerck doll appraisal

Foulke Appraisal, August 29, 2008

his 21-inch Heinrich Handwerck doll with Simon & Halbig head has value even though the head is damaged in that it has an excellent marked body in wonderful condition. The body by itself, if it hasn’t been repainted, is worth $150-165. The flirty eyes make her very rare, but even though she is beautiful, the face is a common one and she does have a major damage to the bisque. A broken and glued head devalues her 50-65% of book value. She doesn’t have an original wig or clothing to add any other value. A marked Handwerck body does not increase the book value, as in the price guide it is assumed that a Handwerck doll will have a marked body. Value on today’s market, as is shown, $275.

Description of the Heinrich

  • Height: 21 inches
  • Open mouth; pierced ears
  • Sparce eye lashes
  • Mark: Germany Heinrich Handwerk Simon Halbig 2 1/2

CONDITION of the doll

This doll has a horsehoe-shape crack from top of head, through eye brow that has been glued; also, a nick in the corner of the right eye. We wondered how difficult it would be to professionally restore the bisque since it is such a beautiful doll in our eyes.
No mold number: compostion, ball-jointed body.

Body is original to Heinrich Handwerck, with a red stamp “By Heinrich Handwerck“ on the side of the body

Heinrich Handwerk, Germany, 6/16" or "6/10"

The head is rare and has complicated, flirting- and sleep-eyes.


Heinrich Handwerck Sr. and his wife, Minna, started producing dolls in Gotha, near Waltershausen, Thuringia, Germany, in 1876.

They were a prolific firms in the doll industry before closing in 1930.

They developed a relations with Simon & Halbig, which produced dolls heads after the Handwerck designs.

Pretty dolly faced and child dolls and babies were his best work.

His dolls were made of exceptionally high quality bisque

SOURCE: 200 Years of Dolls by Dawn Herlocher

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