Antique French Fashion Doll

General description of a fashion doll we submitted for professional appraisal

Step two in doll appraisal, seek professional knowledge

French fashion doll  bisque head

It's not always easy to identify a doll, particularly if the doll has no identifying marks or tags. That was the case with this French fashion doll.

We first sent these photos to the appraiser, but the pictures did not definitely confirm the age of the doll and whether it was antique or not. We had to pack up the doll and send it to the appraiser so she could closely examine the composition of the doll, wig, and clothing

The appraiser compared our doll with a genuine antique French fashion doll and judged the doll a 1960s import from France rather than antique. She listed eight features that distinguish this doll from an antique doll in the same genre.

  1. Bisque too smooth
  2. Color too gray and orange
  3. Ears not well defined and piercing holes too small
  4. Glass eyes lacking depth and detail
  5. Wrong kind of pates
  6. Cheap, coarse mohair wig
  7. New neck buttons
  8. Bodies not stiffly stuffed, and not carefully stitched (though some bodies like yours were aged a caramel color)

Fashion doll value: a professional appraisal

January 4, 2009

Value on today's market for your doll, in perfect condition; fully dressed in new silk fashion gown and hat, undies, shoes and socks: $450-550. – JAN H. FOULKE, APPRAISER

side view of French fashion doll bisque head

Notes from the appraiser

This 17-inch doll is a 1960s interpretation of an antique French fashion lady or poupée peau. During the 1960s, a large group of dolls came from France into the United States, many through the old New York Doll Hospital. These dolls were supposedly found in a warehouse and pre-dated World War I, but subsequent research revealed that this story was not true.

This group of dolls were made in the 1960s by a French lady and her son, and they were aged to look older. There were both bisque and china fashions in the French style, some marked with F.G. in Scroll or F + G, and some such as yours with an earlier style face were unmarked.

–Jan Foulke

vintage leather shoes
Dolly's vintage leather shoes

Photos submitted for doll appraisal

French fashion doll French fashion doll French fashion doll back view of French fashion doll body, bottom back view of French fashion doll body, top